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[Scans & Translation] Park Jung Min on China Times Weekly Magazine (March Issue)

Was involved in SGTripleS fanclub charity event for Kyu's birthday thus the late posting.  Just finished translating this article.  Jungminnie is sooo cute!!(Opps.. I shouldnt say he is cute... he want ppl to say that he is handsome) but still he is soooo adorable... But I can totally understand how he feels when all 5 of them start pathing their own solo route... the despair, the crossroads & stress he is facing, whether will there still be fans supporting for him, the 1st in the group to launch his album, etc... but now I think he can have a peaceful mind with still so many fans, and TS supporting him! ^^

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Chinese to English Trans:
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An interview with Park Jung Min [Dont Wish To Be Praised As Pretty]

Korean idol group SS501 members went solo individually, one of the flower boy, Park Jung Min, is the 1st to come out with his solo album, and continue to expand worldwide, wanting to find his path thru Japan and the Greater China(slam10: it means countries like Taiwan, China & Hong Kong), he planned to film his idol drama during May in Taiwan, and he wants to be more manly as he is going to be 25 soon, has always been praised as flower boy, thus he stressed that [Please do not say I am pretty, I want to be called handsome!]

Recently, a lot of Korean groups are having conflicts with their management company and Park Jung Min is the minority who is very lucky to be able to start his solo activities very smoothly.

Solo (Depression and fear)

He used to say during an interview in Korea, before deciding to go solo that he was quite scared, and also suffered from depression, but after days starting officially for his solo activities, even though he feels lonely, but fortunately he has a bunch of very nice and warmth co-workers, giving him a chance to start anew thus he doesnt feel lonely anymore.

He said [I will worry those fans who like SS501 initially, whether they can still continue to acknowledge my solo performance?] After he announced that he is going solo, fans still expressed enthusiasm for his performance, the ground floor of his management company which he just joined, are filled with fans from different countries, making him feel at ease, [Thus I have written the lyrics of "NOT ALONE" <I am not alone> when composing my new song]
From a division of job role for 5 people to a person who is fighting alone, he said that he does not really feel tired, [When I am in the group, usually I am the spokeperson on behalf for everyone. So it should be when the rest of the members go solo, they should be the one who miss me instead.] He expressed that even though the members did not really meet up often, but they still care and concern about one another working conditions, [When I was filming for my MV, Hyung Jun came to visit me on set.]

Ate chicken breast meat (slim down 12kg)

Wanting to project a new image for his solo activities, Park Jung Min painstakingly lost 12kg, by eating chicken breast meat and working out at the gym so as to shred those kilos.

For his activities in Greater China, his chinese language has improved leaps and bounds, when interviewing him, he can recognise all the word (single) of the sentence and even guess what the reporter is asking, after his photoshoot, he also can even use Mandarin to say confidently [I want to take a look.] During the fanmeeting he also used a series of chinese sentences making the fans capitvated by him, but, he only have 15 days to seriously learn Mandarin.

When chatting about his album, [my songs actually has continue the style of SS501, but we have added the orchestra and rock element in so as to create a new feel.] He has a kind of manga flower boy look, thus he was being scouted by the mother of Taiwan idol drama, Angie Chai, who arrange him to act in an idol drama this coming May, he said [Recently, I just watched "Corner With Love" which is very interesting!]

He was being praised a flower boy who is "more pretty than a girl", where his style of cute smile and playful pout totally captured all the ladies' and aunties' hearts. He shook his head and said that he doesnt like to be praised as "pretty", he specially said in Mandarin [我要二十五岁了,希望被称为帅气,是有魅力的男生。(I will be 25 years old soon, hope to be praised as handsome, charismatic guy)] 

He continue after thinking [when I was 18 years old, I hope to be praised as cute, even though I debuted early, during that time I looked older than my actual age, so nobody praised me that way before.]

Asked whether he wanna beef up to be muscle-man just like the other korean stars?  He laughed [I dont think that image suits me cos I am too skinny, although I wanna train to have those, but now I really cant.]  He seems to be afraid to be laugh at for being "girlish", he immediately stressed that [I still have a bit of biceps! When I was in Japan the previous time, they need me to strip half naked for the photoshoot, I didnt even have time to train my body, so I dont know whether they will help to photoshop the photos for me.]

Captions beside the pic of  Jungminnie holding on to a handphone (below right corner of 2nd scan) : Park Jung Min's standard of Chinese is quite good, when interviewing him, he comically read out the messages from the reporter's handphone!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the translation of the article. my chinese is limited so i'm grateful that you've taken the time to translate it so that i can fully understand what JM said. i totally adore the guy. he is prettier than most i'm glad he has no plan to be one of those big beefy guys in the boy bands. it doesn't suit him and i like him just the way he is. he does have some muscles on his biceps. he's no weakling.

tetsu girl said...

cllslam10, thank you x 501 for all your translations! *HUG*
i looooooove JM, so i really enjoyed reading this article! (as you will see from my uber-long comment! XD) thank you!

JM is indeed beautiful, but i don't think it's a girly pretty way (that fits HJL, HJB, & YS more XD), but a gorgeous man way ♥!
i don't want him to be "beasty idol" either. XP i like his lean frame with some toned muscles. ;D his topless photos in "Present" were wow! *q* (but he only showed his back, which was quite alluring, but i want to see his front, too. kekeke)
it's so funny that when he debuted, he looked mature and wanted to be cute, and now he's older, he looks just right for his age and still cute, but he wants to be called handsome. XD he's both! :D

i understand his feelings about solo debut, too, and really felt for him, being lonely, depressed, scared. aw, my poor Minnie. TT_TT but like you said, he didn't have to worry with TS with him, and his debut was a success! :D
and i'm also really, really proud of JM for his progress in Mandarin! he was so busy the past 6 months, he really didn't have much time to seriously learn, except for 15 days! :O he's so amazing~~ <3!

before, JM said that since it's not 5 sharing responsibility, just him taking it all, he had to work 5 x harder to make up for what's missing (like his only personal talent/charm act is walking on rolled toes XD). and now here, he said it's the OTHER members who will miss him because they won't have him to be the speaker of the group. lol it's true! XD

um, did i mention i LOVE Jung Min? XD thank you~!!

slam10 said...

@Anonymous: you are welcome! Jungminnie does has muscles! Go to his FaceBook to see the pics that was taken when he was working out in the gym... Wow... ^^

@tetsu girl: you are welcome! Yup, I can see that you are a Jungminnie fan... ^^ I am now very excited that he is coming to Singapore soon... I still thoroughly remember that during Encore Seoul Concert last year, the 2nd nite, he was coming down the aisle where I was sitting... was so happy & surprised that he grabbed my hands when I was waving at him... omo... his hands are sooooo smooth & flawless... I am so jealous... *sigh*