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[Trans] 2 Info Articles from Japan Mnet Broadcast on SS501 & Park Jung Min

How I wish I can watch all these shows... but too bad... >< Hopefully someone will upload this in YT after the broadcast... ^^

Source: Mnet Japan
Jap ~ Chinese Trans: 茶泡饭@DoubleS-SS501中文网
Chinese ~ English Trans: http//
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Forever SS501 will be broadcast wef on 25 May 2011

Represented Asia idol group SS501's Forever program will start to broadcast soon.
Continuation of the last Mnet popular plot ["I LOVE" Segment], representing asia korea Top Stars' past performances.

According to the program unit and Mnet production team determine and finalise the broadcast for the next artiste for [Forever Segment] is SS501!

Chosen by the audience on which popular stars that they wanna see "Forever", Mnet for the 1st time will run the program on a weekly basis.

["I LOVE" Segment] will surprise many as they will broadcast images of the past that were edited out.

Please look forward to the members exciting shows!


Source: Mnet Japan
Jap ~ Chinese Trans: Pation @ No.43 Park
Chinese ~ English Trans: http//
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Park Jung Min LOVE IN ASIA

Broadcast date: (Saturday) Afternoon 1.00pm ~ 1.30pm

Repeat Broadcast: (Sunday) Afternoon 2.30pm ~ 3.00pm, (The following Thursday) Midnight 4.00am ~ 4.30am

Artiste: Park Jung Min

Broadcast Channel: Mnet HD

Will start to broadcast wef 14 May 2011!

This is SS501's Park Jung Min as a solo identity 1st solo Asia Tour with interview broadcast. Since 2005, Park Jung Min, a flower boy debut as a member in the idol group SS501.

 He called himself or other called him as? Being called [SEXY CHARISMA], he started his solo activities during the winter season in 2010 wanting to be a global multi-entertainer.

After releasing his solo album in Jan 2011, he started his Asia Showcase & Fanmeeting tour. From 23 Dec Osaka as a starting point, 24 Dec Tokyo, 22 Jan Seoul, 20 Feb in Taiwan, 20 Mar in Singapore and subsequently to the rest of the Asia countries like Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, China will have his showcase performances.

From his preparation for his Asia Tour to his "live" performaces and backstage images, the reactions of waiting fans from Asia, Park Jung Min natural charisma are all captured down and will be broacasted thru Mnet for everyone!

Please look forward to it!

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tetsu girl said...

thanks for translating, cllslam10!
i love that SS501 and Jung Min are getting their own shows. they're really the most charming on reality shows and will get many new fans. i can't wait to watch it!