Saturday, September 24, 2011

[Feeling & Thoughts] Kim Kyu Jong's Turn Me On Teaser Vid & Teaser Pics

I know I am very late on posting this cos I really dont feel well for the past few days... 

But I must say that Kyu is getting better and better. I must applaud him for taking the risk in having the white image which I was really shocked and it really took me some time to digest this whole image thing. So what if the pearl necklace does make him feminine? This is just a so called modelling image for people to stand up to take a second look... hey man... I am not a shy center anymore! I read many comments that the pearl necklace will soon become an 'in' fashion item cos of Kyu. I really wish so... I really support and admire him for taking this route esp among all the members, his is the most radical & unconventional. The other members are still doing what is within their comfort/safe zone while Saengie did step out from his comfort zone... a little but not much.

Just like when everyone was freaking out on the boys heavy smoky make-up during Rebirth comeback image and also the SM theme of the boys in Destination comeback, but still you see so many other idol groups or even solo singers doing the same kind of theme after them... they are really setting a trend for their hoobaes and youngster's these days...

I quote this from tetsu_girl which I totally agree with what she says:

"Bottom line: I dont love the pearls, but I love the concept.  The pearls arent the point.  The concept is white and black, pure and dark, female and male beauty.  Kind of Yin-and-Yang.  I think it's interesting and beautiful.  And I'm actually very proud of Kyu Jong for -- trying something so daring -- and being confident and man enough to make it work." 

Really love this teaser so much... Kyu really soft seductive voice added with his awseome intense acting... this teaser really makes me anticipate for the full MV! Really love the so-called storyline that goes with it... love, betrayal? 

Argh!!! I really wish 27 Sep can pali come!!! 

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tetsu_girl said...

hey, sorry i'm late. i only just got a chance to read this.

i totally agree with what you said about KJ bravely making the most "radical and unconventional" transformation and taking the most risk out of their "comfort zone".\

and yes, SS501 always sets a good example and trend for the hoobaes. they're not gimmicky either, just showing their creativity and artistry more and more. i don't know why they don't get recognized for their trendsetting more often. that and their talents. why are they perpetually overlooked??
*takes deep breath* sorry, the unfairness still makes me mad. :P