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[Scans & Translation] Park Jung Min On (Jap Mag) ARENA37℃

I have push this post up as I have added my translation in.  I have tried my very best to translate this article.  I apologise if there are any errors.

Jungminnie look so seductive in this mag... ^^


Chinese translation by: Pation of
Translation to English:


Reporter: You had your 1st Solo Japan Presscon during autumn last year. Are you nervous during that time?

JM: Due to that it is the 1st presscon, I was a little nervous. But it was only a while, when i start to let go of the tension and happily proceed on with the presscon.

Reporter: What is it that you have learn?

JM: President Roy from the firm was there too thus I have learn how to communicate and interact.

Reporter: Your language skills are improving. In actual fact, you have been to many countries and collaborate with the people in China and Japan. When facing new people, dont you fear? What is the secret for being loved by people?

JM: The secret is having honest heart to heart communication. Interpersonal relationships has nothing to do with age gap as long as you open your heart to others, others will do the same to you.

Reporter: I can totally get what you feel. So being an excellent singer, what is the thing u need to do?

JM: Put your heart and soul to sing. You have to pay attention to the melody as well as the lyrics and then put your heart in to sing.

Reporter: So this is why your songs can be in people's mind for so long. Recently, you have been writing lyrics, is there any specific time or place to do it?

JM: Normally I would lie on the bed, listen to the melody repeatedly while doing my lyrics composing. Or when alone in the car, when finding/ myself.

Reporter: When does your lyrics creativity flows in?

JM: When I am staring into space.

Reporter: It was then your creativity start flowing in. Can tell us a little of your preparation in Dec with regards to your new solo album "Not Alone", what kind of style is that?

JM: "Not Alone" is a song saying "I am not alone, you are also not alone" as a theme for the song. Together with the MV, the theme and dance will give the impression of a military style. Then "Do You Know" is a soft rock song telling of a conversation of reuniting couples. "Everyday is Christmas" is a bossa nova christmas song.


Reporter: In every song, we can see your varying emotions. Thus, during recording are there any difficulties or anything that leave a deep impression?

JM: When recording "NOT ALONE", the most difficult part is the discussion of the melody and the composing of lyrics. Especially the songs "Do You Know" and "EveryDay is Christmas" there are lots of differences of ideas in the lyrics thus we wasted lot of time there. But I am happy that I can project my thinking into this recoding.

Reporter: Next I would like to talk about the song "Not Alone". With this topic, can you tell us the relationship between your colleagues, friends and fans and their support towards you.

JM: The crew and cast from the Japanese Musical "Bonds Of Boys" and all the workers in the Japan firms were very nice and warmth towards me.

Reporter: Wow, they are really very nice people indeed! From the song "Do You Know", can tell us what kind of person Park Jung Min really is?

JM: A very gentle person who will not get angry with ladies.

Reporter: I am really admire your forgiving heart. "Everyday is Christmas" song is trying to tell that you are trying to have what kind of Christmas party?

JM: It is the kind of party where we can chat, the type where "as long as it is fun it's ok" kind of feel.

Reporter: Great! So if you have a girlfriend, what kind of Christmas present would you be giving her?

JM: If giving to a girlfriend, I will choose necklace. I love the feeling of her choosing a suitable present for herself.

Reporter: I really feel as if I have known you a lot more. So as a singer, what other things you would like to challenge or try?

JM: I have already did a Dec fanmeeting smoothly with my band. Next I would like to try to have a chance to collaborate with orchestra or dancers to explore new music.

Reporter: We shall wait and see. Next, what you do want to tell the reader?

JM: See all of you during Feb Valentine's Day event!

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