Saturday, January 8, 2011

[Vid] Kyu Jong & Young Saeng And Story in Hong Kong on HK News

This is the presscon vid on KyuSaeng fanmeeting in Hong Kong today.  Look out for Saengie's expression throughout the interview. Isn't he cute? Aigoo....

Thanks to emilytien0825 for uploading this vid onto youtube.

[Trans] Kyu Jong and Young Saeng in HK NewsTranslation by Catty Goh /

Reporter: Two of the korean band ss501 members, heo young saeng and kim kyu jong came to Hongkong for their Fanmeeting.

What do kyu jong felt about hongkong?

KJ: It have been a long time since we came hongkong. This time, its only the two of us and we are very surprise to see many fans waiting for us at the airport.We hope that in this year, we could venture into more activities.

Reporter: Kyu jong have once mention that you want to try acting, what are the characters you want to portray? Is there any hongkong artist that you want to cooperate with?

KJ:Actually i have already came into contact with acting. However, i am stil worried since acting is new to me. Beside that, i also need to think which character is suitable for me. The artist that i admire is Andy Lau and Jackie chan.

Reporter: Both of you have been together as a group for a long time. what are the strength of each other that you can learn from?

KJ: When i first met young saeng, i felt that he is very cool, don't really like to bother others. However, as we know each other better, i realised that he is considerate and willing to listen to others. When he is tired, he would also take care of others first before himself.

YS: I felt that kyu jong is very easy going. Even other people will felt that it is very easy to communicate with him. During our ss501 days, there will be times where we quarrel or have dispute. Kyu jong will always be the center. He will try to mediate and make the situation/atmosphere calmer. Thus i feel that he is very kind.

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