Friday, April 8, 2011

[Trans] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong, Will Debut Thru "PALACE" Musical

I really hope that Kyu will get the role. ^^

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Since last year after Dec fanmeeting with SS501 member, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong who has lesser activities will start launching his solo activities now.

Kim Kyu Jong was being task to take over DBSK U-Know Yunho's Lee Shin character in the Japan version musical "PALACE".  In particular, Kyu Jong's performance that became a hot topic of the musical "PALACE" which is Japan Musical performance that will set off Hallyu wave with high expectations.

A spokeperson from Kim Kyu Jong's management company told STAR TODAY that, "With regards to [PALACE] musical performance is till under consultative discussion, however the status is still not yet determined. We will convey the message thru his homepage next week."

Debut as a musical actor Kim Kyu Jong [PALACE] is an adaption from the manga.  [PALACE] is a drama which propelled Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon to fame.

The open performances will be in Kyoto from 4th ~ 24th Jun.


tetsu girl said...

i really hope so, too!
but i wonder why the news (both Japanese and Korean) are reporting it as confirmed, but B2M says it's not. i hope this is confirmed soon. this role is too perfect for Kyu Jong not to take! (unless he has a drama lined up)
anyway, thanks very much for the trans, cllslam10! :D

Anonymous said...

when u-know did the musical, the poster promoting it had him on the just looks to me like lee shin doesn't play as big a role in the japanese musical. i guess we'll find out when it finally show.