Saturday, February 19, 2011

[Fan Pics] Park Jung Min @ XiMenDing Red House Square Fansign

I am so glad that the TripleS from various countries are sharing their experience with the boys with me.  Eg. Thailand TS & Bloomlion, whom really helped us SGTS alot during our stay in Bangkok when we went to see KyuSaeng last Dec.  I really thanks them for their hospitality.

1 of the TWTS (min) whom I get to know during last Dec Bangkok KyuSaeng's Fanmeeting whatapps me with msg: 孩子果然是雨神,台灣下好大的雨。trans: the boys confirmed are rain idols, Taiwan is really raining heavily now.

This is the pic which she sent me:

Another TWTS tweeted the below pics:

Credit: TingTingLoveKyu

Credit:  @Twitter

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