Monday, February 27, 2012

[Trans] "Saving Ahjumma Go BongShil" In-Ki Couple, Luna & Kim Kyu Jong Love Line In Crisis

Oh dear! Look at Nicky's expression, so chilling! Just as they were getting lovey dovey, this "pregnancy" incident occur. Why this Jae-Su's omma so extra? Why just sudden come to the new shop? Haiz... hope that nothing will happen to break up In-Ki couple.

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TV Chosun weekend drama "Saving Ahjumma Go BongShil" sweet romance F(x) Luna and SS501 Kim Kyu Jong "In-Ki (In-Young + Nicky) couple" faced crisis on their love line.

On 26 Feb broadcast Ep22 of "Saving Ahjumma Go BongShil", at David Kim (acted by Cheon Ho-Jin) suggestion to open a shop, Go BongShil (acted by Kim Hae-Sook) have full of hope for the future plans in her heart.

Just as In-Young (acted by Luna) and Nicky (acted by Kim Kyu Jong) was officially declaring their relationship in front of the relatives and friends during the preparation work for the shop through the sweet and happy time during that period, Jae-Su (acted by Yun Jun-Seong) having a one-sided love for In-Young and his mother who mistaken that In-Young is pregnant appear, causing Go BongShil new shop to be chaotic.

Especially during Go BongShil, In-Young and Nicky just after finished the preparation work for the shop, and at the moment they were enjoying eating and chit-chatting, Jae-Su's Omma using her loud voice appeared, "Where is my new daughter-in-law?". No matter how Jae-Su tried to stop her, she told Go BongShil, "Pali choose a date! If not my new daughter-in-law cant fit into her bridal gown if her tummy is big!" declaration of pregnancy caused everyone to be shocked.

Watching the situation, Nicky sudden chilled expression indicates the advent of the biggest crisis of  In-Ki couple love, the In-Ki couple standstill to their relationship caused the audience endless apprehension.

Netizens who were watching the broadcast commented "Omo! Being mistaken as pregnant, what should In-Young do??", "Kim Kyu Jong chilled expression! This is really shocking!" "Already confirmed having sweet love, In-Ki Couple Hwaiting!", "Really cant stand Jae-Su's omma craziness! Giving a 10 billion married pose (slam10: I really dont understand what does this mean), "In-Ki couple future is keeping us in suspense! Still gotta wait till next week!" etc enthusiastic response.

Meanwhile there are more exciting developments coming, please continue to watch "Saving Ahjumma Go BongShil".

Sunday, February 26, 2012

[Trans] Park Jung Min With No Signs Of Aging On Face Attended 2012 VANTVAART

Once Jungminnie is back in Seoul, he straightaway went to attend an event already. I really wish he can rest & recover from his flu.

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SS501 Park Jung Min who doesnt show any sign of aging of his face attended the 2012 VANTVAART Fashion Show.

2012 VANTVAART Fashion Show was held on 25 Feb afternoon at Seoul Gangnam Shinsadong 915 Industry Art Gallery.

Jang Eun Jin, the designer collection of designer brands VANTVAART using her vanguard thinking in her designing expressing her subtle differences in taste that receive a lot of love from everyone.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

[Trans] "Inki" Couple Kim Kyu Jong And Luna Back Hug?

Wow! SAGBS is getting more and more interesting! ^^ 

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In TV Chosun weekend drama "Saving Ahjumma Go BongShil", SS501 Kim Kyu Jong dating with F(x) Luna while moving house confirmed his feelings for her, officially goes into relationship.

In today (25 Feb) broadcast of "Saving Ahjumma Go BongShil", regarding picky warmth youth Nicky (acted by Kim Kyu Jong) asking out for a date, the naive princess In-Young (acted by Luna) dressed herself up. But appearing in front of Nicky, Luna wore a track pants and red boots. But later during the dating moving house scenario, In-Young will indirectly receive Nicky confession which confirmed his feelings.

In-Young in her flowery track pants with red boots busy trying to take something out from the top kitchen top cabinet, Nicky while helping her stick closely to her which is looking like a back hug scene caused the audience to be very excited.

Regarding the 2 sweet couple, the workers working together tease, "Are you coming to work or to fall in love? Quick, do not be like that!" Nicky immediately replied, "Yes! Now the falling in love work is done" the indirect declaration of love, the picky Nicky finally expressed his real feelings.

Netizens commented "Finally it is the peak of Inki couple", "back hug scene seems like the most romantic date", "just by looking at them I can feel my heart thumping~".

Friday, February 24, 2012

[Trans] Kim Kyu Jong Exudes Strong Emotional Warmth Image, A Prospective Go BongShil Son-In-Law?

I am really excited to see how Nicky & In-young relationship progresses... I want them to be together! What a cute couple! ^^

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Idol group SS501 Kim Kyu Jong gave a prospective son-in-law pose which arouse the curiosity of many.

In TV Chosun weekend drama "Saving Ahjumma Go BongShil" as the warmth youth Nicky character, Kim Kyu Jong and as In-Young character, girl group F(x) Luna goes into a sweet love relationship after their 1st kiss.
Under this circumstances, before their romance blossom Kyu Jong portrayal as prospective son-in-law who is close to Luna's onscreen mother Mdm Go BongShil makes everyone anticipate.

Nicky was helping Mdm Go BongShil in the preparation of her new shop, at the same time, continue in forging close strong relationship. Especially the scene where Nicky without saying anything roll up his sleeves to help out repairing the furniture for Mdm Go BongShil. The closeness between the 3 if them Nicky, In-Young and Mdm Go BongShil is just like a close-knitted family, together with the growing couple relationship between Nicky and In-Young is a raising concern to many.

Regarding the warmth prospective son-in-law pose of Kim Kyu Jong, netizens various comments "Are the 2 seeing each other in 'Saving Ahjumma Go BongShil'?", "If I have such a warmth prospective son-in-law, even I didn't eat, I will still feel full", "the three looks wonderful"

Drama production company stated, "Nicky and In-Young, Mdm Go BongShil who forged strong fate together at the same time will also bring out the sweetness between Nicky and In-Young. Will Nicky become Mdm Go BongShil future son-in-law, please anticipate."

On the other hand, "Saving Ahjumma Go BongShil" will be broadcast on 25 Feb 6.50pm KST.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[Trans] B2M Staff Report, Schedule & News Article On Heo Young Saeng Participation On KBS Immortal Song 2

I was elated when I read the staff report using my private limited basic korean which I learnt that Saengie will be participating in Immortal Song 2! I really love this program esp when SuJu Yesung & Kyuhyun, Sistar Hyorin, MBLAQ G.O, Huh Gak etc were on the show.. it is really nice hearing them turning oldies into their very own versions!  Very Refreshing... I was lamenting that why isnt Saengie & Jungmin who are the 2 most awesome vocals in SS501 not in Immortal Song but now my wait is over cos Saengie will be in the show!! Happy!!

[2012.02.20]  STAFF REPORT...

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Hello everyone, This is Y.E.S person-in-charge.

We have just updated the schedule, did anyone went in to check it??

On Monday, 27 Feb "KBS Declaration of Freedom on Saturday" Special, he is scheduled to be participating in the recording of Immortal Song 2 - Legend.  To participate in the recording as the audience judges, please apply via the Immortal Song 2 homepage.

Please confirm and take note of the date at the time of application for the audience judges.

Direct URL:

Has anyone received the Y.E.S support lightsticks?
Hope everyone like the Y.E.S lightsticks.

Updated Schedule

27 February Schedule
"KBS Declaration of Freedom on Saturday" Special, Immortal Song 2 - Legend
Time: 6pm KST

News - SS501 Heo Young Saeng, Participating in Immortal Song 2 - Legend Special

Source: Newsen
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SS501 Heo Young Saeng will be participating in "Immortal Song 2 - Legend Special".

KBS2 "Immortal Song" person-in-charge stated on 20 Feb, Heo Young Saeng will be participating in the recording of the "Immortal Song 2 - Legend Special".

On that "Legend Special" segment, 14 singers inclusive of Heo Young Saeng will be competing against one another.

Till now, other than Heo Young Saeng the other singers are still not disclosed yet, but according to them, they have gotten the best singers to be on this segment than the usual program.

The Legend special will be broadcast during mid-March with much anticipation.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

[Trans] Nervous On 1st Solo Show Kim Kyu Jong Big Gifts On Valentine's Day

I am so proud of KyuJong & really really wish that I was there at the fanmeeting... I guess all the fans there were having a wonderful & sweet time there.

Source: TW Yahoo News
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Although without the SS501 members, Kim Kyu Jong still manage to finish his 1st solo Fanmeeting.

Even though being nervous standing alone on stage, but SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong held his fanmeeting on Valentine's Night at Taipei International Convention Centre.
Fans not only prepare a lot of food support for him for backstage, they really have their utmost screams and applause when he is onstage, making the shy him super happy.

For his 1st show, Kim Kyu Jong even participated in designing the stage layout, during the opening of the fanmeeting, he distributed roses to the fans at their seats. Initially he wanted to pace slowly but due to the warmth from the fans, he hasten his pace to the stage. He played the proposal games, helping the lucky fan to put on a necklace, gave his own hand-made chocolates, He even gave his personal most treasured gifts that he used. He almost gave out everything except himself.

He sang 6 songs during the fanmeeting which included Wong Lee Hom's "FOREVER LOVE", he really had a hard time practicing for it just to have this surprise to his fans. After the fanmeeting, 10 lucky fans have the chance to have afternoon tea with him the next day.

He will be taking Cathay Pacific CX420 flight at 5.10pm on 15 Feb which concluded his 3D 2N short Taiwan trip.

[Trans] Kim Kyu Jong Forgotten Mandarin, Preparing Surprise Performance As Gifts For Fans

I am really anticipating what special performance will he be surprising the fans... Really envy everyone who will be attending the fanmeeting... ^^

Source: Taiwan Yahoo News
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Kim Kyu Jong came to Taiwan alone for his solo fanmeeting.

Don't know when will there be a chance for SS501 to be back together again, making Kim Kyu Jong who is coming to Taiwan for the 1st time for his solo fanmeeting, not really used to it when facing with the media.

Scheduled on the 14th during the night for his fanmeeting at Taipei International Convention Centre, Kim Kyu Jong is very excited to meet his fans and he disclose that he has prepared a surprise performance as a gift for the fans. Before the interview, the music company specially prepared a lottery pick to test his luck, finally he picked a TW$100 lottery. He smiled and says if he got the 1st prize, he would want to donate part of the prize and the rest he would want to hold a free concert for everyone.

This time other than coming to Taiwan to spend the Valentine's Day with his fans, he will be having "XiaoLongBao" which he did not get to eat for a very long time. Asking him, how much Mandarin had he remembered, Kim Kyu Jong awkwardly says out the members name, but no matter what, he still can't seem to recall. It turned out that it was Kim Hyung Jun who taught him wrongly, but he on spot learnt and on spot says :「祝大家情人節快樂」。"Wishing everyone A Happy Valentine's Day".

「2012為你鍾情 – Kim Kyu
Jong Taipei Fanmeeting」will be held on 14th at 7pm at Taipei International Convention Centre. Please contact the organizers for sales of tickets.