Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[Trans] Heo Young Saeng Twitter Replies & RT-spree On 30 Jan 2012

Read how saengie RT and reply the fans... so cute!! Seems like he is having some kind of filming or shooting scene while he was tweeting cos the 2nd last tweet which he tweet to put on make-up... I am really so looking fwd to his new album & comedy sitcom... Just hope that he dont stress himself...

Chinese Trans: 王小卯0317 @Baidu HYS Bar
English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
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mystyle1103: @poimin73 So beautiful~~~ keke~ eyes are exactly the same as hyung!! keke~~ smiley eyes will sure be very attractive... keke~

mystyle1103: what marriage..keke~ RT @_WitchGRIL: @mystyle1103 Oppa, now you still have no plans to get married?

mystyle1103: what why is it like this~? RT @saengson: @mystyle1103 .... why is it like this~

mystyle1103: keke~ thank you^^ RT @InYourDarkness: @mystyle1103 taking the ROCK route or taking the ballad route, is it...? Dont be mistaken!! I am your male fan who really like LET IT GO, your singing ability is standing out more~

mystyle1103: not baby face is round face~ ke RT @BBororo_0718: @mystyle1103 chubby face will make you look baby face, I am baby face,kehehe~ 

mystyle1103: Just go with the feel~ ke~ RT @jiyong0728: @mystyle1103 but tolerance on what basis?? Or you do what you feel you want to do?? - -

mystyle1103: yes~ it is so tough because of this ㅠㅠ RT @msfinity: @mystyle1103 Oppa, you have any plans to release your new album?:)

mystyle1103: We are fated... ke~ I also gonna do the last RT!! keke~ RT @Jin9467: @mystyle1103 Honored Oppa, last tweet, I am going to sleep... but do you know? The place which oppa played basketball is my Alma mater! kekekekeke~ Good night then...

mystyle1103: ahhh~~~ so bored~~~ kekekeke~ must quickly put on make-up;; so troublesome~~~ kekekeke  (ㅠ.ㅠ)

mystyle1103: @zerotic0124 Good morning! kekekeke~~~

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liezle said...

As always, heaps of thanks always sharing your translation with us. You miss YS, right? Have a little more patience Lin. We will soon him on the small tube. Ei, I hope news about him joining the sitcom will come out soon can't wait to see his latest photos from the sitcom.