Friday, February 25, 2011

[Teaser Vid, Written Trans & Pics] Park Jung Min, Let's Be Friends (Taiwan Variety)

Jungminnie is soooo cute in this vid... this show will broadcast on 3 Mar.

Credits:  @YT + mamamating@SS501 tieba baidu

English Trans: cllslam10
Mickey Huang: Hey! Park Jung Min! My name is Mickey Huang (chinese: Huang Zhi Jiao). Let's be friends!

Jung Min: Nice to meet you, I am Park Jung Min, I know how to speak Mandarin.

Mickey Huang: Oh, know how to speak Mandarin? I bet he doesn't know how to sing "Bo Beep".

*start singing and dancing together*

Mickey Huang: He knows!!!! I lose already.

*start singing and dancing together again*

Added pics on 11.40pm, 1 Mar 2011
Credit: Mickey Huang's Blog (Taken from SS501 Tieba Baidu)

Why is Jungminnie soooo cute and adorable??? How to not like him!! ^^

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Anonymous said...

the bo beep dance is actually pretty childish........but when Jung Min does it, it's totally adorable!