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[Trans] Trendy Magazine No.25 - Special Date With Heo Young Saeng

There is something very wrong with my photobucket.  I cant seem to upload the rest of the pics of the article.  Will try again tonight when I reach home, meanwhile here's the trans.

Sentimental Prince Transformed Into Bad Cool City Guy - A Seoul Date With Heo Young Saeng

 Source: Trendy Magazine No.25
Chinese to English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

Following after SS501 members Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Jun whom has successfully released their solo album, SS501 main vocalist Heo Young Saeng also released his solo mini album.  Heo Young Saeng has transformed from a sentimental prince & ballad singer which is his forte into a distinctive image of a dance &  bad city guy, a total breakthrough in his image.

Ever since SS501 announced that they will now go into their individual members solo activities during this period, every members no matter any form of their personal projects, were always being anticipated by their fans, and the most anticipated SS501 main vocalist Heo Young Saeng finally released his solo mini album.  It is only that during the preparation of his solo mini album, due to his hand injuries which affect his album preparations, fortunately it is still released successfully.

Going thru a period of time, seeing Heo Young Saeng again, other than the slimming down of his face and figure, his shy smile and his politeness is still like the same old cute otter prince.  Prior to the interview, TRENDY could not help but to ask how is his hand injury, cos the back of his hand is still plastered with a big piece of skin coloured bandaid.

"It is almost okie now, even though still have not recovered fully, but nothing serious!" Heo Young Saeng smiled after replying, and gave a "No problem" expression.  It seems the fans can finally sigh a relief.


T: What is your feeling when you released your 1st solo mini album? Can you tell us more regarding your new album?
YS: For the 1st time the cover of the album, has the name "HEO YOUNG SAENG" appearing, really feel very happy and at the same time excited.  This is the realism with the beginning of personal solo activities.  It is totally different from SS501 group activities. this album you can say that it is Heo Young Saeng's "TRANSFORMATION"!  Putting in many efforts, hopefully everyone can see my transformation and also the music which belongs to my style.

T: The title song "LET IT GO" MV, heard that the production cost almost 1 billion won, and there is a collaboration with 4Minute's HyunA, can you tell us more on the collaboration?
YS: I was also shocked when the shooting of the MV actually spent so much on the budget, during the filming of the MV, I only remembered that I kept dancing again and again non-stop, so tired till I cant remember anything else, but when watching the complete MV, felt very happy, I myself really love it and rather have a sense of accomplishment.  Actually during the recording I did not meet HyunA, but once during the promotion of a Music Show, I brought my album along to meet HyunA.  Really happy that I have this chance to collaborate with her, and I am very thankful for her help.

T: Other than collaborating with HyunA, you also collaborate with Kyu Jong in this album.  Comparing during the times you are in SS501, are there differences  in your collaboration?
YS: (Smiled after hearing the question) Actually this collaboration with Kyu Jong, really there isnt anything different.  We both are from the same company, while preparing the album, Kyu Jong came to the recording studio to visit me, when he heard the song "RAINY HEART", he took the initiative saying he wanna collaborate, so this is our coincidence collaboration, as we both have the same rapport with each other, thus our recording was finished successfully.  Thank you Kyu Jong! (smiles)


T: This time, the image and the music style are totally different from the usual Young Saeng giving a different feel to people, especially Young Saeng who has transform into a handsome with full of charimsa, with cool city elegant bad boy look, does Young Saeng like this transformation?  Before the prince image and the cool city guy image, which one is closer to your own private self?
YS: This time the album style and image, is me who put forward my own ideas. I always have been relatively quiet, do not really like talking much, so I feel that I am quite suitable for the cool chic city guy image.  After which when the clothings and image matched together, it really have this cool chic city guy feel, everyone also thinks that this image really suited me, I myself also love this kind of image.   The private me?  Hmmm.... very hard to say. (Young Saeng asked TRENDY back, prior to that time when in SS501 what was his image like.  TRENDY replied him, "Although quiet, however there is a kind of warm and gentle feeling."  Young Saeng laughed, "Oh, is it ~ I never though would be like this. Hahaha ~~")

T: "LET IT GO" song is about the different thinking of love between man and woman, what is Young Saeng's views on love?  If he met a girl whom he likes how will he express himself?  What is Young Saeng's ideal girl in his heart?
(After listening to the questions, Young Saeng suddenly became very quiet, making the whole atmosphere tensed up together with him, in split seconds he smiled explained, cos he was too serious and engrossed in considering the questions thus all of a sudden he did not react.  Young Saeng even put his hand at the side of his head making a quick turn of gesture, as if wanting his thoughts to run faster, making everyone burst into laughter.)
YS: Actually I do not have any special views on love, if liking someone I will straightaway show that I like, if the other party do not have the same kind of feelings for me, then I will give up.  Athough I will show, but I cant say "LIKE or LOVE" out from my mouth.  Even I really like the person, but I still have no way to directly say it out.  Hmm~~ regarding about my ideal type, I have been thinking about this question many times, generally speaking, round face with small eyes..... others should wait until she appear, then will only know! (shy smile)

Truly Good Feelings Do Not Need To Say Out Deliberately

Trendy: During SS501 is different, now that you have to go on stage alone, how do you feel, any changes?  Do you feel the pressure?
YS: There are bound to be pressure or stress, but it must be in a range where you can accept or endure, moreoever it also happens that this kind of pressure allows me to mature and become stronger.  When I am alone in the resting room backstage, I will always reminisce those times what the 5 of us had went thru, therefore it gave me strength to continue forward.  Regarding changes in feelings, rather than saying that, it would be better to say that many conditions have changed.  Now during interviews, I have to talk, answer questions, the interview atmosphere will be more quiet as compared to before; if it was during the former 5 members time, just like this interview now, it will be so noisy and lively.  But now this way is also good ~ at least everyone's focus will be on me! (laugh)
[Having said that, Young Saeng exchanged a kind of "You should understand" look with TRENDY, after which he smiled, saying that TRENDY and reader should be able to understand what he has been trying to say about the difference between 2 kinds of interviews. Seeing TRENDY nodding the head understandingly, Young Saeng smile till his eyes became small.)

T: From what we know, Kyu Jong and Hyun Joong went to show their support at Music Bank, did other members gave you any encouragement or support?
YS: Seeing Kyu Jong and Hyun Joong came to gave me support, I became slight less tense, and the performance that day went on very smoothly.  Kyu Jong now is very busy in Japan with his Musical, before he left for Japan he text me saying Japan market just leave it to him, and told me to "guard Korea" properly. (laugh)  Actually we members have been together for such a long time, we really know one another very well, if they really on purpose say supporting or blessing kinda stuff, instead would let each other feel embarrassed and awkward! Thus even before we meet together for meals or drinking, we also only chat about daily stuff, nothing really special, cos even if we do not say anything out, we can understand what they are thinking.  Aint true friendship between man should be like this? (smile)

The Real Challenge Is Only The Beginning

T: Always has been focusing on Music, after which you want to challenge other fields?
YS: Currently I will still focus on the promotions of my album within Korea, hoping that I can introduce my album to my fans.  If there is an opportunity, I would like to challenge  drama acting, hope there is a chance for me to act a very humorous and interesting character, but it has to be the kind of character who live life seriously and do everything seriously.  Hmm... just like the character "Oscar" in "SECRET GARDEN"! Haha~~ humourous and witty but very serious in the pursuit of love, seriously treating his own brothers.... it will be very interesting if I can get to act this kind of character! Hehehehe~~~

T: Starting of Heo Young Saeng individual solo activities, did you set any target? Or did you have any expectations on yourself?
YS: After starting my solo activities, initially I was worried, but due to the good response from the fans, letting me have alittle peace of mind.  If say for any expections or target, I guess everyone will say to get 1st in the music ranking!  But currently, I rather hope that more people will get to know or listen to Heo Young Saeng's music.  Regarding my own target, is to set to get champion in all major music charts all across Asia regions.  The real challenge is only the beginning.

T: The fans in Taiwan really miss Young Saeng very much, are there any plans to visit Taiwan?  What do you miss about Taiwan?
YS: Those few times that I went Taiwan, I cant really enjoy the beautiful scenery of Taiwan, I really missed the food in Taiwan.  But the most memorable is during the concert stage in Taiwan, the support and cheers from the fans, that scene till now I still cant forget.  Even though currently focusing on the Korean market, actually I really do miss my fans in Taiwan, no matter in what form, I hope to meet everyone.  Everyone please wait for me and continue to support me! Hwaiting! (He said Hwaiting (加油) in Mandarin and gave the Hwaiting gesture.)

The Challenge For more than 5000 fans Taiwan Concert?!

After the interview has finished, Heo Young Saeng said jokingly, if can have a 5000 over people concert, he will immediately straight away fly to Taiwan to meet everyone. TRENDY told Young Saeng, if the pea princess in Taiwan heard of this, they will set off immediately, so 5000 people wouldnt be much of a problem, maybe he needs to go back to pack his luggage to prepare to come Taiwan.  We saw Young Saeng's regretful expression mumbling, "I really wish to go Taiwan to meet my fans quickly! I wouldn't mind if there are only 500 people."
Trust that all the pea princess have the same thinking as Young Saeng, hope that he can quickly come to Taiwan.

Interview Highlights Snippets

  • Transforming into road angel
During the promotional period of Young Saeng, at his most non-stop busy schedule, specially arrange to accept TRENDY interview at Seoul's Cover shooting studio after his Music show recording. While he was rushing to the interview venue, but due to the after work peak hours, thus he was caught in the traffic jam. Considerate and impatient Young Saeng and his manager can only use the phone to update the traffic status every hour, making him to become the highlight prior to the interview.

  • Cool Guy or Warmth Guy
During the photo-shooting, to match the image this time, Young Saeng will always use this cool cool expressions in the process, full of charismatic cool guy feel, which is totally dashing and handsome.  But in between shooting, he sometimes will accidentally reveal his shy smile, which is full of warmth and cuteness, which is really closer to his "warmth city guy" image.  Wondering which kind of image do the pea princesses like? Answer should be.... like them all!
  • Hello ~ Meow!
Normally the kittens unless they are hungry, they will then visit the shooting studio, but dont know whether is it because Young Saeng is there, they transform into "star-chasing kittens", during the interview, they kept appearing outside at the basement glass door, letting Young Saeng who initially was very engrossed in the interview to lose his concentration, was totally facsinated by the cute kittens.  Kept saying that the kittens are very cute, apparently Young Saeng is an animal lover!
  • Slow to Warm Up Kinda Good Prince
Although it isnt the 1st time meeting up with TRENDY, previously he has accepted many interview with TRENDY before, but Young Saeng still felt a little nervous, expression is also a little serious.  But with the work carried out, Young Saeng started warming up and slowly reveal his smiles, he even start to joke and play around.  Initially he was worried that only him who was being interview will caused the atmosphere to be very quiet, but due to Young Saeng humourous chats and funny face reaction, causing the atmosphere to be full of laughter, causing the mood to be very HIGH!

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[Trans] SS501 [Main Vocalist] Heo Young Saeng Shy During Webcam Event, Kim Kyu Jong Surprise Appearance

Omo!! I was very happy that Young Saeng wanted to support Kyu Jong in his musical in Japan.  How I wish we have this chance to have a webcam session with Saengie & Kyu. *Dreaming*

Chinese to English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

SS501 [Main Vocalist] Heo Young Saeng was very shy during the webcam event, Kim Kyu Jong surprise appearance, fans shouted, "Surprised gift!!!"  Unforgettable Taiwan fans giving "SUPPORT", hope to go Taiwan meet fans.

SS501 [Main Vocalist] Heo Young Saeng was very shy when meeting fans for the 1st time!  Heo Young Saeng & [Prince Young Saeng Overseas Connection] Webcam event giving 50 lucky fans to have an initmate session with him for 1 hour, chatting about daily life, causing fans drowning in blissfulness.  Promotion activities has come to an end, but Heo Young Saeng revealed that currently he is collecting new songs, hope that he will be able to show his new music projects to everyone soon.  During the process of the webcam event, suddenly a special guest appeared, Kim Kyu Jong who just came back after a successful sold-out Musical [GOONG] from Japan, surprisingly appeared in front of the monitor screen, he greeted the Taiwan fans warmly.  Even Warner Music Taiwan was not even aware of this surprise appearance.  The surprised duo get together caused the fans to cheer "Surprised gift!!!"  Heo Young Saeng said that he missed the fans in Taiwan cos he cant forget the warmth & passionate cheers from them during their concert which gave Young Saeng strength and boost his morale, if there is a chance, he hope to go Taiwan again to see the fans and also for shopping & sight-seeing.

SS501 [Main Vocalist] Heo Young Saeng has released his No.1 mini solo album "LET IT GO".  On 16 Jul (Sat), he held his [Prince Young Saeng Overseas Connection] Webcam event, 50 lucky fans hav the chance to have a [Love Connection] thru the monitor screen with Heo Young Saeng.  When Heo Young Saeng appeared via the monitor screen, all the fans started screaming in happiness, causing Young Saeng whom meeting the fans via the screen for the 1st time to be very shy, but very fast he greeted the fans in Mandarin "Hello everyone, I am Heo Young Saeng", and stated that he is very regretful not able to be in Taiwan to see everyone, thus have to make use of this webcam way, he feel seeing the fans making thru this way seems very interesting.

Chatting about after prior releasing "LET IT GO" album, did SS501 members gave him any advice, Heo Young Saeng replied amusingly, "Although the members did gave me advices, but the advices are not really of any use, just listen will do." causing everyone burst into laughter throughout.  Heo Young Saeng is also very satisfied with his new image in this album, especially after wearing the sunglasses, transforming into a mature modern chic guy image which he feels that is the most handsome.  When being asked any of his songs which reflected his opinion in relationship, Heo Young Saeng stated honestly that cos he does not have any girlfriend now, thus with regards to the feeling of the songs, they do not meet the current state of his mind as compared.  Other than this, he disclosed that even though the album promotions is ending, but he has already started preparing for his next album and has been actively collecting songs, hope that he will be able to release his new music project in Oct.

As SS501 members Young Saeng & Kyu Jong belongs to the same company, thus when fans asked about Kyu Jong, Young Saeng stated that before he went to USA with Kyu Jong for vacation, due to the pressure of being a celebrity, coupled with the daily routine of sleeping late and waking up late, when in USA due to the relax mood, plus the time difference, instead they can really sleep early and wake up early every day.  Thus if there is a chance he hope that they can go for another vacation to the USA.  When being asked did he went to support Kyu Jong in Japan GOONG Musical, Heo Young Saeng gave his charming dimpled smile stating that his air ticket to Japan was already booked, but due to the last minute Inkigayo performance schedule with SS501 leader, Kim Hyun Joong, thus he can only apologised to Kyu Jong and cancelled his trip to Japan.

Never thought that during the event, not long after Heo Young Saeng revealed so many stuff, Kim Kyu Jong suddenly appeared on screen via the webcam in the company.  When Kyu Jong knew that Young Saeng will be having his overseas webcam connection with Taiwan fans whom he have not seen for a very long time, he immediately went to the company to greet the fans.  When the Taiwan fans saw the long absence Kyu Jong, one by one exclaimed that he is very handsome!  Strong feeling buddies sitting together in front of the screen, this unexpected duo, even the Warner Music Taiwan was not even aware of this, causing the fans on present to be thoroughly touched, cheered.

If there is a chance for him to go for vacation, Heo Young Saeng hope that he can go to Taiwan.  He wanna go to those place which has never been befor in Taiwan for sight-seeing.  Heo Young Saeng expressed that he really missed the fans in Taiwan, cos before no matter where SS501 went anywhere for concerts, they can always see the fans from Taiwan cheering for them, the cheers and support given to them is full of warmth and very loud, thus giving them strength.  Although there isnt any plans for him to visit Taiwan, but he hope to wait for Kyu Jong to have new projects so that they can go to Taiwan together to meet the fans, hope that they will continue to support them.  Heo Young Saeng promise to continue working hard to show better music to everyone, hope the fans will anticipate.  

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[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong, Being a Singer Conquer Asia... No.1 Ranking in 5 Asia Countries

I am really feel so proud for leader! 

Chinese Trans: 米娜 @ hyunbar66
English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

Kim Hyun Joong as a solo singer, with high popularity surging thru Asia.

Kim Hyun Joong released his 1st solo mini album "BREAK DOWN" in Korea, this album broke the record of 10 million copies within 2 weeks which shows his expectional high popularity.  His title song "BREAK DOWN" was ranked No. 1 in various music charts, other songs in the album "PLEASE" and "KISS KISS" are also successfully in the charts of all music website ranking.

"BREAK DOWN" exceptional high popularity is surging thru Asia.  Last week, at Japan's [ORICON Import Music CDs Segment], Taiwan [5 Music, G-Music], Philippines [Astro], Thailand [Channel V] and Hong Kong [KKbox] etc ranked 1st in all the most top Music website, shows and stations.

People from the music industry commented, "Having this successful results without any overseas promotions or activities, it is very noteworthy, "The whole of Asia is concerned and on the lookout for the directions of Korean Center Kim Hyun Joong's activities."

Kim Hyun Joong plans using this ultra-high heat, to start another frenzy in his domestic country.  If you say Kim Hyun Joong in his title song "BREAK DOWN" is full of masculine beauty, with the next song "KISS KISS" he turns into romantic guy in a fast tempo dance song to seduce women's heart.  The 1st performance for "KISS KISS" will be on [Mnet Count Down] stage to meet everyone.

On the other hand, after Kim Hyun Joong ends his "KISS KISS" activities, he will start his overseas activities in August. 

[Eng/Chn Subs] Kim Hyun Joong & His Jaksal Friends CUT on 16 Jul KBS SECRET Variety Show

This is damn funny & cute... 

Credit: cllslam10 @YT
Chinese Trans: HyunJoongChina
Eng Trans & Subbing: cllslam10
Pls repost with credits

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[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong "KISS KISS" MV Is Out

Leader's KISS KISS MV is out!  It is a bit the same as JungMinnie's TEARS OF HAPPINESS.  Showing the MV of fans support him.  Leader is so cool & manly driving the convertible sports car! But he looks so cute when playing around, teasing with the dancers, playing street soccer... just like a small boy! Really love this song as it is very sweet & it really perks up your day! ^^

Credit: kimhyunjoong0606 @YT

[Vid] Kim Hyung Jun Japanese Single "LONG NIGHT" Is Out

I find this MV very sweet and nice! Couples hugging together, love is all around! ^^

Credit: honeybummie87 @YT

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[Trans] Ways To Pre-Order Kim Hyung Jun 1st Japanese Solo Single Album "LONG NIGHT"

This is what I trans from HyungJunnie China Website. If any of you knows korean, better to go to HyungJunnie official korean webby to read and digest.

Source: Kim Hyung Jun Official Korean Website
Chinese Trans: h妞@初心-金亨俊中文网
English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

Kim Hyung Jun 1st Japanese solo single album (Long Night)
01. Long Night
02. Drenched in Rain
03.Long Night (Instrumental)
04. Drenched in Rain (Instrumental)

Kim Hyung Jun, his 1st Japanese solo album sale decision!

Being officially starting his Japan activites, Kim Hyung Jun, is imposing challenge to the Japan Oricon charts with his new debut solo single, will now be on sale!

Not only in Japan but in Asia!

Pre-order period: 01 Jul 2011(Fri) ~ 20 Jul 2011(Wed)
Japan Sale date: 27 Jul 2011 (Wed)
Korea Scheduled Delivery Date: 01 Aug 2011 (weekdays start)
Money Transfer Period: 01 Jul 2011(Fri) ~ 22 Jul 2011 (Fri)
Bank Account No: Our Bank 1005-401-578162
Account Holder: Splus Entertainment Company

1. Product Description
Junus member - 1 Kim Hyung Jun 1st Japanese solo single album + Photobook(40p)

2. Method of Pre-order:
(1) Kim Hyung Jun official website "Pre-order Application Message Board" if have a rather important message, please use a prominent topic to indicate on the message board.

(2) more prominent subject of the topic, please be make sure to indicate the [single pre-order] likewise.

(3) The contents of the message must indicate [your real name/contact number/ Collection method (onsite collection/ express delivery)/ Delivery address]

(4) When remitting the money, remittance by name + message board number (eg. Seo Hyo Rim 1234) recorded within the time specified so that remittance transfer can be successful.

(5) For onsite collection will be on 3 Aug 2011.

3. Purchasing Important Points
(1) During the pre-oder period, for those who bought Kim Hyung Jun 1st solo album will receive the unreleased videos footage therefore the package consist of DVD and handphone strap (this package is only given to 20 random fans)

(2) During the pre-order period, when buying Kim Hyung Jun 1st solo single album for the lucky 50 fans who were picked will get Kim Hyung Jun personal autograph album as a gift.

[Trans] July 2011 Schedule For SS501 Solo Activities

Here are the Jul schedule for our individual boys for this whole month.  So sad that there isnt any Kyu Jong's schedule in there... *sigh*

Source: different websites of the members
Chinese Trans:
English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

1 Jul 2011
[Broadcast] KBS Music Bank - Kim Hyun Joong (1805 hrs KST)
[Broadcast] Mnet Wide - Kim Hyung Jun (1700 - 1800 hrs KST)
[Broadcast] KBS 2FM Danny Music Show Open Broadcast - Kim Hyun Joong 

3 Jul 2011
[Broadcast] SBS Popular Song - Kim Hyun Joong (1600hrs KST)
[Broadcast] {Japan} TV Asahi Coporation Interview - Park Jung Min (1830 - 1900hrs KST)
[Broadcast] {Japan} MXTV Interview - Park Jung Min (2300 - 2330hrs KST)

4 Jul 2011
[Broadcast] Mnet Wide Entertainment News Saeng Broadcast - Park Jung Min (1700hrs KST)

7 Jul 2011
[Broadcast] {Japan} TVA Hallyu Wave Special - Park Jung Min (0058 - 0128 hrs KST)
[Broadcast] Mnet Beatles Code - Kim Hyun Joong (2359 hrs KST)
[Broadcast] Mnet 20's Choice - Kim Hyun Joong 

9 Jul 2011
[Broadcast] {Japan} TVA Hallyu Wave Special - Park Jung Min (2230 - 2300 hrs KST)
[Broadcast] KBS2 Secret - Kim Hyun Joong (1735 hrs KST)

10 Jul 2011
[Broadcast] MBC My House Deco Shopping Event: Showcasing My House (1715 hrs KST)

12 Jul 2011
[Recording] TVN Show Show Show - Heo Young Saeng (1900 hrs KST)

16 Jul 2011
[Broadcast] KBS2 Secret - Kim Hyun Joong (1735 hrs KST)

17 Jul 2011
[Performance] {Japan} Tokyo Event - Park Jung Min 
[Performance] Fanmeeting in Hong Kong 2011 - Kim Hyung Jun 

18 Jul 2011
[Performance] {Japan} Tokyo Event - Park Jung Min
[Performance] {Japan} UN Friend's Whistle Act for Tomorrow! Vol. 2 - Park Jung Min

24 Jul 2011
[Broadcast] KBS Open Music Showcase - Kim Hyun Joong (1800 hrs KST)
[Performance] Fanmeeting In Taipei 2011 - Kim Hyung Jun

[Radio Broadcast] SBS Music High - Kim Hyung Jun (0200 - 0300 hrs KST)

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[Trans] Heo Young Saeng Admitted "Dated With A Female Artiste After Debut"

I was quite surprise that Saengie will admit to all this cos usually he is the reserve one in SS501.  Guess he has changed to be more outspoken and straightforward.

Chinese Trans: 0317@BD HYS BAR
English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

Solo Singer Heo Young Saeng admitted about his past relationships.

Heo Young Saeng on the broadcast of Mnet "BEATLES CODE" on 30 Jun,  told during the segment of Parallel Theory.

Focus is on Heo Young Saeng's past memory.  When the MC asked about his 1st love, Heo Young Saeng was very frank and open saying, "1st love was during year 1 in high school and 2nd love was during year 2 in high school."  But the MC stubbornly continued, "So you are the kind that your love not  stopping, what about the 3rd love, when was it?"   Heo Young Saeng straight forward reply, " After that it stopped, but after I debut I met my 3rd love." "The other party is an artiste." Thus the MC used his smart phone to search for "Heo Young Saeng" after which HyunA and Park Joo Hyun appeared on the search engines.

"Beatles Code" is indeed in asking straight forward questions. The MC asked, "Isn't HyunA too young?"  With this, Heo Young Saeng explained, "HyunA is probably due to her featuring in my album, whereas Park Joo Hyun just entered into our company."

After which, Heo Young Saeng finally told everything out.  The MC said, "So you did dated."  Heo Young Saeng answered indifferently, "Yes, that was in the past."  With this, the MC also said, "I used to like my manager cos I find her very cute."

Heo Young Saeng recently released his solo album "LET IT GO" which is very popular and he is actively engaged in a lot of different activities.

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[Trans] Heo Young Saeng Said, "Among all the idols, YoSeob and JongHyun voices are the best."

I too feel that YoSeob and Jonghyun voice are very good! But of course I still prefer Young Saeng cos he really can bring out the emotions of the songs and really touched you.

Source: 韩网
Chinese Trans: 0317 @HeoYoungSaeng Baidu Bar
English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

SS501 solo member singer Heo Young Saeng spoke highly of BEAST YoSeob and SHINEE JongHyun singing voices.

On the broadcast of TV Mnet Beatles Code on 30 jun Heo Young Saeng who was 1 of the guest prove his theory.

On the day, the MC ask a very sensitive question to Heo Young Saeng, "Recently interview programs are becoming popular, have you ever think that, among all the idols does your performance as a "singer" is already considered good?"  With that Heo Young Saeng answered, "No, it is not like that, already have a lot of good friends, my singing ability is still not good enough."

Furthermore, on that day of broadcast, Heo Young Saeng admitted dated a female artiste during the beginning of his debut attracted people's attention.

When being asked among all the idol singers whose singing ability is the best and on giving them marks, Heo Young Saeng replied, "BEAST's YoSeob is the outstanding one.  SHINEE's JongHyun is also not bad." The MC asked, "As you are within the five?" Heo Young Saeng replied, "In that case is just fine."  He still remain modest throughout the whole show.