Sunday, March 6, 2011

[Teaser Vid & Trans] Park Jung Min @ 日韓音樂瘋 (Taiwan Variety Show Hosted By Calvin Chen)

I cant wait to watch this! It be broadcasting on 2 days (7th & 8th March).  Jungminnie is simply so cute... He love to eat mutton! He loves the smell of mutton! Interesting.... ^^

Credit:  @YT


 Okie... the summary of the conversation between Jungminnie & Calvin Chen:

Calvin: Since you have been in Taiwan for a few days already, what are the nice food that you have eaten?
JM: Mutton.
Calvin: Oh! Mutton... Does Korean have any mutton?
JM: Yes... have!
Calvin: Dont you think that mutton has a very strong smell?
JM: I like that strong smell...
Calvin: I also like it...
JM: I love mutton hotpot.
Calvin: yup... mutton hotpot... so hv u eaten any oyster omelette or salty fried chicken?
Calvin: Did you eat "XiaoLongBao"?
Calvin: Then did you drink Pearl Milk Tea?
JM: Oh!!!! Pearl Milk Tea!!! My favourite!!!
Calvin: Okie, u will have chance to come back here to eat again.
JM: promise! *start to hook their pinky finger together.
Calvin: *laughs* okie, when u come back during May period, I will bring all the food to your film set for you to eat.
JM: *start to hug Calvin* Promise!!! *start hooking pinky fingers again*

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