Saturday, April 16, 2011

[Trans] Park Jung Min "WARA WARA" Japanese Mini Album Pre-Order on 25 May 2011

Wow... Jungminnie will start to release his Japanese version of the repackage album! Gambatte! ^^

Jap ~ Chinese Trans: Yukiko @PJMIFC
Chinese ~ English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

Released in Korea on 7th Apr 2011, the song [涙、流れるほど (As Tears Flows)] is inclusive inside
All the songs inside were all re-recorded in Japanese language, inclusive of 40 pages of photobook
The albums are done by Warner Music Japan in a special limited offer packaging production.

Name of Album: [Wara Wara THE, Park Jung Min]
Release Date: 25th May 2011 (Wednesday)
Price: Est. 1,800 yen
Product Code: WPCL-10975
Units Sold By: Warner Music Japan

Recorded Songs:
01. 涙、流れるほど(Japanese Version)【As Tears Flows】
02. Wara Wara (Japanese Version)
03. NOT ALONE (Recorded Japanese Version)
04. 君は知ってる?~届かないメッセージ~ (Japanese Version)【Do You Know?~Message Cant Get Across~】
05. 毎日クリスマス(Japanese Version)【EveryDay Is Christmas】
06. 涙、流れるほど(Inst.)
07. Wara Wara(Inst.)
08. NOT ALONE(Inst.)(リマスター)
09. 君は知ってる?~届かないメッセージ~(Inst.)
10. 毎日クリスマス(Inst.)

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Anonymous said...

i already have copies of the korean version and will place orders for both the taiwan version and japanese version. can't wait to hear all the songs in japanese. ^_^