Wednesday, March 9, 2011

[Scans & Trans] Heo Young Saeng's Interview In HOT CHILI PAPER 2011 (March Issue)

Took me the whole day doing this trans and also transfering into graphics... I am not very good at all this... still learning... ^^  I like this interview about saengie... see a different side of him... ^^

Credit: as on the pics

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tetsu_girl said...

left this comment at liezle's blog, but wanted to come here to thank you "personally":

from Jap. to Kor. to Chi. to Eng.! thank you to all the translators for sharing the SS501 love to fans of all nationalities!
this is a really long, enjoyable interview. in addition to his deep thoughts and feelings, i love when YS shows his irreverent humor side. and i can't wait to see his cool dance side in his new album! also, i wish we could someday see his photo diary published and SS501 performing "All My Love" acapella live. ^^
thanks a bunch, cllslam10!! & liezle!