Sunday, February 13, 2011

[Vid] Park Jung Min CUT @ SBS 2011 전국동안선발대회 (Chinese Subbed)

Omo... This is hilarious. There are 4 kids on the stage. 3 of them are girls & 1 is a boy. The guests have to guess who are the girls and boy. The MCs called out 3 guests up the stage and 1 of them is jungminnie. The MCs told the guests to put hv a little skinship with the kids eg like putting their hands on their shoulders. Cos usually if guys touched girls, they will turn red with embarrassment. The kid that Jungminnie touched turned red with embarrassment. The MCs told Jungminnie... if the kid is a girl, how can he touched her like that? But after that, the MC told jungminnie to do the same thing to other kids to see their reactions... ^^

Credit: cllslam10 @YT + No.43Park

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