Saturday, June 4, 2011

[Trans] Park Jung Min Mini Album Commemorative Activities In Shibuya

I am really surprised that JungMinnie wrote the Japanese lyrics for the Japanese version of his album!! Wow, he is real talented and full of sincerity.

Source: KEJ
Chinese Trans: Yukiko @PJMIFC
English Trans:
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Not only in Korea, but also in other Asia countries, the super-popular SS501 member Park Jung Min released his mini Japanese album "WARA WARA, THE PARK JUNG MIN" and held his commemorative activities for the sale of his album at Shibuya Tower Records 1st level STAGE ONE. 

Cheers from the fans "Congratulations New Album On Sale" as the opening, Park Jung Min was smiling all the while and with his fluency in Japanese, he communicate with the fans. He describe his new album as "The released korean version of the album converted into the Japanese version, and it is only for the Japanese fans that they produced this album". He even talks about an interesting episode during the recording: "Before recording, when I saw the japanese lyrics, I feel that they cannot express or convey my feelings and message across, so I immediately compose my own lyrics, it took me 1 day to record 1 song." When asked during the shooting for the cover of the album [涙が流れるほど(Tears Of Happiness)] did he really teared, he replied with a smile "Due to the dry air in the studio, (causing my eyes to be dry and pain) thus the tears just naturally flows". The MC asked him "Isnt it the moments that you spent with the fans that moved you to tears..?", he immediately replied smilingly "Yes~ that is because the thought of something related to the fans that moved me to tears." After which, with the companion of the guitar, he sang [君は知ってる?~届かないメッセージ~ 」(Do You Know?~Message Cant Get Across~)], [Wara Wara], with his warm voice, he attracted and melted the fans' hearts.

After the first event is over, he who wants to have a closer interactions with the fans said "If really can (with fans) have closer interactions, they can hear me singing, I will really sing with all my heart for everyone to listen" he continued with a smile "From the stage I can clearly see everyone facial expression, seeing them is already my encouragement and motivation."

This album was released on 25 May and it is the 1st Mini Album [涙が流れるほど(Tears Of Happiness)] which was released on 7 Apr in Korea that was re-recorded, re-produced and re-print as the Japanese version which consist of 40 pages of photobook to thank the fans and also a LOVE LETTER.


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