Sunday, January 22, 2012

[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong 16th Story

Leader is so cute & adorable... he is really very considerate knowing that his fans are very tired after yesterday's fanmeeting thus he didnt want them to go airport to see him off.  He is really a selfless idol where he only wants his fans to be happy... really very seldom to see a k-star like him.

While waiting for wondergirl to do the korean to english trans.... this is my korean to chinese to eng trans... ^^

Source: Kim Hyun Joong Official Webby
Chinese Trans: YOYO
English Trans:
Pls repost with credits


I am going to Japan.....
I am going to eat lots of beef rice bowl when I reach Japan kekekekeke....
My heart thumping kekekeke....
Yesterday after my dinner gathering, I slept very early, woke up at 6.32am --;;
Nothing to do... luggage is already packed... kekekeke... showered two times
Due to the snow, I wouldnt want anyone to fetch me at the airport, please rest well kekeke
Today I will not appear at the airport hope everyone will understand
Today the airport is very cold so dont feel regret if you do not get to take any photos
^^ Are you happy yesterday????????
I am also very happy kekekeke
The staff and crew are also very happy kekekeke
No matter what this new year must be healthy do not fall sick
Hope everyone will be happy
Today the reason I leave message is to wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR... kekekeke...
And please do not come to the airport kekekeke.....

Translation by wondergirl is out!!


Happy new year^^
I’m going to Japan………………….^^ I’ll go and come back eating lots of kyudong (rice with beef & egg) and ramyeon. My heart is pounding as I am looking forward to the food on the plane. I went to bed early and woke up at 6:32am -.-;;
I’ve nothing to do… I’ve already packed my bag…keke.. and showered.
Its new year so don’t come send me off at the airport and rest keke.. Even if you don’t come I will be okay with it. Today I will be indifferent and if the photos don’t come out well, don’t regret it^^ Yesterday was fun, right????????
I had a great time too keke. The staff had a great time too keke. Anyway everyone do take care of your health this year and don’t let yourself be sick.
I hope everyone will be filled up with the things that makes you smile.
Today’s main topic is Happy New Year…….. keke, and don’t come to the airport, just rest keke

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