Friday, April 29, 2011

[Trans] Park Jung Min Interview With IB Times

I love this interview of Jungminnie showing a different side of him... he talks about things which he really never said before... ^^

Korean ~ Chinese Trans:
Chinese ~ English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

After the contract with DSP Media has ended, during last August signed a new contract with CNR Media, developing as a solo, SS501 member Park Jung Min released his 1st solo mini album "THE, PARK JUNG MIN" on 7 Apr 2011, and went for his Asia Fanmeeting Tour and starred in Taiwan Idol drama etc different kinds of activities, sucessfully speeding up his solo activities.  Currently having busy schedules in Thailand, China & Japan, Park Jung Min take some time out at a coffeehouse in Seoul Gangnam-gu, having an honest chat with IBTimes.

Initial dream was to be an actor and not a singer, Park Jung Min when accepting interviews from different media, thru his previous company recommedation, debut in the entertainment industry with the identity of a singer and actor.  In this interview, he will chat about his dreams and the process of realising his dreams.

Park Jung Min said: "I heard people said before, if I can naturally go into the entertainment industry it will be just fine.  But acting is just a fleeting dream.  I feel that artistes often live on an alternative lives."  Even though his parents were against his 1st audition during his sixth grade, he did not really went thru any activities, however after this opportunity, making Park Jung Min starting to have this [I can also be an artiste] kinda wish and starting to realise his own dreams.

During his 2nd year in college, Park Jung Min 1st time set foot into the Manager company in such places.  However, he did not have any financial support during that time so he did not any mentors with the average being an entertainment company will provide training in different companies, defrauded course fees for 4 months. He said: "Seems to be that it has become a development opportunity", "During that time, I met up with the students who have the same dreams want to be a star. That school is located in Apgujeong, everyday went to the school, but also received a lot of audition opportunities."  The korean born star Park Jung Min who have fans other than in Japan, Taiwan, China, Turkey and Arabia etc continued blissfully: "I really never thought that I will have turkish fans, the fans in Turkey really hope to see me performing, and I had received an invitation from the Turkish embassy."

Although he received a lot of love from fans, but eversince he debut in 2005, he doesnt even have a girlfriend even once. "Although there is something, but talking about affairs of the heart, there is nothing. Need to create this sweetheart out." Park Jung Min said smilingly.  His ideal will be the "bang bang" kinda humourous girl.
Park Jung Min confidently states: "I feel that guys should have the courage to act when there is a need or when problems arises; when there are times when the girl is having a hard time, be there to protect her, just like how I protect my family and my sister giving them the strength they need." Especially because that is the friendship and support given by the fans and family.

Even though Park Jung Min exudes charisma with his conscientious working attitude, but when facing his good friends and family, he will show a playful and cute side of him. He is very thankful to the continuous support and aid from fans.  He pointed: "Due to my good memory, I can always remember my fans, especially those who frequently come (to support me)", can see he show special care to his fans.  He shows his gratitude when received the love, embarked towards his dreams, Park Jung Min, just like what he claim to be, is a "BEAUTIFUL YOUTH".

Thursday, April 28, 2011

[Trans] Regarding Kim Kyu Jong Acting As Prince Shin? (Jap Goong Official Blog)

How I really wish that I have a chance to watch this musical esp 1 of my bias Kyu is in it!!! Aish...

Source: Musical <<Goong>> Official Blog (
Japanese ~ Chinese Trans: kolkol   校对 redcat111
Chinese ~ English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

On 13 Apr the [Musical GOONG] Official photoshoot was carried out in Seoul.

Staged for the 1st time in Kyoto starring Kim Kyu Jong as the lead actor, Musical actress Kwak Sun Young continuing the Korean version of the [Musical GOONG] and being lead actress again did their photoshoot together.

Start of News Report

Kyu Jong wore a beige suit which exudes extravagance, which match the role in his musical debut. (Reference Photo)

This time, Kyu Jong will be acting the character of Prince Shin.
And this is the same role which TVXQ Yunho acted in the Korean version of [Musical GOONG]

Q: How would the role of Prince Shin character be in Kyoto performance?
Kyu: The Prince Shin which Yunho sunbae has acted is a very charismatic and masculine kinda style, for me I want to show a very easy-going and gentle style.

Q: Usually what is the difference between the character of Kyu Jong and Prince Shin?
Kyu: I am a person who doesnt speak much, thus not very easy to really chat with other people. Prince Shin is totally opposite of me! Will work hard on stage to withdraw from my real self to play this character! (smile)

Believe it will be very fast we can see a different side of Kyu Jong in this new Japanese version of [Musical GOONG]

Ommited some other parts...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

[Trans] Park Jung Min Smile While Driving Fans Away By OrientalDaily News

JungMinnie's fanservice really surpass all the artistes that I have known.  No matter what happens, he will always maintain his cool and smile throughout.  This is what I called professional.  JungMinnie, I really admire you. Kudos to you!

Source: Oriental Daily News
Chinese ~ English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

Korea Idol group SS501 member, Park Jung Min held his fanmeeting last Saturday in Hong Kong. In addition to playing games which he resorted to all kinds of tricks, with his tremendous improvement in his Chinese, he really knows how to smile telling them :「回家!」(GO HOME!) driving fans away.

More than a year ago, Jung Min came to Hong Kong together with SS501 for performance, he held his solo fanmeeting last saturday in Kowloon which attracted more than 600 fans who attended to support him. His opening song is a ballad "IF YOU CANNOT", and he even used Cantonese to introduce himself which made the atmosphere very high.

Singing Chinese Song

The one and half hour fanmeeting, Park Jung Min not only sang "Tears of Happiness", he also sang other songs from his album. Thru internet knowing what the Hong Kong fans wanted, he sang the Chinese song by Guang Liang called 《童話》 (Fairytale). He even used Chinese asking fans to teach him to how to speak Cantonese, mistakenly said 「教我 jiao wo」(Teach Me) pronouncing as 「找我 zhao wo」(Find Me). Some indonesia fans even teached him to say "I LOVE YOU"  in Bahasa Indonesia. 

With his improved fluency in Mandarin, Park Jung Min invited fans up the stage for some games, when seeing 1 of his fans who cant keep up with the dance steps in his song "NOT ALONE", he started using Mandarin to say that:「她不是我的粉絲,回家!」(She is not my fan, GO HOME!), another time during 1 of the game, he also urge fans:「快點!我們沒時間!」(Hurry, We do not have time!). Regarding the multiple choice questions seeing some fans peeping at answers, he humourously said them: 「不要偷看!」(Do not peep!)
Cloned to satisfy fans
Aware of how to make fans happy, while playing games, Park Jung Min not only hug fans, he also interwined his fingers with fans looking at each other eyes deeply, holding hands singing a song and also the princess style hug when taking photo togther making it tough for him to carry.

On the 3rd of the current month is Park Jung Min 24 years old birthday, the fans gave him a birthday cake and everyone sang him a birthday song in korean making him touched. He said he hope to clone 100 of himself in order to be together with the Hong Kong fans.

[Pics] Park Jung Min Gone To Japan (His Finger Is Hurt!!)

I wonder what happened to Jungminnie... why is his finger hurt? I really hope there will be nothing happen to all our 5 boys... Saengie is already hurt and now Jungminnie... *sigh*

Credit: as on the pics

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[Trans] SS501 Heo Young Saeng "Fighting Spirit in Cast" Stick To Promise

This is so worrying... why is saengie so stubborn... I wouldnt want him to get back so fast where he is still recovering from his injuries. I really wish that he can recover fully before embarking on his comeback. Aish... ><

Source: Nate
Korean ~ Chinese Trans: 唯爱HS@HSC
Chinese ~ English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

Even though he is injured and is on cast, he still stick to his promise record "RUNNING MAN".

On 25 Apr, Heo Young Saeng participated in <<Happy Sunday>> "RUNNING MAN" recording at Seoul SBS Lobby. On 19 Apr, he accidentally injured the back of his hand while practicing for his dance which caused the release of his album to be delayed, insisted to keep his recording appointment for "RUNNING MAN".

His company B2M stated "The doctor did warn him to wait for his hand to be fully recovered and to restraint from outside activities." But because he want to keep to his promise for the agreed schedule as before thus he proceeded with the recording. Thus the production team and the artistes gave Young Saeng very high evaluation for coming to record with his bandaged cast on.

Heo Young Saeng's raid gave a reversal effect. Him in a bandaged cast making all the artistes panic. Even though injured, he still do not bother to hide himself and still struggled alone making Young Saeng shone brightly.

Heo Young Saeng initially is going to start his solo activities on the 28 Apr. But due to the state of his injuries, there is no choice but to delay his activities. Fortunately, his recovery is fast thus they have schedule him to do his comeback at around mid May, and to re-adjust his schedule.

Heo Young Saeng solo album songs will be produced by Han Jae Ho & Kim Sung Su who have produced Kara's Lupin, Honey & Mister, and also the strong friendship which was forged during SS501 days with Steven Lee who has produced the dance song "LET IT GO" which will be the main hit song for the album.

Heo Young Saeng's "RUNNING MAN" will be broadcast on 8 May.

Monday, April 25, 2011

[Vid ~ Eng Sub] Park Jung Min Greetings for Channel U 10th Anniversary

Omo... Jungminnie is real cute in this vid!!! ^^

Credit: cllslam10 @YT
English Trans: cllslam10
English hard subs: cllslam10
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

[Vid ~ Eng Sub] Kim Kyu Jong Promotional Vid for "GOONG" Musical

KyuJongie is sooooo cute!! How I wish I got the chance to go Kyoto to watch his muscial!!^^

English Subbed: cllslam10
Hard subbed: cllslam10
Credit: cllslam10 @YT
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

[News] Heo Youngsaeng admits into the hospital, solo comeback delayed [20.04.11]

Tomorrow I am flying off to Hong Kong for Jungminnie's fan party... but now I totally have no mood... tears are rolling round my eyes without my control... threatening to fall any time... aish... ><

Source: Hankyung News
Trans: Ode's blog

Group SS501's lead vocalist Heo Youngsaeng has been admitted into the hospital because of a hand fracture.

Heo Youngsaeng’s first solo album was slated for release on this upcoming 28th, and while he was practising his title track’s choreography on the 19th in the dance room, he suddenly injured the back of his hands and was admitted into the hospital soon after.

After diagnosis, it was known that it’d take about 4~5 weeks for his hand fracture and rusture of ligaments to recover.

Right now, Heo Youngsaeng is in the hospital and is awaiting for a more detailed diagnosis result. Because of this, date of his album release and all other broadcast schedules have to be postponed.

It was known that he is very much disturbed mentally that he can’t keep to his promise for his fans amidst such a situation right now.

On the other hand, date to when his solo album will be released is undergoing adjustments at the moment.

[Info] B2M Notice ― Heo Young Saeng Injured and solo debut will be postponed

I am very sad... was in a training session when I receive the news.  Now I really dont want saengie to pali recover.  I really want him to take his time to recover fully before embarking on his comeback activities. Cos the activities will take a toll on him if he still does his comeback with injuries.

Source: B2M Young Saeng Official Website
Trans: Ode's blog

Hello this is B2M Entertainment.

We're here to deliver a piece of sad news to all fans who have been eagerly awaiting for Heo Youngsaeng-gun's release of his first mini album and his solo activities.

While practising for his choreography, Youngsaeng-gun had hurt his hands, and until he recovers from that, all of his schedules and album have decided to be postponed.

All of you guys have been eagerly awaiting for him, and for the fact that we have decided for a delay is because Youngsaeng-gun's health is of utmost priority more than anything.

After diagnosis, it was known that the fracture of the back of his hands and rusture of ligaments will take about 4~5weeks to recover. For that, he is currently receiving treatment. Apart from Youngsaeng-gun's hands, there aren't any other health issues that he's facing for now.

We'll do all our best that we can in ensuring the recovery of Youngsaeng-gun. As for his album activities and all, we will make another notice soon after he is discharged.

Once again we wish to say sorry for having worried everybody.

We hope for Youngsaeng-gun's fast recovery.

*all originally arranged broadcast schedules are now in midst of adjustments

All originally arranged broadcast schedules include: RECORDING, TV BROADCAST, etc.

He was injured on 19th yesterday, while practising. He will make his comeback in May.

[Article] SS501 Heo Young Saeng April Solo Debut, "Kim Kyu Jong Support by {Featuring}"

I am soooo anticipating saengie solo album!!! 8 more days to his solo debut!!! Wheee.... ^^

Source: Newsen & Naver News
Korean ~ Chinese Trans: redcat111 @
Chinese ~ English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

SS501 Heo Young Saeng solo debut, fellow member Kim Kyu Jong come out to show support (Generous Help).

Heo Young Saeng April 1st solo debut, after the contract with the previous agency has ended, all the members moved to other agencies and started their respective solo activities.  Heo Young Saeng is also starting his activties as a solo singer.  As the lead vocalist in SS501, Heo Young Saeng solo album release is the third among SS501 members Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun.

For this solo debut, SS501 Kim Kyu Jong participated in the featuring, coming out to support.  Heo Young Saeng is Kim Kyu Jong recently signed on with B2M, the company which is the same as Lee Hyori.

A staff conveyed, "Heo Young Saeng April solo debut", "Kim Kyu Jong participate in the featuring, congratulating Heo Young Saeng solo debut."

Saturday, April 16, 2011

[INFO] Heo Young Saeng 1st Mini Album Official Tracks

I am sooooo looking forward to the release of his album... Wow... he co-wrote 3 songs in his album!!! Talented Saengie!!!^^ Think I will go crazy when 28th Apr is approaching.... *screams*

Really thanks to @ for posting this on her blog & also our dear Lois!

"Heo Young Saeng 1st Mini Album" contains 5 tracks (4 songs + 1 Instrumental)
*Let It Go
*I'm Broken
*Rainy Heart
*Out the Club
* Let It Go (Instrumental)
Young Saeng participated on writing the lyrics of the following songs.
*I'm Broken
*Rainy Heart
*Out the Club
Song Lyrics Teasers (First lyrics bar)

-Let it Go-
-I'm Broken-
-Rainy Heart-
-Out the Club-
-Official Songwriters and Composers of "Heo Young Saeng 1st Mini Album"-

[Official Pics] Kim Hyung Jun On Strong Heart Variety Show

I wanna watch this!!! Hopefully someone will upload the vids on YT!! ^^ HyungJunnie looks good in there...

Credit: Strong Heart Official Website

[Trans] Park Jung Min "WARA WARA" Japanese Mini Album Pre-Order on 25 May 2011

Wow... Jungminnie will start to release his Japanese version of the repackage album! Gambatte! ^^

Jap ~ Chinese Trans: Yukiko @PJMIFC
Chinese ~ English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

Released in Korea on 7th Apr 2011, the song [涙、流れるほど (As Tears Flows)] is inclusive inside
All the songs inside were all re-recorded in Japanese language, inclusive of 40 pages of photobook
The albums are done by Warner Music Japan in a special limited offer packaging production.

Name of Album: [Wara Wara THE, Park Jung Min]
Release Date: 25th May 2011 (Wednesday)
Price: Est. 1,800 yen
Product Code: WPCL-10975
Units Sold By: Warner Music Japan

Recorded Songs:
01. 涙、流れるほど(Japanese Version)【As Tears Flows】
02. Wara Wara (Japanese Version)
03. NOT ALONE (Recorded Japanese Version)
04. 君は知ってる?~届かないメッセージ~ (Japanese Version)【Do You Know?~Message Cant Get Across~】
05. 毎日クリスマス(Japanese Version)【EveryDay Is Christmas】
06. 涙、流れるほど(Inst.)
07. Wara Wara(Inst.)
08. NOT ALONE(Inst.)(リマスター)
09. 君は知ってる?~届かないメッセージ~(Inst.)
10. 毎日クリスマス(Inst.)

Friday, April 15, 2011

[Trans] Park Jung Min's Special Thanks To In THE, PARK JUNG MIN Repackage Album

Finally I have finished translating this Special Thanks to... this is the hardest translation I have ever done! Faintz.. so if I translated anything or any names wrongly, I sincerely apologise.  Jung Min ah... why did you have such a long Thank you note!!  Aish... but his thank yous are so cute!!! He even thank his bank... how cute can he be?! ^^

Source: The, Park Jung Min mini album
Korean ~ Chinese Trans: just thought & Celyn @ YOYO501
Chinese ~ English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

I really did not know that it will be so fast for me to write another Thanks To.
Again to release another album, I would like to thanks a lot of people. ^^
Thank you lord for blessing me and pray that I will live well..^^
And who always worry about their son... My dad mum~!
Your son has always been very seriously working.  Please do not worry! In this world, I love you two the most! ^^
And The best of the best, my sister..! Always progress towards your dream.  And... also progress to your in-laws house!
And my dearest brother.. sister-in-law and the one who looks really like our lazy bear... my nephew! Hwaiting!^^
And who really helps me alot taking care of me with a fatherly smile... Our CNR Media President Roy
I will try my very best to become the Asia and a Global singer, actor!^^
And to Kim Suk Shin couple, congratulations on your new born baby!! Hope that Sik Hyun can grow up healthily!! ^^
And to our cute and toublemaker Vice President Kim Tae Hyung Ajussi...!!  Give me a flash of inspiration!
And my grandmother!!  Teacher~!  Director Wendy!  Really wanna thank you, I will put in my best!
Occasionally I will talk back at you, I am sorry!
So as to say you shouldnt treat me that way!
And the girl standing on the top of the pyramid, Director Kang Hyun Jin, although very tough but very cute Hye Sun noona, hwaiting~!
And the trouble maker  many times almost making me looking like a sinner... Kim Yun Eun~
Ah... no... no... it is already promoted as a Kim team leader! Despite this  I.Will.Look.Out.You.Better.Do.Well!
And our lucky Jung Eun noona, thank you for always rooting for me.  Let's get lucky together! ^^
And our new comers darlings... till now still in secure position old darling Jun Shin ssi... new darling! Lucky Ya Lan ssi aza aza hwaiting!
And in the coming years that need to take care of me, my agent, handsome and always tightly following me by my side, Bum Jun Hyung
Fashionable guy President Lee Gi Baek, hwaiting!!^^  And in the coming years, really need to cooperate
My forever new friend Anji san! Also Comic Ritz crews and staff! Let us invade the Greater China!
And Sony's Adam, Xiao Cui, Cui Zheng Dong Hyung!!  Let us make use of a fantastic album to touched people again!^^
And in Singapore whom I met upon fate, Mr Andy Jones!!! Buy me dinner!
And also Sony;s Cally, Lizzie, Hiroto, Jesse and all staff, let's hwaiting together.
Wang Wang Enterprise Daebak!  Although we have always meet, let me impart my mesmerising eyes to you..!  And Wei Ting~!!
My Taiwan activities, Wei Ting, you have to be responsible!!! Aiyoyo, huge responsibilities!!^^  And aza aza hwaiting!!!
And Yamaha kawaii Jun-san, Kawaii Tomo-san, sexy Kot-san, clever Xiu-jing ssi, accurate intuition Suma san wait...!
I will step by step pali release albums and tv dramas, let's strongly do for everyone to see.. aza aza!!!
And Hidae-san, pali do!! Can't return faster? Do it!!  Let's leave Hidae-san!! Good to leave
Must buy nice food from Germany back~!
In charge of Fan Club, Mat-san!  Must do till there are fifty thousand members, GO! (If you dont do properly, you gonna die!!)

And created an explosive potential Park Jung Min, the dean, Gao Yuan Hui.
Responsible Seo Ri, dreamer, Hye Jin ssi... beautiful Shen Shin noona, full of masculine charisma Yili-san, I will look out!!
MinsiAn etc... and the rest of the crew, thank you...!
And other than clothes, also chatting happily together, letting me become a handsome chap, our big stones President Gao, Rin Shan noona, Ji Xiu~~~You!!
Ji Xiu, as cute as button, Shuang Er!!! Thank you~~ ^0^
And always chat about the past Minali noonas, always busy chatty friend Kim Nan noona!! Thank you!
And letting me becoming 1st beautiful skin flower boy regardless spring, summer, autumn or winter, Sung Shin Hyung, you are the greatest~!
And the secret of my body!  Diet managment guru Skinstar's staff, thank you!
The secret of my teeth...! Losia Dental Clinic's President Jang Shin Yong and also Jung Eun noona!! ^0^
And everyone in Sam & Boom beauty salon, I also wanna say thank you.
And H bank, my financial advisor! Ms Amy, thank you!! Congrats on you marriage!! ^)^
And help me create a perfect body's Heo hyung~! Thanks~!!
And also thanks Yuk Baek Hyung-nim who always taking care of me!!^^
And for the 1st time collaborating Kom Studio, Kom ajussi and other staff that we have work together, thank you all!^^
And doing designs and taking photography together Stegano-graphy! Thank you!
And also working together for the 1st time Choi Juk Chil ajussi, it hard on you, next time let's discuss more and make a better album!
And helping me to produced my sexy hit song, Park Heo Jong ajussi, thank you!
Never had a chance to greet you personally, Kim Dae Hoon writer, thank you too!
And have produced NOT ALONE, DO YOU KNOW together, Shinsadong Tiger~ good best excellent!
Helping to do my EVERYDAY IS CHRISTMAS, Hyun Min Hyung! Love you! And the secret to my voice, Won Joong Hyung~!
The secret to singing, must impart to me~~!! Dont only say it~! Please impart to me!
And this time the leader of the dancers, really hard on all of you, lets hwaiting in the years to come...^^ TEAM H! HWAITING!
And Royal Ave~ Now it is time to be successful!!! Let's pali finished renovating and open the new store!
And also I would like to express my gratitude to CEO Lee and his wife of DSP and the rest of the staff.
And my friends who gave me lots of strength and encouragement, Min Jung, Hero~! I love you all!!
Hee Tae, I love you too!
And who has been always taking care of me, us, Teacher Kang Yuk Sun and Teacher Jung Shin!!
And lovely Tae Lee, Hee Shoo noona, Hana noona, Hee Sun noona, Dong Jun Hyung, Hye Jung noona etc... I love all of you~!!^0^
And I will never ever lose the pride of SS501.
Thankful and pampering all fans of Park Jung Min
All TripleS, thank you to all of you.

[Article] SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong Reveals His ‘Prince Charming’ Look For “Goong” Musical

OMONA!!! Kyu is so damn gorgeous... how I wish I can go Japan, Kyoto to watch his musical.

Source: My Daily via Nate
Credit: ramham424 @allkpop

SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong has transformed into ‘Prince Charming’.

The idol was cast as the main character ‘Lee Shin‘ for the musical “Goong“. On April 13th, he finished the poster photoshoot for the performances in Japan, and unveiled his ‘prince look’ for the very first time.

Kim Kyu Jong donned a luxurious dress coat, and emphasized his royal position with his haughty facial expression and lax body language. Although his picture looks very arrogant, it’s said that he made the photoshoot atmosphere very bright with his funny quips and laid-back attitude.

After filming, the idol-turned-actor stated, I received a lot of advice from TVXQ’s Yunho hyung, who played this role before. I worried a lot about being cast as the main character, but I was fascinated by connecting with the audience. It’s a little awkward now but I’ll present my own Kyu Jong prince, different from the past princes in the musical. I hope you’ll all be interested.”

The ‘Goong’ musical will run in Kyoto, Japan from June 11th to July 1st.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

[Screencaps & Vid] Kim Hyung Jun Music High 2nd Anniversary with Kim Kyu Jong & Park Jung Min As Guests

I am so higggghhh today... that I couldnt sleep... Below are the screencaps I have taken when using my iphone to watch the "live" web cast just now... they are really very dorky... I really miss them sooo much... ><

Credit:  @YT

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[Trans] Kim Kyu Jong Chosen as Japan "GOONG" Musical Lead Role

I am sooooooooooooo happy that Kyu is chosen... finally!!! Wheee... ^^

Source: My Daily
Korean ~ Chinese Trans: redcat111 @
Chinese ~ English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

Kim Kyu Jong is chosen for this year's June 1st Japanese Overseas Musical Performance "GOONG" (Production Team GROUP EIGHT) as the lead role -- The Crown Prince of Korean, Prince Shin.

Premiered last year which opened a new horizon for creative musical "GOONG", acting for the 1st time TOHOSHINKI's U-KNOW Yunho, which garnered more than 60% Japanese and other foreign audience which created a huge topic.

The so-called "GOONG" is about "A Constitutional Monarchy in the Republic of Korea" in a unique fantasy setting, an ordinary wild high school girl Shin Chae-Kyeong (acted by Kwak Sunyoung) with the nation favourite - The Crown Prince Lee Shin, lives after their political marriage.

The production company convey the message, "Kim Kyu Jong during SS501 days has already shown his strength in his singing ability, his outstanding choregraphy and stage demeanor. With his handsome outlooks, he can be seen as a lead", "Kim Kyu Jong also shows his strong sincerity thus we are really looking forward to it."

"GOONG" will start the overseas performance wef 11 Jun 2011 till 1 Jul 2011 at Japan Kyoto (Musical theatre). The pre-ordering of tickets will be from 14 Apr onwards.

Monday, April 11, 2011

[Scans & Trans] Park Jung Min in ぴあ No.1331

I love this interview of Jungminnie... really shows a different side of him... a more mature side... ^^

Credit on the pics
Jap ~ Chinese Trans: Pation @ No.43 Park
Chinese Trans ~ English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

Diverse Characteristics Is Built On Understanding The Basis Of "Want To Do" And "Can Do".

A Noticeable Remarkable Talent

From now on you will see him on off on Japan's TV where he and other korean artistes acting together in a drama or a movie. He make use of every little talent that he has, putting the roles into his life. With this we intro to you his overall charisma!

Comparing to Tohoshinki, swept across Asia's SS501 held their concerts in Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong and each time it attract thousands of people attending. One of the member Park Jung Min is the 1st to start his solo activities. Korean, Japanese and Chinese language which he is good in is currently having his active activities over in Korea, Japan and Taiwan. His strength of Japanese has given him a chance to be the MC of a joint Korean Japanese large scale performance. "No one is without a goal, because of its own way to find their own path." Jungmin who said these words is the model of the young idols now. Now with this kind of mentality of character is hard to find.

"I am still not in a position to give (the hoobaes) any advices or suggestions, but I must be responsible for my actions, this cannot be forgotten. Because when you are in other countries, when other look at you, it will reflect on you, your actions as they will take it that you are representing the image of koreans. Thus, when I go to a foreign country, I will try to understand the country's culture, taking the effort to integrate myself into that country."

When being asked questions on being a diversified idol, he answered, "During and after the understanding of 'Want to do' and 'Can Do', I feel that those things that I can do I will do it."

"What are the difference in the activities in Korea and other countries? This question is hard to answer. (Korea and other countries) are countries that are very easy to get used to, feel that the world is in universal harmony (smile). Although there bound to be stress in work, but as long as you feel that you are happy in whatever you do, then it will be alright." the reason that he said this was due to that he wanna to be a no national boundaries kinda of star who can show off his abilties to everyone.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

[Trans] 2 Info Articles from Japan Mnet Broadcast on SS501 & Park Jung Min

How I wish I can watch all these shows... but too bad... >< Hopefully someone will upload this in YT after the broadcast... ^^

Source: Mnet Japan
Jap ~ Chinese Trans: 茶泡饭@DoubleS-SS501中文网
Chinese ~ English Trans: http//
Pls repost with credits

Forever SS501 will be broadcast wef on 25 May 2011

Represented Asia idol group SS501's Forever program will start to broadcast soon.
Continuation of the last Mnet popular plot ["I LOVE" Segment], representing asia korea Top Stars' past performances.

According to the program unit and Mnet production team determine and finalise the broadcast for the next artiste for [Forever Segment] is SS501!

Chosen by the audience on which popular stars that they wanna see "Forever", Mnet for the 1st time will run the program on a weekly basis.

["I LOVE" Segment] will surprise many as they will broadcast images of the past that were edited out.

Please look forward to the members exciting shows!


Source: Mnet Japan
Jap ~ Chinese Trans: Pation @ No.43 Park
Chinese ~ English Trans: http//
Pls repost with credits

Park Jung Min LOVE IN ASIA

Broadcast date: (Saturday) Afternoon 1.00pm ~ 1.30pm

Repeat Broadcast: (Sunday) Afternoon 2.30pm ~ 3.00pm, (The following Thursday) Midnight 4.00am ~ 4.30am

Artiste: Park Jung Min

Broadcast Channel: Mnet HD

Will start to broadcast wef 14 May 2011!

This is SS501's Park Jung Min as a solo identity 1st solo Asia Tour with interview broadcast. Since 2005, Park Jung Min, a flower boy debut as a member in the idol group SS501.

 He called himself or other called him as? Being called [SEXY CHARISMA], he started his solo activities during the winter season in 2010 wanting to be a global multi-entertainer.

After releasing his solo album in Jan 2011, he started his Asia Showcase & Fanmeeting tour. From 23 Dec Osaka as a starting point, 24 Dec Tokyo, 22 Jan Seoul, 20 Feb in Taiwan, 20 Mar in Singapore and subsequently to the rest of the Asia countries like Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, China will have his showcase performances.

From his preparation for his Asia Tour to his "live" performaces and backstage images, the reactions of waiting fans from Asia, Park Jung Min natural charisma are all captured down and will be broacasted thru Mnet for everyone!

Please look forward to it!

[Scans] Young Saeng & Kyu Jong Japan Fanmeeting Event Book

Wow... how I wish I can have this book.... KyuSaeng both look so gorgeous in there... ^^


[Vids] Park Jung Min Mnet Japan Valentine Special Fanmeeting with BTS

Jungminnie went to Japan in Feb and held his Valentine Special Fanmeeting at CC. Lemon Hall.

Credit: cllslam10 @YT + mamating @ tieba baidu + tudou

[Fan Account] Park Jung Min Birthday Party In Seoul by YOYO501

When reading the fan account, a lot of memories flashes by when Jungminnie came SG for his fanmeeting events... I miss him... but it's okie... will be going to HK to see him again!! Wheeeee.... ^^

Souce: Kelly @
Chinese ~ English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

Fan Account of Park Jung Min Birthday Party in Seoul

Upon reaching New Millenium Hall in KonKuk University, the place isnt really big, on the stage there is a garden bench with a table in the middle. On the table, there is a cake and on the left hand side are the presents that he received which was presented in a staircase manner.When the event starts, the MC asked where are everyone coming from, there are Japanese fans, Taiwan fans even Hong Kong and China Fans.

After which everyone started singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY song to welcome Park Jung Min into the hall. Started the cake-cutting and then he start to open up his presents. There is a huge paper bag which was sticked with lots of messages on stars, he started to read out some of them. 1 of the message is in Chinese and he read it out! So touching!!. there is even a branded bag which was given to him by Angie Chai [there is a belt in the bag ~ inside there is a small card but it was written with anything and he doesnt look very happy)

Then the TS who helped us to get the tickets said that Angie Chai went in very late and even fell asleep. @@ Jung Min chose two very nice present which the fans gave him and invited them on stage and the fans are from Japan. Jung Min chat with them happily in Japanese and even hugged them.

The MC told the audience that Jung Min also has a gift for everyone, just then Jung Min started singing Everyday Is Christmas and he even changed the lyrics to Everyday Is Birthday.

Just then there is table with microphone, keys, which I dont really understand, I guess it is probably his dreams, but they kept mentioning about money, he even ask money from fans and put into his pocket! I am very confused about all this.

After which he started to pick the messages that the fans left before coming into the hall to grant all their wishes. There are hugs, photo-taking, using butt to write words, and the hugging manner is the same as all the FMs and there is even princess style carrying (it is a taiwan TS).

The next part is ideal person compeition, 20 fans were picked to go on stage and they gotta wear mask standing back facing him and there are 10 groups. 2 by 2 competition. Those who are eliminated got a special limited rose and a tight hug. There is a fan who was not very happy about the result did not hug Jung Min. Everyone who went on stage were too nervous that they did not really look where they are going while going down the stage and our tender Jung Min quickly pull them back in case they fall.

In the end, one of the Korean fan won, cos she brought a board up and the board was written (DAEBAK JUNG MIN0 and kept holding on to it behind. (Jung Min of course chose her) and they had a selca togethere.

During the interval, an unknown singer came out to sing, and everyone started going for their toilet break.

After the interval, the MC came out to intro someone, everyone shouted KIM HYUNG JUN upon that "OH! AH!" music came on!
A Hyung Jun fan who was beside me suddenly became very hyper. His live is really very dashing. Jung Min took a very long time to come out making Hyung Jun kept looking for him and he even say he wanted to leave. ^^
When the two saw each other, they hugged!

When talking about the photoshoot which Jung Min did for the Anan mag, Hyung Jun even did the same sexy pose as what Jung Min did for the mag. Very cute!! Jung Min was very embarrassed and he kept circling Hyung Jun asking where is his birthday present. But Hyung Jun say he did not bring with him and act as if he dont understand, when he wanted to leave, he even tried pretending to steal the birthday present and he did it twice! Very childish..^^

Then there is a vid showing done by the fans and Hyung Jun joined Jung Min sitting on the floor watching the vid. (when he came in the hall is already dark, but Jung Min did call out to him)

After the vid has finished playing and before the lights came on, Hyung Jun has said "Anneyeong" to everyone leaving the place.

After which Jung Min read out his letter and sang Do You Know. Lastly, is the playing of his latest MV "As Tears Flows" then it is the end of the event.

Some details:
Jung Min's mum also came for the event and she did say a few words and she sat at 2F.
Fans asked Jung Min whether he like his dad or his mum~ When the MC read out the question, can see that Jung Min is stumped by the question and in the end he answered that he love both.

Asking him whether does he has any girlfriends and the say everyone here are his girlfriends.

When leaving the hall, the staff want everyone to leave by section. Collection of gifts. I guess that Jung Min will be at the entrance. When I went out, initially I only saw the staff were busy sorting out the gifts but to my surprise, Jung Min was standing at the left hand side of the wall shaking hands, greeting and giving those attending his birthday party today his gifts. I was quite near to him and when it was my turn, I was real nervous.
Firstly, I said Happy Birthday to him and he said Annyeong to me. After which I told him that I came from Taiwan. He said Taiwan? I am going to Taiwan soon, wait for me! My friend at the back told him that all of us will wait for him. After that my mind went blank.
This is really like a dream, everything is so surreal and we spoke in Mandarin... ^^

Saturday, April 9, 2011

[Vids] SS501 Making of Saitama Arena Concert DVD With English Subbed

Hurray!!! Finally someone subbed the making of the Saitama concert.... Hv been waiting for the subbed version for very long cos really wanna know what are the boys talking about! ^^

Credit:  @ YT

Friday, April 8, 2011

[Trans] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong, Will Debut Thru "PALACE" Musical

I really hope that Kyu will get the role. ^^

Source: SS601 &
Korean to Chinese Trans: redcat111 @
Chinese to English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

Since last year after Dec fanmeeting with SS501 member, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong who has lesser activities will start launching his solo activities now.

Kim Kyu Jong was being task to take over DBSK U-Know Yunho's Lee Shin character in the Japan version musical "PALACE".  In particular, Kyu Jong's performance that became a hot topic of the musical "PALACE" which is Japan Musical performance that will set off Hallyu wave with high expectations.

A spokeperson from Kim Kyu Jong's management company told STAR TODAY that, "With regards to [PALACE] musical performance is till under consultative discussion, however the status is still not yet determined. We will convey the message thru his homepage next week."

Debut as a musical actor Kim Kyu Jong [PALACE] is an adaption from the manga.  [PALACE] is a drama which propelled Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon to fame.

The open performances will be in Kyoto from 4th ~ 24th Jun.

[Article] SS501’s Heo Young Saeng To Make His Solo Debut With A Dance Track, “LET IT GO”

I am so happy and damn hyper in office today when I saw news of Saengie's new album and dance track... cos I have been waiting for his album since Feb till now... and now it is FINALLY out!! Wheeee..... ^^

Source: Newsen via Nate
Courtesy of VITALSIGN / AllKPop

SS501's Heo Young Saeng will finally be following in the footsteps of his bandmates by going solo!

His agency, B2M Entertainment, revealed, “Heo Young Saeng will be working with Sweetunes, the composing team behind the majority of KARA’s hit tracks. He won’t be going for a ballad, but will present a strong dance track instead.”

As the main vocalist of SS501, Heo Young Saeng already had his vocal talent recognized by the masses. Consequently, fans expected him to come out with a sultry ballad that displayed more of his talent. Young Saeng, however, is more determined than ever to show a new side of himself through his title track, “Let It Go.”

With three out of the five SS501 members promoting in the industry, and Kim Hyun Joong preparing for his solo as well, fans can expect a busy year from the members. Kim Kyu Jong will also be transitioning into acting, and is currently taking acting lessons.

Friday, April 1, 2011

[Vid ~ Eng Sub] Young Saeng & Kyu Jong Summer Love Part 1 to 3

Updated on 1 Apr 2:40PM - posted part 3 of the vid with eng sub (YAY!!! I finally done all the subs and uploaded up!!!) ^^

Took me damn long to only do this part 1 of the vid as this is my 1st time doing it... sorry if I hv made any mistakes... anyone with good advice kindly guide me along the way... I will continue do part 2 & 3 later during the day... I really need to sleep...^^

Jap ~ Chinese Trans: Yoyo501
Chinese ~ Eng Trans: cllslam10
Hard subs: cllslam10
Credit: cllslam10 @YT