Friday, April 1, 2011

[Vid ~ Eng Sub] Young Saeng & Kyu Jong Summer Love Part 1 to 3

Updated on 1 Apr 2:40PM - posted part 3 of the vid with eng sub (YAY!!! I finally done all the subs and uploaded up!!!) ^^

Took me damn long to only do this part 1 of the vid as this is my 1st time doing it... sorry if I hv made any mistakes... anyone with good advice kindly guide me along the way... I will continue do part 2 & 3 later during the day... I really need to sleep...^^

Jap ~ Chinese Trans: Yoyo501
Chinese ~ Eng Trans: cllslam10
Hard subs: cllslam10
Credit: cllslam10 @YT

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