Monday, January 17, 2011

[News] SS501’s Heo Young Saeng to make solo debut this February

I really can't wait for Saengie's solo album!  I really love his voice & moreover he is my bias in the group.  I heard that his solo will be out during the Chinese New Year period but not sure whether is it confirmed.  Wow, if that is confirmed, will he be singing his new song during the Manila fanmeet?

Credit: allkpop + Star News via Daum

SS501’s Heo Young Saeng finally revealed his plans for his solo debut.

According to his agency, B2M Entertainment, Young Saeng will be releasing a special album by February at the earliest, and hopes to officially begin his solo activities by then.

Representatives spoke with Star News on January 11th and revealed, “Heo Young Saeng will be taking his first step as a solo artist.  Since he’s the lead vocalist of SS501, he’ll be working with a strong dance track that showcases his powerful vocals.”

The singer is currently focusing on his album production while aiming to show his fans a different and deeper side to his voice that fans weren’t able to hear in SS501’s songs.

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