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[Trans] Kim Hyung Jun's "HEAVEN" Was Written In Memory For The Late Artiste Park Yong Ha

Among all the songs in HyungJunnie's "MY GIRL" album... I really love the song "HEAVEN"... I am a ballad person... ^^

Source: Korean Official Website
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From the maknae of SS501 to a solo singer as a new start.  Used to be a 5 members stage to a solo stage now, but Kim Hyung Jun is full of confidence.  Kim Hyung Jun has released his 1st solo mini album "MY GIRL", using his hit song "OH! AH!" to start his solo activities.

In his solo album, Kim Hyung Jun has composed and was involved in the production of the songs "YOU ARE NOT LIKE OTHER WOMAN" and "HEAVEN".  Especially "HEAVEN" is a song which holds a totally different meaning to Kim Hyung Jun.  He wrote the lyrics of "HEAVEN" was due to his deep friendship with the late artiste Park Yong Ha.

"Park Yong Ha is a brother whom I truly like and respect, "HEAVEN" contains the feelings of how I miss Yong Ha hyung, to those who have listened to this song was said that they can feel for it, which gave them a decisive role when it come to love.  Because of missing Yong Ha hyung so I can get more of my inspirations, which is why the lyrics were written in that way."

After knowing the news that Park Yong Ha has passed away, Kim Hyung Jun's crying scene during the funeral, making people around him sigh non-stop.  And during the opening speech of his radio show SBS FM "KIM HYUNG JUN Music High" he said "Today is a very painful day, a hyung who is very closed to me suddenly passed away, it is really hard to believe", continue saying "I feel apologetic to my hyung who treated me very well but whom I did not really treat him that well"  really want to cry and shed tears again.

With the same Japanese management company, the two quickly became closer after their Japanese activities. The reserved Kim Hyung Jun said that he approached Park Yong Ha to befriend him, told him if they are going to Japan, to meet up together for some activties or go to each other house to play, thus established a deep friendship.

Kim Hyung Jun said, "Whenever I face any problems, Yong Ha hyung is a brother who always willing to share my problems.  Thus I am really very thankful to hyung." "Moreover our family stories and other areas which are totally similiar, this makes us closer as we have many things in common and often can reach to a consensus."  He also said, "As long as we can be together he is really good brother". "HEAVEN" is the only ballad song in his solo mini album that contains his memories of the late artiste Park Yong Ha and also how he feels.  The story of warm friendship of Park Yong Ha and Kim Hyung Jun as of the lyrics "You the only one for me, standing behind you today I'm always met with a smile, cannot express my heartfelt gratitude, No matter where I can still feel you, I'm always with you in my heart" can sense their deep friendship.

"Although can't sing that as a memorial song but to Yong Ha Hyung, it contains my thinkings.  Often thinking of taking care and not to forget but to increasingly keep it as a memory, so with that frame of mind to write the lyrics."

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[Trans] Park Jung Min, "Everchanging Focus Point No Matter When Or Where"

To me I feel that Jungminnie is a stylish man.  Maybe due to his lean body, any outfits or clothes suits him very well.  H&M will also be opening in Singapore at Knightsbridge at Orchard... ^^

Source: tvreport
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On 29th Mar afternoon, Singer Park Jung Min attended and POSE at the H&M VIP opening ceremony at the store Incheon New World Shopping Mall.

Incheon New World Shopping Mall is Korea's most represented East Asia Earliest Shopping Mall that introduced H&M (which is a Swedish brand).

This time Incheon New World Shopping Mall is a family orientated unit as it's managment strategy, regardless of gender or age, you can find their compliance with the concept and positioning.

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[Trans] 1st mini album, "Singer Park Jung Min" Becomes More Sincere

I am going to get my hands on Jungminnie's album!!! 40 pages of photobook... *Woots*

Korean to Chinese Trans: No.43 Park
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On 3rd Apr 2011, Park Jung Min will be broadcasting his new song "AS TEARS FLOWS" from his 1st mini album [THE, PARK JUNG MIN] during this birthday celebration.  This year during January onwards, after getting the highest honour in Asia, Super Idol Group - SS501, Park Jung Min who has just started his solo activities said: "Not only in Korea, but also in Asia after releasing 1st splendid comeback hit song "NOT ALONE", I have received endless support and love from the fans around.  I am really very touched and thankful thus the production of this new song "AS TEARS FLOWS".

On the other hand, currently the music that were produced are by famous composers were all rank high up on the charts. At the same time they also composed for Japan's popular idol group AKB48 's hit song which is now rank No.1 on Japan Oricon chart.  Thus this time there were many composers collaborating together for the dance song "GO GO" which will be focus on many people and critcs. With tries on diverse music styles, we can really sense and see his sincerity and his hard work.

Park Jung Min "SWEET CHIC" Charisma, Remains Untouchable! - Photobook (40p)

As SS501 member Park Jung Min, In order to avoid the first solo performance in the title song "NOT ALONE" and the image of limitations, his new album will contain his frank, truthfulness with different styles and facial expression of the 40pages photobook.  On 3rd Apr, on his birthday, from natuarl & sweet chic of PARK JUNG MIN's daily routines from morning till night, to full of masculine charismatic image of PARK JUNG MIN, he who hides his many charisma which was in the production planning of [THE, PARK JUNG MIN] album and photobook can be confirm at a glance.

[Trans] 2 Articles on Park Jung Min's New Song "As Tears Flows"

JungMinnie will be releasing his song thru digital this fri!!!!! I am gonna buy the song!! So excited!! ^^

Park Jung Min - A New Song As Gift For Fans

Source: Newsen
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Park Jung Min will be giving his fans new music during his birthday.

I am not alone, thru his solo activities performances, Park Jung Min received a lot of support and love from fans.  Thus he will be thanking his fans for their endless support by releasing a new song.

Other than the new song, the album also includes a 40 pages pictorial book with Jung Min in different charismatic ways which is totally worthwhile.

Park Jung Min pictorial book, new song and mini album will be officially on sale on 7th Apr at all major store in Korea.

*New album will be release on 1st Apr.

* Officially on sale: 7th Apr (pre-order from 29 Mar onwards)
(inclusive of 1 CD and 40 pages of pictorial)


Park Jung Min Due To New Release Song "As Tears Flows"

Source: osen
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Singer Park Jung Min will be broadcasting his song to his fans during his birthday.

Thru his hit song "NOT ALONE", from SS501 member Park Jung Min transforming into solo singer, during this period of time he did his Asia promotion tour to meet his fans.  He wanna show his appreciation and to thank his fans for their endless support and the love they have given him during his solo activities, by releasing his new song.
3 months after the release of Park Jung Min's "NOT ALONE" album, he will be releasing his song thru digital music service channel.

Park Jung Min's new song "As Tears Flows" ('눈물이 흐를만큼'), contains the emotional melody and story which was not expressed in his "NOT ALONE" song.  It also contains the hard work of Park Jung Min.
On the other hand, the new album "THE, PARK JUNG MIN" other than the new song, it also includes a 40 pages pictorial book with Jung Min in different charismatic ways.

Park Jung Min's 1st mini album "THE, PARK JUNG MIN" with pictorial and new song will be on sale officially on 7th Apr.

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[Trans] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun & Park Jung Min "Haven't Seen Each Other For Some Time!"

Jungminnie & Hyungjunnie bumped into each other during the Spring Seoul Fashion Week... Awww... seeing Jungminnie makes me miss him.... ><

Source: NTN
Korean to Chinese Trans: 笑儿 @ No.43 Park
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On 28th Mar afternoon at SETEC where "2011 Spring Seoul Fashion Week" was held, Kim Hyung Jun and Park Jung Min who attended SongZio Designer Fashion Show were seen shaking their hands.
The Spring "Seoul Fashion Wee' is a major event in the fashion world, at there you get to admire Korea's top-notch fashion designers and other aspiring works of new designers.  It is an event where 36 korean fashion designer participated in this show.

[Scans & Trans] Park Jung Min on U-weekly Magazine By goodwind94 @SGTripleS

Jungminnie is on this week's Singapore U-weekly magazine!!! And... and... and... you can see our SGTripleS banner and... and... and... the tokki balloon that we have given Jungminnie!!!!! So happy... ^^

Really thanks to goodwind94 for translating this article!! ^^

Chinese to English Trans: goodwind94 @SGTripleS
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It doesn't matter if it is during fan signing or fanmeeting, Park Jung Min always gives fans the best fan service. Other than letting fans see his most handsome, most beautiful smile, he also gives zero distance intraction like putting hands on shoulders, shake hands, hi five, back hug, personally feed cake and love's hug. Knowing that Jung Min is born in the year of the rabbit, fans also gave him many presents related to rabbits. Local and international fan clubs also sent flower baskets and messages to him.

During the fanmeeting, Jung Min has also specially prepared Lee Hom's 'Forever Love'. His singing caused Green Peas to be 'electrocuted'. With the nickname of 'Sexy Charisma', he also taught fans how to dance the signature dance steps of 'Not Alone' and sexy ending of the song during a game. Fans also have a chance to write down questions on a post it note. Lucky fans whose questions were chosen had the precious chance of have a solo shot with Jung Min.

Fans also helped Jung Min to celebrate his birthday early. Other than broadcasting the MV which Singapore Triple S made, Singapore Triple S also personally made a cake with the figurine of Jung Min on it. Upon seeing the figurine of himself, his first reaction is to jokingly say very fat. Seeing, fans enthusiatic support, Jung Min responded by saying that he was very touched. The host,Ken even found tears rolling in his eyes.

Lastly, Jung Min promised fans to come back to Singapore another time and that he will work hard to make better music and shows for fans.

Before the interview, just like normal regulation for Korean stars, the reporter would need to allow organizers look through the questions asked. After vetting through, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the number of questions were reduced by half. Questions regarding SS501 were seen as sensitive and were removed. Even questions regarding about Jung Min’s visit to fellow member Kim Hyung Joon’s MV shooting site were also rejected.

Only bringing the impression which Jung Min gave during the press conference, the reporter’s expectations to the interview only increased as his performance during the press conference was what many Korean stars would not do. What the reporter did not expect was that within the short 13 mins interview, the answers that he gave were more conservative than what the reporter thought.

“This is the way which I thank my fans because everyone came personally to see me and support me. I am normally very hyper however there are also times where I feel sad but on the average I am cheerful.”

When in a group, because there were other 4 members, he would be able to relax for a bit. However, now that he is solo would he feel tired because he has to be energized every single moment?

“I normally would not think of it this way or would try my best not to think too much. Instead I would do my best to finish the work I need to finish.”

Despite using simple words and quickly bring across the matter about how he maintains his energy, he politely replied that he would go for a massage or sauna to release stress after the reporter continuous questioning.

When asked of his thoughts of being the first one to release a solo album in the group, Jung Min expressed that when he first started promoting, he did feel stressed.

“When I started promoting, I was a little nervous but the most important thing is to produce the best album that is within my limits and also to have confidence in my abilities.”

He also admitted that he cannot forever promote himself as a member of a group to develop himself in his career.

“Going solo is not just the matter of confidence; it is actually a way for me as an artiste to self-develop. I also cannot just be a group member, it is also time for me to continue to go forward and find my true self.”

Even at the last question, when asked about the biggest difference between the on-screen and off-screen of himself, he still gave the safest answer, “My on screen and off screen self is about the same…”

The reporter straight forwardly asked, “also a flower boy?” never did the reporter expect that Jung Min would misunderstand that the reporter was praising him and Jung Min immediately regain his friendly smile during the press conference and happily expressed “thank you!”, only to let the reporter shake his head.

Even though the impression he gave in the interview was not as well as that during the press conference, but just before the reporter left, Jung Min noticed that the reporter left behind recorder, he immediately picked it up and politely asked in Chinese, “Yours? Is this not yours?” This once again let the reporter’s impression of him increased points and at least confirm that he is sensitive and caring.

Just that it would be better if there were more details, examples and thought in his replies and not just slightly touching the question answers, it would let the reporter have a better impression of him.

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[Audio] Park Jung Min Special Segment @ 100.3FM (2010.03.25)

Time to relieve the times that Jungminnie was in Singapore for his album promotion trip.  Kudos to our SGTripleS CM Jennis for having a hard time doing this vid. Kamsahamida!! ^^

Credit:  @YT

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[Scans & Trans] Hot & Sexy Park Jung Min @ Anan Magazine

I push up this post as I just finished doing the trans for this article

Someone stab me please.... Jungminnie is sooooooooooooooooo sexy here!!! Omo... *start fanning face*

Credit: as on pics + iamsom @twitter
Japanese to Chinese Trans: Pation @ No.43 Park
Chinese to English Trans:
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Like soft & beautiful?
Like masculine smell?
Obscured by layers of
Modern Korean Idols with secrets
Korean stylish guys idols often love to associate with good physique
with full of masculine smell.  Park Jung Min who Possessing shocking, sculpture-like body and having a natural beautiful body.  Let us examine carefully about his body.


Crystal clear silky skin and naturally un-cosmetic body

"I don't really like to shred my clothes off in front of people, I will feel embarrassed and shy.  This photo-shoot is my first, therefore I care about what comments others have about me. Tell you truthfully I am quite scared!"

After finished saying, Jung Min took off his shirt and walked out, showing his crystal clear silky skin with his long lean body.  A body which has not gone through any cosmetic surgery and it flows with a different type of natural charisma, one can imagine it will cause how many other thoughts from all the girls out there.

"This year onwards I will be starting my solo activities, took me 2 months to shed off 12kg.  Firstly I control my intake of food that is high in carbohydrate. I only consume drinks that is high in protein content plus chicken breast meat to maintain my fitness.  I hit the gym everyday, and frequently go for massage to improve my blood circulation.  In times of difficulties while maintaining my body fitness, sometimes I vent my frustrations at the crew around me, giving them a lot of trouble (laughs)"

All the hard work has been paid off, his lower jawline is now more prominent, the waistline of his jeans is now 29 inches.  Transforming into a stylish guy, Jung Min's goal for this year is to become [The Most Hugable Guy].  To achieve this goal, Jung Min did not go for those kind of muscular figure looks, but to go for spa to make his body looking more soft and refined.

"Although I also look forward in having a muscular body but I am that kind whereby it is hard for me to work out that kind of body, the most important thing is that it is not suitable for my image.  So I would like to use the soft and sexy approach to win."

For Jung Min, the parts of his body which he is most proud of is his butt and collar bone. "Perky butt and just like the bath water which is flowing past your collar bone, isn't it very sexy?"

[Trans] Park Jung Min in HOT CHILI PAPER Vol.61 Magazine

I know that this interview was done last year but I still find the contents very interesting thus I decide to do the trans to share with everyone. ^^

Japanese to Chinese Trans: No.43 Park
Chinese to English Trans:
Please repost with credits

SS501's Sexy Charisma - PARK JUNG MIN, held his presscon at a hotel in Tokyo on 17th September last year. At the presscon, Jung Min and his management company announced with regards to his future activities schedules. During the presscon, Jung Min gave his president and the reporters nicknames, you can only see that the whole presscon is going in the way and direction which Jung Min wants, the whole atmosphere is full of laughter which is never-ending. The whole place is drowning in Jung Min's style of friendliness, cordial and charismatic atmosphere. When mentioned: [I wanna be the No.1 most hugable guy, which is once you hug me, you will never ever forget me kinda guy. I want to be that kind of warmth-hug guy.] When talking about this, Jung Min's face is full of sincerity! And when the reporter asked which is his ideal girl, Jung Min answered: [Basically, she must be mature who dont mind to be or to date with a guy who is younger than her. And then she must have a sense of humour, who can chat about life and who can be with me for the rest of her life. I am not that kind who only goes for looks.] Believe with this kind of answers, all the fans must be very happy.

At the same day of the presscon, Park Jung Min's offical Japan website and fan club was officially established. Next, Jung Min will be having his comeback in Korea entertainment scene and at the same time, he will be having his "Bond of Boys" Japanese musical performances (from 18~23 Nov). Followed by his [2010 PARK JUNG MIN 1st Japan Christmas Special Fanmeeting] on 22 ~23 Dec. For Jung Min who in terms of wanting to be the most hugable guy, maybe he will do that during the fanmeeting? In addition, Jung Min will be using Taiwan as the main platform to enter into the Greater China and also the Asian market. With this as a target, Jung Min has working very hard learning his Chinese.

After the ending of the presscon, it is our turn for a one to one interview with Park Jung Min. Sometimes he is humourous, sometimes he is playful, sometimes he is flirtatious, at times he also can suddenly give a helplessness loneliness look. Turning his active huge eyes, with dynamic facial expressions making him look real cute! After this interview, we can totally believe that with is charismatic expressions, his fans will continue to increase as time goes by! This interview, there is no translator, Jung Min used his fluent Japanese to answer all our questions.

Q: First of all, we would like to ask your goal [To be the most hugable guy] What does it mean?
A: Yes. 1 month prior coming to Japan, that time when I was asked what kind of person I wanna become, suddenly this thought came into my mind, and I answered [Ah! I hope to become the No.1 guy whom people would like to hug most] just like that.

Q: Which mean, now you are still not No.1?
A: Ah! Seems it is like that! After which, my next target would be bigger and would like to be a global one!

Q: So you wanna be a global star where everyone would like to hug, so this plan you wanna complete in how many years time?
A: Till next year!

Q: You really wanna use such short span of time to let so many girls to hug your body?
A: No problem! I wanna be hug! I have no problem hugging several thousand or million people!

Q: During SS501 period, you are called as Sexy Charisma is it?
A: This is Sexy Charisma is only the initial phase, slowly I wanna become the most hugable guy.

Q: Oh.. So you still have the sexiness in your character?
A: Character, actually in actual fact I am quite rough, sexiness is the basic!

Q: How do you look like when you are sleeping?
A: Hmm... actually when sleeping I look very rustic. (smile) I would normally wear boxers with a very comfy shirt to sleep. Sometimes I would only wear boxers and nothing else. Not necessarily the same... very hard to choose.

Q: So you have met up with the cast from the musical "Bond of Boys", how do you feel?
A: I feel that we can become good friends. I feel that all of them are M.

Q: Why do you feel that they are M?
A: Because I am S ah! So that's why I have this feeling. Then I will threaten them to eat proper food.

(slam10: I really dont understand what is the meaning of M & S? Anyone can enlighten me?)

Q: So how do you threaten them?
A: [You all better eat properly! If not you will see me with killer eyes staring at you!] Just say like that, then everyone will start saying [I will eat properly] or [Oh is it! We will eat!]

Q: Are the cast younger than you?
A: There are some who are younger than me and some who are of the same age and there are also some who are older than me. Thus I am really in the middle.

Q: So can everyone accept your S character?
A: I think so, but it varies to people.

Q: What about if it is me?
[Suddenly, Jung Min stood up and stare into the reporter's eyes. This sudden action, making the reporter totally attracted by Jung Min's stare.]

Q: Ah... you really shock me. So privately you are always like that?
A: Yes...

Q: Friends usually look for you for what purpose?
A: I dont have any friends... (sigh) never went out with the cast from "Bond of Boys" (sigh) I am really very lonely! People really dont have any friends.

Q: You really knows how to joke. Talking about "Bond of Boys" the theme is calligraphy. If it is Jung Min, what would you wanna write?
A: [O-KA-NE] -> money in Japanese. (laugh~~] Just joking! If I were to write a word, I would like to write [LOVE], the 2 words is [A-I] -> Japanese pronounication of LOVE

Q: Is your calligraphy good?
A: I really love it! I love calligraphy, I often want to write my handwriting nice and neat. I learnt calligraphy during my art lessons in elementary school. From that on, art lessons are used to practice Hangul and chinese character.

Q: Did your teacher ever praise you?
A: Not that I know.
(Talking till here, Jung Min suddenly: [Your name is Ah Bu?] {Reporter's surname} Ah... "Xiao Bu Bu" {Small Bu Bu!} I like!)

Q: I am flattered... looking at you like this, Jung Min is always a very jovial person?
A: Yup... Happy... happy!!!

Q: A person like you, have any thing that cant be forgiven?
A: It is not really that I wont forgive the person who made me very angry. Once I am very angry with this person, I want to see but cant see but later on when I got the chance to see the other party, initially I am angry, but later on I will still forgive the person.

Q: Then are you that kind of person whereby if you hate the person and u will continue hating the person?
A: If you have like, you would have hate! But I wont hate a person without any reason.

Q: Dont really get to see you angry...
A: I frequently get angry! But there is really stress that I cant endure, I would tell the other party [So how? Please leave me alone quietly] After that I would be alright.

During the presscon, when mentioned about how to eliminate stress and pressure, Jung Min answer is [When I am angry, I will still continue to be angry, if I am not happy, I will straight away burst out, like that it will healthier this way.]

Q: In Korea, when u acted in this musical called [Grease], u combed the famous John Travolta hairstyle, did you find the hairstyle looks cool?
A: Sigh... I dont really like it, but it is my 1st time trying out that kind of hairstyle, even the fans were shocked! I still remember the 1st day of the musical, I did my very best to dance and sing on the stage. But I still hear bits of laughter here and there at the audience area, and it was all the hairstyle fault. It was real embarrassing!

Q: Totally wont want to do the same hairstyle for the 2nd time?
A: The hairstyle in [Love Ya] is a little similiar to that [Grease] hairstyle but it has a more modern style. Thus, if you comb in a more modern fashionable way it will be ok for me. But I really hate my hairstyle in the [Grease] Musical.

Q: So, which kind of hairstyle you wouldnt want to have?
A: Not the kind of five to five (Centre parting kinda hairstyle.)

Q: Now that you have started your solo activities in Japan, did the rest of the members from SS501 gave you any comments or recommendations?
A: They only say [You are going to Japan! Hwaiting, Gambatte!] That's all. Tomorrow, Maknae Hyung Jun is going to Japan too. (Maknae is coming to Japan to watch Kang Ji Hwan's Cafein musical) Will meet him if have time.

Q: What will you two do after you meet up?
A: I think he wants me to give him a treat! Hyung Jun is very stingy (laughs) No, he really love to spend but only on himself.

Q: Then usually leader will treat if all of you eat together?
A: Our leader also dont treat us... (look as if wanna cry)

Q: So when the 5 of you eat together, who usually pay?
A: Surprisingly, Kyu Jong is usually the one who pays! But when it comes to treating, usually it is me, Kyu Jong and leader who will treat. Young Saeng and Hyung Jun are very stingy who dont even treat! (laughs) They only willing to spend money on themselves. (laughs)..

Q: Is SS501 going to continue?
A: Currently, even though we are now separated to strive on our own respective solo activities, but sometime next year we will be release an album together. We have already discuss with our respective company but of course we have to release our own solo albums 1st.

Q: The solo album which you will be releasing in Nov will be in which kind of style?
A: We are still receiving songs. For the 1st hit song it will probably be a dance song. But, I personally prefer ballads. Hope to showcase a different kinds of image and songs.

Q: Will you be dancing?
A: Of course! It will be a very dynamic and rock dance which is totally different is that it will be a very powerful dance. Everything is still not firm yet, but it will be confirm at the beginning of Nov, will be announced before the "Bond of the Boys" musical.

Q: Talking about this, heard that you nearly wanna quit acting in the "Bond of the Boys" Musical. Can you tell us the reason?
A: Not so much because of busy schedule, it is more because of the musical performances have a certain degree of difficulty!  Because that is not something that can accomplish by myself alone.  You got to practice over and over again, in order to stand on that stage which is not easy at all.  Thus, I have the intention to quit during that time. And also I am afraid that I couldnt get along with everyone.  It is also the same when acting for [Grease].  We have lots of practices prior to the opening performance!

Q: So now you are very busy till there isnt enough time for you to sleep?
A: Yup! I even had mouth inflammation. Now I am still not that busy but I will work hard. Hwaiting!

Q: You have not decide for the name of your offical fanclub... during the presscon, you said that you wanna name [The person whom most women would like to hug] pronounication ~ [DO] as the name of yuou fanclub?
A: I was only joking about it! I am still deciding! "Bond of the Boys" name is also not bad, there is this word "bond" inside the name isn't it?

Q: Will you be singing any SS501 songs or any other songs during your FM in Nov?
A: The albums that we released in Japan really have lots of nice songs in them. During the time, I have thought of performing the songs which that were never performed before, like dance songs!  Those which can showcase the sexy side of me, I am willing to try to learn and practice.

Q: So to say, ballads are still remain as the main songs?
A: I like it! Because I hate to perspire...(laughs).  The ballad songs that I love most are my own songs (laughs).  The song "Only Me" which I released in Taiwan is a song which I written the lyrics myself.  I really like that song very much.  It is a song which contains a lot of my emotions inside.

Q: How do you feel when singing ballads?
A: Close your eyes, put all your feelings into the songs, imagine and thinking back the moment, the mood when you are writing the lyrics of this song.

Q: Lastly, can Jung Min tell us what you think sexy is?
A: Okie... where is it?? Hmmmm.... Butt!!!

Q: Small butt?
A: Not only must be small, it must be perky!

Q: (Reporter did a hand sliding upwards gesture)In this manner??
A: Please do not use hand to describe (laugh~) It is a little disgusting... Xiao Bu Bu (Reporter's surname) I hate you! (laughs~)

Q: I am sorry... so u meant perky butt?
A: Yes, it's perky butt!

Q: Thank you for the interview today! ^^

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[My Fan Account] Park Jung Min Press Conference Held @ Ritz Carlton Hotel (2011.03.18)

Below is my fan account of Jungminnie's presscon which I attended this afternoon. Pls do not re-post my fan account anywhere.  This fan account will ONLY be in this blog & SGTripleS forum and NOWHERE ELSE! You can direct your readers here but pls do not re-post. Thank you very much!

Credit: slam10@SGTripleS /

Today I went to Jungminnie presscon with the rest of the members of SGTripleS. I was so mincited to see Jungminnie... esp today we will see him up close and personal during the photo-taking session.

All of us changed into our SGTripleS club tee when we reached Ritz Carlton Hotel. Yup, that's right! Our Jungminnie is staying in THAT HOTEL!! A 6-Star Hotel!

We thought that the registration was done outside the actual presscon room thus we straight away proceed up to Level 3 where the presscon function room is. But we were wrong and thus we ushered downstairs to where the actual registration room is.

When we reached there, we quickly arranged ourselves to 10 paxs per group for the photo-taking. And we are really happy that we were the last group to take photo with Jungminnie.

Our Presscon tix

051.... 501?!

My tag

At about 2pm, we were being ushered up to level 3 presscon function room. As we were seated at the last row, thus the organiser allow us to stand all the way during the presscon. ^^ Ex-radio 93.3FM DJ, Liyi was the host of the presscon.

Inside of the Presscon room

We even brought our charmed autographed SGTripleS banner (the banner was signed by the boys during our 100 days anniversary!) with us.

When Jungminnie was out, all of us at the last row stood up holding up the banner... when Jungminnie saw all of us in our green club tee and the charmed banner which he recognised, he waved happily to us. All of us waved back in return. I din even scream cos we were told to keep our volume down. I was very happy to see Jungminnie's translator cos it was the same translator as HyungJunnie & Leader! She is a very nice lady and very professional.

Jungminnie spoke quite many chinese words today. He even intro his chinese tutor but the tutor was too shy to face us... ^^ He kept pouting and smiling when the camera is focusing on him... all of us scream a little whenever he pouts and he will do even more... he is really the king of pouts! Real cute!

Below are the stuff I tweeted from SGTripleS twitter a/c with regards to what answers Jungminnie gave when the reporters posted the questions to him. You can guess what are the questions being asked by looking at his answers below. ^^

slam10 - JM is saying he will be promoting his album all over Asia & will be going to Taiwan for his drama filming.
slam10 - when he was doing his solo album, he was wondering what shd he do thus he feel that doing his own composition will feel sincerity.
slam10 - he say he is adaptable to new situation, even though he is alone, he will can adapt to changes very well.
slam10 - he is real cute!!! He said that he has gained 2kg. So altogether he has only lost 10kg. ^^
slam10 - his birthday wish is that he will hv success in his album tour & also hope he does everything well in what he wish for.
slam10 - when learning Chinese, he he very afraid of the pronunciation. ESP the 4 sound of hanyu pinyin. Sometimes he will feel intimidated by people speaking Chinese to him cos he feel as if they are scolding him even though it is not.
slam10 - JM want not only be a singer or songwriter. He wanna be a multi-entertainer!
slam10 - artistes that he wish to work with are is William wei Li an who is the original singer of "yes or no". He even ask him to write a song for him
slam10 - when confessing to a girl that he likes, he wld like to talk more to the girl to get to know her better. He loves warm-hearted girl.
slam10 - he say it is a self development for himself during his solo activities... And he thanks all the fans support.. ^^
slam10 - asking him for inspiration for his songs... He says that his ideas flow out just like that when he listen to the melody of the songs.
Slam10 - asking what will he be doing to help the victims in Japan, he currently has sone plans rite now but everything are not concrete right now. But he really wanna help as there are lots of fans supporting him rite now so he wanna do something back for them.
slam10 - he says that there are a lot more languages that he wanna learn but he wants to focus on learning Chinese & English b4 going to learn other languages like Spanish, French etc... Currently he says he is very fluent in Korean & Japanese.
slam10 - sexy charisma is more based on external looks. Currently he wanna be known as warm- hearted guy where all the girls wanna hug. He wanna be no. 1 hugable guy.
slam10 - his whooo moment was when during debuting with SS501 having 1st fanmeeting with them. The 2nd moment was his 1st comeback performance for his solo activities
slam10 - presscon is now officially over. We are now waiting for our photo-taking session with him
During the photo-taking, as we are the last group so we went in last. When we went in, Jungminnie was standing there with the organisers and photographer waiting for us.

We greeted him and then the photographer started to organise us by heights for the photo-taking. I was asked to stand at the back due to my height. 4 of us were at the back with Jungminnie... 2 on his left, 2 on his right.

I was standing in the standing position when facing the camera is like: me, qiuqing, Jungminnie, Jennis & Jeanne. Jungminnie arms are damn long! I was standing a little apart from qiuqing and u know what he did to me?! He stretched out his arms on my right shoulder and pulled me towards qiuqing! I was stunned! Then my left hand was squeezed and I din know where to put my left hand and he use his eye contact and silently tilted his head directing me to put my hands on his arm. I looked at him confused, and he titled his head again indicating me to put my hand on his arm.

When I finally put my hand on his arm, he turned towards the camera and gave a brillant smile. I was nearly melting! OMONA!! After the photo-taking, Jungminnie wanna shake hands with all of us... when it was my turn, the security push me towards the door refusing to let me shake Jungminnie's hands and I was a little pissed off. But it's okie, I get to feel Jungminnie's arms on my shoulder! ^^

Friday, March 18, 2011

[Vid] Park Jung Min Departure From Incheon Airport To Singapore By

Jungminnie & HyungJunnie's Piro Piro Neckrest... soooooo cute!!! ^^

Credit:  @YT +

[Pics] Park Jung Min Departure At Incheon Airport To Singapore (2011.03.17)

Jungminnie looks so cute in all this pics!!! He has Piro Piro neckrest with him... wondering is it given by HyungJunnie... ^^

Credit: as on pics

[Pics] Park Jung Min Arrvial in Singapore by Xclusive

SGxclusive has taken some pics of Jungminnie during his arrival in SG.

Credit: as on the pics

SGTS Members!!! ^^

Cordi noona with HnB's Piro Piro neckrest? ^^

[Vid] Kim Hyung Jun "OH! AH!" Performance at M Countdown (2011.03.17)

I was damn busy with Jungminnie stuff that I totally forgotten abt HyungJunnie's performance at M Countdown today.... ><  Mianhe...

Credit:  @YT

[Fancam] Park Jung Min Arrival To Singapore At Changi Airport

ARGH!!!!!! *screams* Jungminnie has reached SG!!! He is soooooooooooo gorgeous and his skin is soooooo flawless and smooth... he din really put on a lot of make-up so in fact, his skin is real good!! SEXY CHARISMA... ^^

Below is the fancam which 1 of the SGTS who helped me to take using my iPhone.  Sorry for the blurry vid.

Credit:  @YT

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

[Pics] Heo Young Saeng & Kim Kyu Jong Sponsor Clothings by Byther

Omo... Both of them are soooo gorgeous!!!  Niceeee....^^


[Info] Park Jung Min's Flight Details to Singapore

I am so excited!!! 1 more day to see Jungminnie!!! ^^

Source: Sony Music Singapore Facebook

Jungmin’s arrival detail

Date: 17 March 2011
Estimated Arrival Time: 9.30pm
Flight: OZ751

Monday, March 14, 2011

[Info & Pic] Kim Hyung Jun Mini Album (Taiwan Version)

Wow... think Hyungjunnie will be going to Taiwan to promote his album soon... ^^

Source: Universal Music Taiwan

[Trans] Park Jung Min Left A Message On His Korean Official Board (14.03.2011)

So touched by Jungminnie message.

Source: Park Jung Min Official Korean Website
Chinese Trans: justhought @
Chinese to English Trans:
Please repost with credits

Hello everyone, I am Park Jung Min
It's been quite some time since I have left message on the board.
I guess everyone should have known about the news of Japan thru various media.
Firstly, I would like to send my condolences and utmost regards to the people in Japan.
With regards to this catastrophe that has happened to Japan, I am really saddened by it.
I am really very worried about the people in the affected areas and also the fans in Japan.
With regards to this sudden natural disaster, I feel so powerless in this situation, I feel extremely heart pain.
Although the situation now is not very optimistic, but I really hope that everyone can restore their hope and weather this storm together.
Sincerely hope that there will be no more greater disaster again.
Pray that
The people in the affected areas are safe and sound.
The situation over at the affected area can be restored.
Everyone to recover and resume their daily routines.

조회 수 290 추천 수 0 2011.03.14 19:14:42

안녕하세요. 박정민입니다.

오랜만에 공식홈페이지에 들어와 남기게 되네요.

여러분도 많은 매체를 통해 일본에 대한 소식을 들으셨으리라 생각됩니다.

우선, 일본 분들께 깊은 우려와 애도의 뜻을 전합니다.

일본에 이런 일이 생겨 너무 안타깝게 생각하고,

현지에 계신 모든 분들과 팬 여러분들이 제일 먼저 걱정됩니다.

갑작스럽게 일어난 자연재해라,

이런 상황을 그저 지켜볼 수 밖에 없는 게 너무 가슴이 아픕니다.

절망적인 상황이지만 모두 희망을 갖고 잘 이겨내시길,

더 이상의 피해가 없길 진심으로 바랍니다.

그리고 현지에 계신 분들 모두 무사하시길...

피해상황이 빨리 종결되고 속히 복구되길...

다시 일상으로 돌아갈 수 있기를 기도하겠습니다.

Friday, March 11, 2011

[Vid] Kim Hyung Jun "Oh! Ah!" Solo Comeback Performance @ Music Bank on 11 Mar

I really like this song more and more... ^^

Credit:  @YT

[Screenshots] Heo Young Saeng & Kim Kyu Jong Official Website

I really like the concept of their official website... it is simple but nice... this time round... they put Saengie name in front instead of Kyu... ^^

Young Saeng Official Website:
Kyu Jong Official Website:

[Trans] Park Jung Min Changed From Sporty Outfit To MBMJ, Handsome & Lean Looks Exploding

I also love wearing sporty outfits... I find that it is very comfortable... ^^

Chinese to English Trans:
Please repost with credits

Member of Korean group SS501, Park Jung Min launched his new album "NOT ALONE", also preparing to start shooting a drama in Taiwan, looking like a flower boy, privately he loves wearing loose-fitting sports outfits, he said laughingly [I am lazy.]  After changing into the Spring/Summer collections from MARC BY MARC JACOBS(MBMJ), he turned from a young lively lad into a prince resulting the fans screaming.

When Park Jung Min stepped into the studio, he used mandarin to greet all the staff there, although there are more than 10 people in his entourage & security, in addition with dozens of fans waiting outside the building braving the rain, which is astonishing! The staff at the studio commented that he is very cordial and doesnt put on any airs which is rare for artistes.  Modern gentlemen and retro chic boy is the concept by MBMJ that they wanna shape for this spring and summer.  Park Jung Min say that wife beater and jacket is the casual wear that is more of his usual self, he said he only start to be concern about his image was when during debuting period  [That time I am really put a lot of emphasis on my image, during work will be wearing different kind of costumes, outfits but privately I like to wear casually.]  He expressed that he only took 2 minutes to prepare before going out, he continued with a laugh [But still will choose nice sporty outfits to wear!]

Often bought stuff without thinking
He has MBMJ T-shirts, watches etc.. He said [Once when I was in Hong Kong, I saw a knitted sweater which is on discount, thus I went into the shop to take a look, in the end the stuff that I bought are all not under discount cos those beautiful nice clothes are not under discount!]  He admitted that he love shopping, said laughingly [I often buy stuff without thinking, my stylist will always stop me, cos the stuff that I bought are always very expensive and impractical, my stylist is more practical, will help me to choose.]  Regarding his album image, he too has alot of ideas, 1 of the member from his entourage said with a smile [He is very willing to express his views.]  Will you adopted his ideas? Answer [Will be taken into consideration].

[Trans] Kim Hyung Jun Powerful 1st Solo Comeback

Edited on 11 Mar, 6:47AM (accidentally miss out last para)

Wow... Maknae is really so dashing... he is so much different from what I always see him when he was with the rest of the members... so much more serious and really into his music. So proud of him. ^^

Thursday, March 10, 2011

[Vid] Kim Hyung Jun "Girl + OH! AH" Performance @ Mnet Countdown on 10 Mar

Maknae looks so dashing!!! ^^

Credit: @YT

[Trans] SS501 Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong "Do We Look Like Idol?"

When I 1st saw this pic, I was laughing like mad... cos kyu is like no image at all... but still very cute and dorky... I love to see our boys being with their dorky self... ^^

[Vid] Park Jung Min "NOT ALONE" @ M Super Concert on 6 March

Yeah... finally someone uploaded it! Thanks to iamsom for the tip in twitter.

Credit: tnynt @YT

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

[Scans & Trans] Kim Kyu Jong's Interview In HOT CHILI PAPER 2011 (March Issue)

Finally doing finished the trans & graphic for Kyu's interview... I find that both kyu & saengie interview are very interesting... A real different side of them... ^^

Credit: as on pics