Friday, February 4, 2011

[Audio] Kyu Jong & Young Saeng AND Story in Manila (Radio Interview + Added Trans)

Thanks to TripleSThailand for the tweet. 

Credit: YoungSaengPrincezz @YT

Credit: giselle501
(These are the translated responses)

DJ: Why are you here in the Philippines?
KJ : Me and Young Saeng prepares for a fan meeting and we’re very excited and nervous to see our fans here in the Philippines.

DJ: Young Saeng. Have you been here before?
YS: I’ve been in Cebu in the previous visit for vacation with my friends and I really had a good time.
DJ: What can you say about the Philippines? Have you eaten any Filipino Food?
YS: The sea of the Philippines is really impressive and the food in the Philippines is really delicious, I relly liked it.
DJ: What particular food have you tried?
YS: I had today, (lunch time) was pork and it was fried crispy and I really liked it.
DJ: How about the girls? Have you met girls in the Philippines?
KJ: The smiles of the Filipino girls are really attractive.
DJ: Have you fallen for 1 girl?
KJ: That’s a secret
DJ: Have you met Philippine actors and actresses?
YS: as of now, not yet.
DJ: In Korea, what keeps you busy?
KJ: We’re very busy previously for singing, but we’re now preparing for my acting and Young Saeng would be releasing a solo album.
DJ: Can you speak any Tagalog words?
KJ: “Ako si Kyu Jong”
YS: “Mahal ko kayo!”
DJ: When are you going back to Korea?
KJ: Our plan is to go back on a Sunday or a Monday, but we have prepared a lot for the fan meeting and I hope there will be another chance for us to come back here in the Philippines as a vacation.
DJ: If you don’t mind Young Saeng, how young are you?
YS: I’m 26
DJ: Oh, you look 18! You look very young!
DJ: There are so many Koreans here are nice to us, there are so many Koreans here in the Philippines
KJ: actually my nephews are here
DJ: so you’re staying?
KJ: I have to work in Korea, maybe next time.
DJ: You introduce me to your nephew, I’ll take care of him..
KJ: Oh really? He’s an elementary student, thank you, he has to study English

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