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[Trans] Fan Account of Park Jung Min's Fansign & Fanmeet in Taiwan by 妃戀·玟

Took me the whole day translating this fan account as I am also working at the same time.  As I was translating the fan account, I totally envy this fan who get so up close and personal with Jungminnie.  Now I really hope that he can come to Singapore! I wanna get a [LOVE HUG] from him too!!

I have tried my best translating this & I am sorry if I made any errors.  Btw, I have ommitted some of the irrelevant part and only translated the stuff that is related to the fanmeet.

Source: 妃戀·玟 @Tieba Baidu
Chinese to English Trans:
Please repost with credits

Whoo... Now is already 3am in the morning. But my heart is still beating very fast.  This fan account will not really be in sequence cos I will recount what I can recall.

Let's talk about the fansign on the 19th.

After I have finished work at 10pm, I quickly rode my bike and rush down to XiMenDing. To meet up with my friends who are already there.  That time, we were at queue number 221.(slam10: company only allow 1st 200 albums to be signed) but still thought we have chance.                                                                    
We continue to endure till the next day.

During that time, sometimes the rain was heavy and sometimes it is only drizzling. My friends were joking "jungmin came out walking around aimlessly -> park rain idol"  When the last queue number was issued, we were not within the 200 people, I was very sad.

We wanted to rest but my sister insisted on staying in front to see Park Jung Min.  So we decided to stay with her till 2pm ( my pathetic back gonna break soon)  But the waiting totally worth it.

When Jung Min was out, I took some quite nice shots of him. (for me, I think it is not bad, will share it once I have sort out everything.)

Park Jung Min is really extremely cute. Speak mandarin, speak taiwanese dialect.. Hahaha... From the start, I told my friends "Park Jung Min now in taiwan, will sure take a long time to sign cos he does not really know how to write Chinese character, thus will take longer time to write.     

But to my surprise, Sony did not give him any chance to write that and Jung min took a very short time to finish signing 200 lucky fans' albums.

After signing, Park Friendly again speak to fans before going back.   

Fanmeeting Party At Taipei University Sports Hall

When I reached, it was around 4.50pm.   I saw the extremely long queue and was thinking how come there us already a queue to go into the venue.
Then I realize that they are queuing to buy merchandise.  Thus I quickly rush up to take a look.   I finally bought the merchandise.  I bought lightsticks, recycle bag and diary. They are awesome!    

Prior entering the hall, we do a balloting on our tickets.   (Because all nine of us bought tickets together, but we got row 5, row 6 and row 12.  Thus we ballot who to take which row)  I nearly fainted when I got row 12. Hahaha...                                                                          

Initially I was a little down due to the seating, but upon entering the hall, I totally forgotten about it cos row 12 is still very near to the stage.  Is this the beginning of my luck?  

Then the fanmeeting began.                                                                               
When the starting of the song "Not Alone" was played, everyone start to get alert.        

Park Jung Min is out and he was shinning all over!                                                                              

Initially I wanna take out my camera to film secretly but due to the shining lights, I gave up.  I concentrate on watching our shinning Park Jung Min. HaHa...                                                                             

Jung Min is extremely cute, kept speaking chinese which sometimes dont mean any sense at all.  When singing "Everyday is Christmas" he start to electrify all of us & there were confetti coming down. 

My heart starts to beat in a weird way.                                                                           

When testing him whether he wants to speak or write Christmas in Chinese, I am just as bad as the others, we all want him to write.  But he is really good! He wrote very smoothly and every ending sentence there is cute little drawings.                                                                            

The atmosphere thus was built up happily, after which we start playing games.    

The 1st game which I was not chosen was drawing.  Jung Min looked at everyone while they were drawing and was all the while very hyper, jumping here and there.   After looking at what the fans' had drawn, he told one of the fans [Go home, go home, this is not me!] Hahahaha,  making us laugh.
Then one of the fan courageously drew a horse which was chosen as the 1st (have this feeling that Jung Min not very willing to choose the fans as 1st)                                                                              

Next is a game which is full of participation.

Telephone calling!!                                                                              

Me and my sister took out our phone

The first call, was an empty number.

2nd call, straight away went to voicemail                                                                             

3rd call after the MC say okie, my sister & me start calling just as I just pressed call, my sister told me "Got thru, got thru!!" then she quickly passed the phone to me.  I took over the phone and I heard Jung Min's voice from the phone! I was so excited and nervous that I jumped up waving my hands.  The 2nd caller went out slowly thus making the crew very confused not knowing who is who.  I kept saying that it's me it's me the surrounding audience all helped to call out to the crew.  When Jung Min heard my voice on the phone, he kept asking "Is it you?"  I shouted excitedly that I am the one.

Before going out, I still remember to say bye bye to him thru the phone(cos before the 2 calls, the fans did not say bye bye and just hang up thus Jung Min pouted).  During the conversation, the MC and translator told me not to hang up, told me to keep talking while walking towards the front of the stage.  The whole time I was only repeating "Jung Min Jung Min Jung Min" Hahaha...   Until the crew has confirmed me asking me to go to the side to queue up, only then I said "bye bye" to Jung Min on the phone. When going up the stage, my whole body trembles.  I was totally excited (now as i typed, I start to get excited again!!)

At the stage, they told us to confess our feelings to Mal.  I am the third one to speak to him. I always wanted to talk to him a lot of things that I wanna tell him, never thought of saying I love him or he is handsome this kind. In my heart there is this feeling "Jung Min, do you know how my heart pains for you?"  My love for him is not saying I love you or he is handsome that can describe.  My love for him is I  care and concern everything about him.  There are so many things that I wanna say, but my mind is all blank.

After the 2 fans in front has finished, finally it's my turn.  Taking the mic, I was stunned for around 1 sec then words just suddenly came out.

"Jung Min, I know that the solo activites you are having are very tough but we will always support you.  You have to keep it up do not fall sick, do not get thinner, eat more, chubbier is better."

Through out the conversation, Jung Min was having eye contact with me, seriously listening wanting to understand what I have just said.  I also said word by word, eyes without leaving him, keep staring at him. Hoping to let him know of how I feel and how my heart pains for him.

This time there isn't a tinge of shyness.                                                                          
After finished saying, Jung Min need to choose "The sweetest confession"  I was thinking, I was very calm in saying mine, so I dont think he will choose mine.  As expected, he chose the 2nd person.  

Again he need to choose "The Most Touching Confession". I secretly look at Jung Min sideway then I found out that he has silently move to my back and then he put his hands on my shoulder.  I was very touched thinking Jung Min should have felt it.                                                                           

Lastly was "The Cutest Confession".  He chose the 1st person. 

After that was the "prize giving time"                                                                             
Jung Min clasped his hands around the hands of the winner of "The sweetest confession" and sang "Everyday is Christmas" together.                                                                       

The second winner "The Most Touching Confession" which is me. Me and Jung Min both wipe our hands at the same time, I was so nervous that my hands perspire. >< We clasped our hand together, I only thought that's all, but suddenly, Jung Min moved closer to me and without knowing, I naturally put my head near to his chest.  Hahaha... Jung Min was a little shocked by my actions, which I myself was shocked too.  Then Jung Min started to bend down a little looking at me eye to eye, within secs, I look down, didnt dare to look at him, thinking that my skin is quite bad recently, totally embarrassed. Hahahahaha....  Then, the MC told us to have eye contact for 5 secs (my face is so red and hot till can fry an egg already) I make myself to look up at Jung Min for 5 secs without turning my head.  Secretly I observed him found out that all his stubbles are out!!! ^^ With regards to his thick make-up, I still think it is still ok. Heee..

And Jung Min's eyes sparkles!! After which they ask, how do I feel, I dont know what to say so I only say that his eyes are beautiful  if I say all his stubbles are out, I guess I will get whacked and chased out. hahahaha...  before leaving the stage, Jung Min gave me a hug, I silently stayed a little while and Jung Min was very nice and continue hugging me.  While leaving the stage, I kept fanning my face
Going back to my seat, I saw the last winner of "The Cutest Confession  was being carried by Jung Min and he circled her around! Oh... why I did not get?                                                                               

Then Jung Min sang "If You Cannot" solo version. No bonus~~ no choice, this is not korea thus no special guest like Hyung Jun.           
Another game, all the fans used their lightsticks as torches to shine below their seats Jung Min finds it very interesting as everyone had their heads down as if looking at their own butt.
Lastly, he sang "Do You Know".  Jung Min peformance is great! I love this song.  Irregardless who he wrote this song to whether is for his members, ex-girlfriend or something which he make up yourself, I totally can feel what he have written.
His 'live' performance has really improved leaps and bounds.  Great... Great!!

Encore time
I screamed till my voice is hoarse.  I concentrated watching his last performance "Not Alone" (cos during the opening, I was too busy taking pics thus I did not really concentrate)  Great...totally great!

Oh yah, Jung Min also danced to the song "Bo Beep" it is hilarious!  But it is very very very cute!  Thumbs up!                                                                     
I conclude that it is totally wasted if you did not attend this fanmeeting. If you were here, I gurantee you a limbs shrinking, heart paralysing + stomach cramping fanmeet.

After the event has ended, they started to say out the names of the lucky fans who are in the [love hug] list.                                                                              

I never ever thought that I will be in the list thus I was totally stunned and I jumped up to my side to take a look which number am I. Threw my bag to my sister then rush to queue.  After which I suddenly remembered that I need to take my Identification card and rushed to get from my sister. Hahahaha... I was too excited.  One of my friends in my group was also being chosen for the [love hug] too and another fan which we got to know when we went airport to welcome Jung Min was also chosen.

All the lucky fans for the [love hug] were taken to a room on level 2.  Everyone has a seat and it is all in sequence. Leave after hugging.                                                                             

I am the 35th person.  Those in front of me are happily hugging Jung Min and also personally give him gifts. One fan really hug him so tightly till Jung Min's eyes opened widely. Hahahaha...  He will talk to every single fan after hugging.  Korean Chinese everything he will speak.

There is a fan in front of me whom was in the 1st game "Drawing" was also the chosen lots and Jung Min recognised her.
I think Jung Min will also recognise me. While playing the fan vid, he can already point me out which I am very touched.  When it is my turn, Jung Min open his arms widely, smiling at me as if saying "oh, it's you again!"  As I was hugging him, I said to him softly "so lucky" and he answered "Yup" and I secretly hugged him for 0.5 secs more.   After letting go, I dont know what to say to him, I just told him "Hwaiting" which he continue to keep eye contact with me answering me "You too!" Then I said goodbye to him.  He waved his hands saying goodbye, so happy!

End of Fan account                                                         


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