Wednesday, April 20, 2011

[Info] B2M Notice ― Heo Young Saeng Injured and solo debut will be postponed

I am very sad... was in a training session when I receive the news.  Now I really dont want saengie to pali recover.  I really want him to take his time to recover fully before embarking on his comeback activities. Cos the activities will take a toll on him if he still does his comeback with injuries.

Source: B2M Young Saeng Official Website
Trans: Ode's blog

Hello this is B2M Entertainment.

We're here to deliver a piece of sad news to all fans who have been eagerly awaiting for Heo Youngsaeng-gun's release of his first mini album and his solo activities.

While practising for his choreography, Youngsaeng-gun had hurt his hands, and until he recovers from that, all of his schedules and album have decided to be postponed.

All of you guys have been eagerly awaiting for him, and for the fact that we have decided for a delay is because Youngsaeng-gun's health is of utmost priority more than anything.

After diagnosis, it was known that the fracture of the back of his hands and rusture of ligaments will take about 4~5weeks to recover. For that, he is currently receiving treatment. Apart from Youngsaeng-gun's hands, there aren't any other health issues that he's facing for now.

We'll do all our best that we can in ensuring the recovery of Youngsaeng-gun. As for his album activities and all, we will make another notice soon after he is discharged.

Once again we wish to say sorry for having worried everybody.

We hope for Youngsaeng-gun's fast recovery.

*all originally arranged broadcast schedules are now in midst of adjustments

All originally arranged broadcast schedules include: RECORDING, TV BROADCAST, etc.

He was injured on 19th yesterday, while practising. He will make his comeback in May.

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