Tuesday, March 6, 2012

[Trans] "Saving Ahjumma Go BongShil" Kim Kyu Jong, Sheds His Image Transforming Into Sweet "Boyfriend-dol" Melted ~

Oh.... I am so gonna anticipate this coming Ep.26!! BoBo scene!! Think all the pretties will be fainting with envy... 

Source: TV Report
Chinese Trans: redcat111@www.kimkyujong.com.cn
English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
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Idol group SS501 Kim Kyu Jong, sheds off his pickiness, exuded sweet expression, showing "boyfriend-dol" image.

On the 6th Mar of TV Chosun weekend drama "Saving Ahjumma Go BongShil" production company releases the on-screen photos of Kim Kyu Jong as the warm-hearted musical actor wannabe who exudes pickiness with loving charisma.

In the photos Kim Kyu Jong (acting as Nicky) had a 180deg transformation from his usual pickiness to a friendly "shy-youth", together with his on-screen lover F(x) Luna (acting as In-Young) in a very sweet loving relationship which is of anticipation to the audience.

In this coming week broadcast for Ep.26, Nicky after hearing a good news came to In-Young's house and in front of all the people in the coffe house giving her a very surprising "BoBo" (kiss) gift, which started to show his loving sweet actions.

The production company spokeperson stated, "After the chaotic mistake regarding In-Young pregnancy, 'In-ki (In-Young & Nicky) couple' started to trust each other, at the same time, they will begin to continue with their fully sweet love story. Please anticipate Nicky's surprise 'BoBo'," increasing the anticipation.

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