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[Fan Account] Park Jung Min Birthday Party In Seoul by YOYO501

When reading the fan account, a lot of memories flashes by when Jungminnie came SG for his fanmeeting events... I miss him... but it's okie... will be going to HK to see him again!! Wheeeee.... ^^

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Fan Account of Park Jung Min Birthday Party in Seoul

Upon reaching New Millenium Hall in KonKuk University, the place isnt really big, on the stage there is a garden bench with a table in the middle. On the table, there is a cake and on the left hand side are the presents that he received which was presented in a staircase manner.When the event starts, the MC asked where are everyone coming from, there are Japanese fans, Taiwan fans even Hong Kong and China Fans.

After which everyone started singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY song to welcome Park Jung Min into the hall. Started the cake-cutting and then he start to open up his presents. There is a huge paper bag which was sticked with lots of messages on stars, he started to read out some of them. 1 of the message is in Chinese and he read it out! So touching!!. there is even a branded bag which was given to him by Angie Chai [there is a belt in the bag ~ inside there is a small card but it was written with anything and he doesnt look very happy)

Then the TS who helped us to get the tickets said that Angie Chai went in very late and even fell asleep. @@ Jung Min chose two very nice present which the fans gave him and invited them on stage and the fans are from Japan. Jung Min chat with them happily in Japanese and even hugged them.

The MC told the audience that Jung Min also has a gift for everyone, just then Jung Min started singing Everyday Is Christmas and he even changed the lyrics to Everyday Is Birthday.

Just then there is table with microphone, keys, which I dont really understand, I guess it is probably his dreams, but they kept mentioning about money, he even ask money from fans and put into his pocket! I am very confused about all this.

After which he started to pick the messages that the fans left before coming into the hall to grant all their wishes. There are hugs, photo-taking, using butt to write words, and the hugging manner is the same as all the FMs and there is even princess style carrying (it is a taiwan TS).

The next part is ideal person compeition, 20 fans were picked to go on stage and they gotta wear mask standing back facing him and there are 10 groups. 2 by 2 competition. Those who are eliminated got a special limited rose and a tight hug. There is a fan who was not very happy about the result did not hug Jung Min. Everyone who went on stage were too nervous that they did not really look where they are going while going down the stage and our tender Jung Min quickly pull them back in case they fall.

In the end, one of the Korean fan won, cos she brought a board up and the board was written (DAEBAK JUNG MIN0 and kept holding on to it behind. (Jung Min of course chose her) and they had a selca togethere.

During the interval, an unknown singer came out to sing, and everyone started going for their toilet break.

After the interval, the MC came out to intro someone, everyone shouted KIM HYUNG JUN upon that "OH! AH!" music came on!
A Hyung Jun fan who was beside me suddenly became very hyper. His live is really very dashing. Jung Min took a very long time to come out making Hyung Jun kept looking for him and he even say he wanted to leave. ^^
When the two saw each other, they hugged!

When talking about the photoshoot which Jung Min did for the Anan mag, Hyung Jun even did the same sexy pose as what Jung Min did for the mag. Very cute!! Jung Min was very embarrassed and he kept circling Hyung Jun asking where is his birthday present. But Hyung Jun say he did not bring with him and act as if he dont understand, when he wanted to leave, he even tried pretending to steal the birthday present and he did it twice! Very childish..^^

Then there is a vid showing done by the fans and Hyung Jun joined Jung Min sitting on the floor watching the vid. (when he came in the hall is already dark, but Jung Min did call out to him)

After the vid has finished playing and before the lights came on, Hyung Jun has said "Anneyeong" to everyone leaving the place.

After which Jung Min read out his letter and sang Do You Know. Lastly, is the playing of his latest MV "As Tears Flows" then it is the end of the event.

Some details:
Jung Min's mum also came for the event and she did say a few words and she sat at 2F.
Fans asked Jung Min whether he like his dad or his mum~ When the MC read out the question, can see that Jung Min is stumped by the question and in the end he answered that he love both.

Asking him whether does he has any girlfriends and the say everyone here are his girlfriends.

When leaving the hall, the staff want everyone to leave by section. Collection of gifts. I guess that Jung Min will be at the entrance. When I went out, initially I only saw the staff were busy sorting out the gifts but to my surprise, Jung Min was standing at the left hand side of the wall shaking hands, greeting and giving those attending his birthday party today his gifts. I was quite near to him and when it was my turn, I was real nervous.
Firstly, I said Happy Birthday to him and he said Annyeong to me. After which I told him that I came from Taiwan. He said Taiwan? I am going to Taiwan soon, wait for me! My friend at the back told him that all of us will wait for him. After that my mind went blank.
This is really like a dream, everything is so surreal and we spoke in Mandarin... ^^

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tetsu girl said...

really nice fanaccount. thanks so much for translating, cllslam10! :D
i so wish i could go to a SS501/JM event someday! T_T this sounded so fun. and JM's so sweet, conversing with Japanese and Taiwanese fans in their language. ^_^ thanks again!