Monday, February 7, 2011

[Media Vid & Pics] Park Jung Min "Not Alone" Fansign in Seoul

Jungminnie just had his fan signing session at 7pm which was held in Seoul.  This is his 1st "Not Alone" fansign ever since the release of his solo album.

I really envy the fans who get to hug him and shook fans with him.  But I must say, jungminnie's hands are really very smooth... I hv a chance to touch his hands when I went to attend SS501 Encore Persona Seoul concert last year.

There are so many pics of his fansigning today!!! Had a busy time saving all the pics...  The next fan sign if I am not wrong, will be at Busan on 9th Feb.

Credit: onlyminthailand @YT + TVDaily

Credit: cllslam10 @YT + SS601 + SSTV

Credit: as on the pics

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