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This blog is officially opens on my birthday, 15 Dec 2010.

Hi everyone! I am Lin Lin, the blogger of My Inner World.  I am known as slam10 in SGTripleS fanclub & cll_slam10 in twitter.

I wanna open this blog was due to my love for SS501.  I got to know Kim Hyun Joong thru We Got Married, love his 4-Dness so tried to find more about him and came to know that he is the leader of  a boyband called SS501.  From there, I got to know other members and started to love all 5 of them.  All of you will ask, I cant possibly love all 5 of them, dont I hv a bias? Yes, of course I do and he is none other than Heo Young Saeng who has captured my heart esp after Persona Taiwan concert where he smiled, winked and pointed at me when he saw me holding onto his LED board at the mosh pit of the concert.  Simply love his voice which totally melts me.

I am a working adult, a noona fan I must say... ^^ Hv been to their 

1. 2009 KL autograph session
2. Persona Taiwan
3. Persona Hong Kong
4. Encore Persona Seoul
5. Kim Hyung Jun Music Showcase & Fanmeeting in Singapore 2010
6. Kyu Jong & Young Saeng AND Story in Bangkok 2010
7. Park Jung Min "NOT ALONE" Fan Party in Singapore 2011
8. Park Jung Min "NOT ALONE" Fan Party in Hong Kong 2011
9. Kim Hyung Jun Fanmeeting Singapore 2011
10. Kim Hyun Joong TFS Summer Party in Singapore 2011
11. Kim Kyu Jong "GOONG" Musical & Comeback during Oct 2011
12. Heo Young Saeng "THREE MUSKETEERS" Musical during Dec 2011.

I am not really an active blogger, mostly I will blog my translations of the articles of the boys and also some stuff I blog may be outdated but still I wanna share my thoughts abt them.  But if you would like to re-post my translations or trip reports that I went to see the boys, kindly drop me a note in the comment box or email me to seek my permission to re-post.  Do give proper credits when re-posting ya... ^ ^  I appreciate if you leave comments in my blog and I really read every single one of them.  But please, no bashing or flaming or any sarcastic remarks, I will straight away delete those remarks or comments away.  I would like everyone to respect one another esp SS501 or any other kpop artistes/grps/idols/actors/actresses.

Btw, please do not hotlink the pics that I posted in my blog. It really took me a very long time and great pains to upload all the pics.  Kindly re-load the pics on your own.

Thanks for those who visited my blog.