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[Article] Life after Boys Over Flowers – KyuJong & YoungSaeng’s Fanmeeting in Manila [05.02.11]

Thanks to rainaftershine for posting this on her blog.  I want to emphasize again: SS501 IS NOT, HAS NOT DISBANDED.  So please stop spreading rumours or keep asking whether have they disbanded.  Please do not believe what others has said... just believe in our boys!


MANILA, Philippines – Kyu Jong and Young Saeng will have a meet-and-greet showcase called And Story in Manila at the PICC's The Forum tonight at 6:30.

Many superstars get so caught up in fame and fortune they refuse to let fans know they also have feet of clay. K-Pop superstars Kyu Jong and Young Saeng are exceptions.

At a presscon shortly after their plane landed on Philippine soil the other day, the duo, who will perform tonight at 6:30 at PICC's The Forum, bared their most embarrassing moment and other things that make them as human as their giddy girl fan.

"It's hard to answer questions. It's messy," admits Kyu Jong.

The language barrier is tough. So Kyu Jong is doing something about it. He's e-mailing a few friends using the English words he has learned. But even that is not enough for now. He and Young Saeng still need an interpreter to get their message across.

"The most embarrassing moment for me is that I can't think of answers right away," adds Young Saeng.

The hit series Boys Over Flowers and shows in Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong may have brought them to places they have never ever been to. But these signs of fame have only made them realize they have to work as hard on their English as they do on their career.

This could be why Kyu Jong and Young Saeng have remained fancy free.

"We have no Valentine's Day plans," they reveal. But oh, romance is one thing they would look forward to.
"It doesn't matter if the girl comes from the Philippines or any other country," says Kyu Jong. Their fans will be glad to know that once he and friend Young Saeng find their respective partners, they promise to give her "love and chocolates."

Kyu Jong can even paint her picture, since he admits being crazy over the art form . Sports-minded Young Saeng, on the other hand, can invite her to play video games and watch a soccer match with him.

"Video games and soccer keep me occupied in my free time," he goes on.

The Korean poster boys have been together back in the good old days when SS501 (pronounced Double-S-Five-O-One) members were still under one management team. Now that they're  under a different company - B2M Entertainment  - Kyu Jong and Young Saeng can't wait to pick up where they left off.

"That's why we call this meet-and-greet event And Story in Manila. We don't want an end (to the) story. We want it to continue,"  the duo relates.

Kyu Jong wants to act, preferably in a romantic film. He is slated to star in a Koreanovela.

Young Saeng has a different plan. He will release an album filled with dance music this month.

Both have released video clips from their holiday trips and daily activities.

For their Manila fans, Kyu Jong and Young Saeng promise to do something different. Aside from the usual upbeat numbers, they will prepare merienda on stage. Lucky fans can come up and sample their idols’ recipe for the rest of the audience to drool over.

The Manila leg, after all, is the last stop of their Asian tour, and they're saving the best for last.

slam10: I darn regretted not going to this Manila FM... >< Aish....

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