Wednesday, March 9, 2011

[Scans & Trans] Kim Kyu Jong's Interview In HOT CHILI PAPER 2011 (March Issue)

Finally doing finished the trans & graphic for Kyu's interview... I find that both kyu & saengie interview are very interesting... A real different side of them... ^^

Credit: as on pics

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tetsu girl said...

again, thanks a bunch for sharing, cllslam10!! (& other translators!)

KJ's SWEET answer to the matchmaking mother, the fact that the members know each other so well that they know what they're feeling as soon as they see them, "falling in love and meeting new friends are the same", how he goes home when he's down, what music means to him... AWW!
"don't know if i'm good, but i love giving people massages." LOL he's so kind-hearted and cute. XD & "on the plus side, i sweat fast in sauna." lol good answer to a rather strange question.
KJ is so adorably sweet and funny. <3