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[My Fan Account] Park Jung Min Press Conference Held @ Ritz Carlton Hotel (2011.03.18)

Below is my fan account of Jungminnie's presscon which I attended this afternoon. Pls do not re-post my fan account anywhere.  This fan account will ONLY be in this blog & SGTripleS forum and NOWHERE ELSE! You can direct your readers here but pls do not re-post. Thank you very much!

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Today I went to Jungminnie presscon with the rest of the members of SGTripleS. I was so mincited to see Jungminnie... esp today we will see him up close and personal during the photo-taking session.

All of us changed into our SGTripleS club tee when we reached Ritz Carlton Hotel. Yup, that's right! Our Jungminnie is staying in THAT HOTEL!! A 6-Star Hotel!

We thought that the registration was done outside the actual presscon room thus we straight away proceed up to Level 3 where the presscon function room is. But we were wrong and thus we ushered downstairs to where the actual registration room is.

When we reached there, we quickly arranged ourselves to 10 paxs per group for the photo-taking. And we are really happy that we were the last group to take photo with Jungminnie.

Our Presscon tix

051.... 501?!

My tag

At about 2pm, we were being ushered up to level 3 presscon function room. As we were seated at the last row, thus the organiser allow us to stand all the way during the presscon. ^^ Ex-radio 93.3FM DJ, Liyi was the host of the presscon.

Inside of the Presscon room

We even brought our charmed autographed SGTripleS banner (the banner was signed by the boys during our 100 days anniversary!) with us.

When Jungminnie was out, all of us at the last row stood up holding up the banner... when Jungminnie saw all of us in our green club tee and the charmed banner which he recognised, he waved happily to us. All of us waved back in return. I din even scream cos we were told to keep our volume down. I was very happy to see Jungminnie's translator cos it was the same translator as HyungJunnie & Leader! She is a very nice lady and very professional.

Jungminnie spoke quite many chinese words today. He even intro his chinese tutor but the tutor was too shy to face us... ^^ He kept pouting and smiling when the camera is focusing on him... all of us scream a little whenever he pouts and he will do even more... he is really the king of pouts! Real cute!

Below are the stuff I tweeted from SGTripleS twitter a/c with regards to what answers Jungminnie gave when the reporters posted the questions to him. You can guess what are the questions being asked by looking at his answers below. ^^

slam10 - JM is saying he will be promoting his album all over Asia & will be going to Taiwan for his drama filming.
slam10 - when he was doing his solo album, he was wondering what shd he do thus he feel that doing his own composition will feel sincerity.
slam10 - he say he is adaptable to new situation, even though he is alone, he will can adapt to changes very well.
slam10 - he is real cute!!! He said that he has gained 2kg. So altogether he has only lost 10kg. ^^
slam10 - his birthday wish is that he will hv success in his album tour & also hope he does everything well in what he wish for.
slam10 - when learning Chinese, he he very afraid of the pronunciation. ESP the 4 sound of hanyu pinyin. Sometimes he will feel intimidated by people speaking Chinese to him cos he feel as if they are scolding him even though it is not.
slam10 - JM want not only be a singer or songwriter. He wanna be a multi-entertainer!
slam10 - artistes that he wish to work with are is William wei Li an who is the original singer of "yes or no". He even ask him to write a song for him
slam10 - when confessing to a girl that he likes, he wld like to talk more to the girl to get to know her better. He loves warm-hearted girl.
slam10 - he say it is a self development for himself during his solo activities... And he thanks all the fans support.. ^^
slam10 - asking him for inspiration for his songs... He says that his ideas flow out just like that when he listen to the melody of the songs.
Slam10 - asking what will he be doing to help the victims in Japan, he currently has sone plans rite now but everything are not concrete right now. But he really wanna help as there are lots of fans supporting him rite now so he wanna do something back for them.
slam10 - he says that there are a lot more languages that he wanna learn but he wants to focus on learning Chinese & English b4 going to learn other languages like Spanish, French etc... Currently he says he is very fluent in Korean & Japanese.
slam10 - sexy charisma is more based on external looks. Currently he wanna be known as warm- hearted guy where all the girls wanna hug. He wanna be no. 1 hugable guy.
slam10 - his whooo moment was when during debuting with SS501 having 1st fanmeeting with them. The 2nd moment was his 1st comeback performance for his solo activities
slam10 - presscon is now officially over. We are now waiting for our photo-taking session with him
During the photo-taking, as we are the last group so we went in last. When we went in, Jungminnie was standing there with the organisers and photographer waiting for us.

We greeted him and then the photographer started to organise us by heights for the photo-taking. I was asked to stand at the back due to my height. 4 of us were at the back with Jungminnie... 2 on his left, 2 on his right.

I was standing in the standing position when facing the camera is like: me, qiuqing, Jungminnie, Jennis & Jeanne. Jungminnie arms are damn long! I was standing a little apart from qiuqing and u know what he did to me?! He stretched out his arms on my right shoulder and pulled me towards qiuqing! I was stunned! Then my left hand was squeezed and I din know where to put my left hand and he use his eye contact and silently tilted his head directing me to put my hands on his arm. I looked at him confused, and he titled his head again indicating me to put my hand on his arm.

When I finally put my hand on his arm, he turned towards the camera and gave a brillant smile. I was nearly melting! OMONA!! After the photo-taking, Jungminnie wanna shake hands with all of us... when it was my turn, the security push me towards the door refusing to let me shake Jungminnie's hands and I was a little pissed off. But it's okie, I get to feel Jungminnie's arms on my shoulder! ^^


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