Tuesday, February 1, 2011

[Screencaps] Kim Hyung Jun's Music High Radio Program with Park Jung Min on 1 Feb 2AM

I was was not watching the webcast of Music High but I was listening to it a few hours ago and was laughing like mad as Jungminnie was the guest of in MH... Tom & Jerry... they were so funny.  Maknae played all 3 songs from Jungminnie album.  They were dancing to "Not Alone", and it was damn funny, they did "Love Ya" for their OhGuelSong, after which maknae played "Do You Know" and lastly "Everyday Is Christmas" as the goodbye song. Sometimes, the way they looked at each other is simply so adorable... just like a couple... ^ ^ Below are the screencaps.

Credit: as on the pics

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