Thursday, June 30, 2011

[Trans] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun Convey His Thoughts On Park Yong Ha's 1st Death Anniversary

I dont know why I cant log into my blog the whole day today. Finally now I can post. ^^

When I woke up this morning, the 1st thing I saw on twitter was HyungJunnie's tweet abt Park Yong Ha's passing 1st anniversary. I think there were many thoughts running thru his mind. I really feel sad that such a talented and nice actor passed away. I still remember how HyungJunnie cried on MuHigh that night and it was so heart-breaking.

Chinese Trans: 豆子 @金亨俊中文网
English Trans: slam10@SGTripleS

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On 30 Jun Kim Hyung Jun on twitter "Always the one who gave me strength Park Yong Ha (departed) 1st death anniverary, even though we cant be together, but my hearts and the hearts of many people with be together with you" he tweeted. And "I love you, please have happiness in heaven. I will never ever forget you in this life." revealed his regretful feeling for the departed.

When Hyung Jun heard that Park Yong Ha committed suicide on 30 Jun last year, he cried during his broadcast of Music High. Regarding the kind Park Yong Ha who committed suicide on the age of 33 years old is a considerable huge impact for him.

On the other hand, the memorial service for the late Park Yong Ha who passed away on 30 Jun last year will be at 9.00am on Jun 30 in Gyeonggi Paju Yakcheonsa church, of which 1,500 Japanese fans will participate, at the dedication of memorial day to the departed souls of Gyeonggi Province - Yakcheonsa church. After the ceremony in the church, according to Memorial Park to bury the ashes.

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