Thursday, March 3, 2011

[Scans & Trans] Park Jung Min on Taiwan Esquire Magazine (March Issue)

OMG!!!! Jungminnie looks soooooo HOT and gorgeous in this mag!!! I love all his pose and stares... *swoon*

Btw, I really love what they wrote about Jungminnie which is why I really want to translate it to share to everyone...

Source: Esquire Magazine
Credit: 美姬@ YOYO501 (

English Trans:
Please repost with credits
Solo Park Jung Min
Pack up memories, Traveling Alone.  Despite the dark and rain,
I know that there will be warmth in my journey ahead.  I am not alone, because I carried with me a baggage of blessings.
Fueled by the burning passion of youth, focusing on the wider stage,
using my own hard work stepping up reaching the stars above, promise to be a spectacular show.


tetsu girl said...

i loooove this set! so charismatic! all the photos are perfect, & JM is perfect! *swoon*
and what they wrote was very beautiful and meaningful. thank you for translating it and sharing, cllslam10!

slam10 said...

@tetsu girl - no prob!! I also really love what they wrote about him. Totally agree with you, jungminnie is really very charismatic in these pics! ^^

Natalie said...

thanks for the translation. what they wrote was beautiful.