Friday, July 13, 2012

[Trans] SS501 Park Jung Min Split Personality ROMEO First To Release In Japan

Finally I see the activities of JungMinnie after his contract thingy. So glad & happy.

Chinese Trans: 피오나@PJM IFC
Eng Trans: cllslam10
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Korea popular idol group SS501 member, Park Jung Min who is also active as an actor, will transform into ROMEO, he will be releasing his first single "Give Me Your Heart" in Japan on 5 Sep.

The name ROMEO, will be the first time associated with the production of JUJU etc such as pop music producer Jeff Miyahara, Uniqlo creative director, collaborating with the famous japanese creative director Noriyuki Tanaka, and the participation of many top composers. Park Jung Min with his fluency in Japanese,  cordial image will transform into another character ROMEO: It is said that it has an uncontrollable urge to wake up at night while will disappear when the sun is out.

During the Japan showcase, disclosed ROMEO 1st single "Give Me Your Heart", and the 2nd single "Tonight's the Night" which will be out on 31 Oct, the 2 songs, which strong enchanting melodies coupled with sexy dance, leaving the audience intoxicated.

With that, the special guest Park Jung Min appeared. He said "In Japan, I heard that there is someone who looks exactly like me, pretending and imitating very much like Jung Min, I feel infuriated." Wanting to see this person, thus coming to this venue nearby, but was knocked out suddenly, couldnt get to see this ROMEO, at this juncture knowing ROMEO is not at the scene, MC Yumi gave a startled expression and exclaimed "This is impossible~!"

Although Jung Min prior instructions "Park Jung Min and ROMEO are 2 different person, thus please not be deceived", he also stated "I also heard rumours, ROMEO music is also very mesmerising, just like an artist. But he looks like Park Jung Min, only his make-up his thicker..." MC Yumi was chatting regarding the dashing ROMEO, Park Jung Min asked "I am always being praised as sexy, with charimsa, so who is more sexy?" "Exposing navel while dancing, that is ROMEO sexiness." "Only that simple (another say of saying is cheap)?! Exposing of body to me is impossible, I have never exposed my own body on stage! But there seems to be some distance between ROMEO and sexiness, in my opinion of sexiness, there is little distance."