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[Trans] Fan Account of Park Jung Min 20 Feb Fanmeeting by PJMIFC

Another fan account which is even more detailed as what are the questions being asked by the MC to Jungminnie.  He is totally adorable!!!

Source:  PJMIFC
Chinese to English Trans:
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Even till now, my heart still beats very fast, i totally can't forget tonight's event.

Omitted some parts regarding how she got to the event.

Fanmeeting @ Taipei University Sports Hall

The opening they played the teaser version of "Not Alone" MV
After the VCR has finished playing, Park Jung Min came out wearing the same shining outfit as what he wore on 2Feb Music Core performance & started singing "Not Alone". All the green peas fans started to scream as the sound system is extremely loud, thus the screams is as if competing with the sound system.

After singing, the MC came out, the started the fanmeeting.
A short interview was conducted after which he sang "Everyday Is Christmas". After the song, the MC started to test Jung Min's standard of Chinese. [Sentence construction x4]

Everyone should know what is it about. The MC asked him whether he wants to say or to write them down. All of us wanted him to write down, then he start to pick up a marker and wrote

「因为... 所以...」→因为有我♥的你们,所以我Not Alone(外加一个笑脸)
[Because... So...] -> Because of my love for you, so I am Not Alone (drew a smiley face)

「如果... 会...」→如果没有你们,我会怎麼办(外加一个哭脸)
[If... Will...] -> If I don't have all of you, what will I do (drew a sad face)

[...and...] -> I know how to speak Korean and mandarin. (drew a doll face)

[But...] -> But because you all, I will do my best (drew another dolly face)

Wanted to say that initially, he wrote the Chinese character for「没」&「会」wrongly. But after everyone helped to correct him, he change it. The heart shaped in the 1st sentence was drew by him. They kept shouting Chinese Chinese, then he started to write the love into Chinese character [愛]

Then they chose 10 fans up to the stage for a game of drawing which is to draw Jung Min.

Different kinds of drawings were done. upon seeing them, Jung Min pretend to say angrily [This is not me!] (LOL) The most classic one who got the 1st place was the one who drew a horse!!!

Actually when choosing the top3, Jung Min was deliberating who to give the 1st place to, in the end he chose the horse. ^^ The top 3 prizes are: 3rd place is a bottle of perfume which was used by Jung Min. 2nd place is a tube of moisturizer (he even help to massage the fan's hand using it!) The 1st place was a lip balm! All of us below nearly stage a riot when Jung Min start smoothing the lip balm on the fan.
For his chinese song performance later, they played a small portion of his practicing session VCR. Then he was came on stage to sing William Wei Li An's "Yes or No"... But I must say, his chinese prounciation is very good but I am not familiar with this song!!! (Wanna hit myself) After singing, the MC came out and said that his chinese is very good and ask him whether he wanna try to challenge to sing a Taiwanese dialect song. Straight away, the MC asked the audience [Which Taiwanese dialect song currently is the most popular?] Just then Lotus Wang's Taiwan dialect remake song of T-ara's "Bo Beep" was played! And And And he really started dancing to the song "Bo Beep"!!! (LOL) After finished dancing to it, we shouted him to dance again and he really did that!!!!! ^^

The fanmeeting has went halfway thru. The screen started screening vids of the various Music shows which Jung Min guests from the time he staged his comeback till now. After the screening, he has changed to another costume and start sing the solo version of "If You Cannot".

The third activity is ---> [Confessions]
The screen on stage indicated a telephone number and those who are attending the fanmeet can straight away call and if the call get thru, u can go up on stage. Total 3 fans, whom at stage is requested to tell their confession towards Jung Min, and from there he will choose "The Most Mushy", "The Sweetest" & "The Person whom I wanna date most". Basically, the 3 fans said almost the same like very handsome, very sexy, please eat more etc..

"The Most Mushy" get to intertwined fingers together with Jung Min's and he will sing "Everyday is Christmas" to her.
"The Sweetest" get to intertwined fingers together with Jung Min's while looking into each other eyes.
"The Person whom I wanna to date most" get to run into Jung Min's arm from a distance, after which Jung Min will carry her and spin her around.
Of course, all the scenes above make us totally crazy! But this isnt the blood vomitting part.

After singing "Do You Know", there is fanchant for this song. Although it is just shouting of his name, but we really shouted very loud.
After which is the game of [Straw Answering] where only 10 seats which are attached with straws and everyone need to find whether are there any straw attached to their seat. Only 7 people found it and the other 3 is using lucky pick to go on stage. The questions are not very tough as long as you know Jung Min enough:

Q1. [Where is Jung Min's "Not Alone" 1st comeback stage held?] -> Ans: MCD, M Countdown or Mnet all correct.
Q2. [What does Jung Min love people calling him?] -> Only 1 Ans: "Park Sexy"
Q3. [Jung Min loves wearing toe socks, true or false] -> of course "YES"
Q4. [Inclusive of this time, Jung Min came to Taiwan how many times in total?] -> Ans: 6 times
Q5. [How many personal dancer does Jung Min has?] -> Ans: 6

Only 1 person answered the last question correctly, and she get to receive a princess style hug and also a selca with Jung Min. {blood vomitting, part 1}
The MC told her to sing a small portion of "Not Alone", she actually say she doesnt know how to sing! Thus all of us sang together and then change to let her sing and she still dont know how to sing!! {blood vomitting, part 2}

After all the games activities, it is time to show fanvid which is done by the fanclub, the content of the vid is that everyone is holding on to "Not Alone" album and say something like [Park Jung Min Daebak], [Park Jung Min Not Alone] etc..

Jung Min was all the while on stage watching the vid, and at the same time, he will say [Thank you], [Happy], etc in Chinese.

After the VCR has played finished, the MC start to last part of interview with Jung Min, he said that he will do his very best. This time, Jung Min did not cry like what Maknae did last time when he was here. But from the screen, we can see that in actual fact, his tears are rolling in his eyes, but he is still very calm, cool and collected.
Encore time!!He changed into the outfit which he wore to Inkigayo on 6Feb. and start to sing "Not Alone" again. Just like the dance stage, even though there isnt any extent to laugh in the end, but we still can see that he is really very happy. We also did our fanchants happily (even though we are tired) ^^

Lastly, it is the [Love Hug] Lucky draw session. I was not lucky enough to be pick, thus I went home after it ended at 9pm.
This is a totally worthwhile fanmeeting. He really speaks more Mandarin than the previous time.
A few times when the fans were answering on the whiteboard, he will start frowning and the people below the stage will start laughing...

Filming of drama, Chinese album in may, Park Jung Min I will be waiting for you! You're Not Alone. See you next time^^

End of fan account.

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