Friday, June 1, 2012

[SGTripleS Announcement] Collection Of Well-Wishes For Kim Kyu Jong

Dear Pretties, Thankyu, TripleS

Our dear TripleS head president Mr Kim Kyu Jong will be enlisted into army this July..

Guess everyone has already seen his sweet handwritten message to everyone…

Yes, its sad for some of us, but this is part of the growing process and everyone will need to go thru this, its just a matter of time. What we can do is to wait for him to comeback and I know everyone will, right?? ^^

To motivate and show Kyu that we will always be there for him, SgTripleS will be collecting well-wishes for him ~~

Let’s all unite and make this project big so he can feel the warm of the fans

Now here's the plan:

* We will be doing a soft copy(Video) and a hard copy(well wishes book) for kyu. So we will need both soft and hard copies of your well wishes.

What you can do
- A photo of you / you and your friends (you can be taken with his album etc~)
- Your hand written message(you can also take a photo of your hand written well wishes)


- A recorded video of you / you and your friends saying some encouraging well wishes for kyu. and a photo of what you said in the video(hand written)

PS: this project is free and easy, do not have this feeling of "I don't know how to do", simple well wishes does means alot to Kyu. ^^


Send them to :


we will be having 2 meet ups for the collection of well wishes.
1st meet up:

Date: 3rd June 2012 (Sunday)
Venue: Tanjong Pagar Tom n Toms
Time: 4-6p.m

2nd meet up(To be confirmed again)
Deadline: 17th June (Sunday), 23:59

PS: This project is open up for ALL fans including Overseas fans.

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AnnaAliahA'sri said...

You want to do this???Ermm,I want to join but the meetings,I don't think I can go...So,can I join???