Saturday, June 25, 2011

[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong 10th Story

Leader left a message in his official webby after his win on MuBank yesterday... I am really touched by what he wrote.

Source: Kim Hyun Joong Official Website
Chinese Trans: 瓶子
English Trans:

Pls repost with credits

Even though I am very happy getting 1st, but with this 1st in place it will be forgotten one day. I did said before that I wanna be the ONLY ONE. 
But really... this is not what I want all of you too buy so many of my albums. 
Just like now, even though it is not forever, but with this as a memory, is already very good~~ Isnt it?! keke.. you know? 
This no.1 does not belong to me, it belong to all of us! 
I said before? I used to say... kekeke... 
I will always remembered in my heart to that one day I will protect everyone! 
Do you have the feeling of my protection! kekekeke... 
Let's enjoy each and everyday..

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