Saturday, January 22, 2011

[Fancam] Kim Hyung Jun "Bobo" Park Jung Min on "NOT ALONE" Seoul Fanmeeting (Edited)

Added: 23 Jan 11, 4:17PM - This vid was make in a slow motion style and u can see maknae bobo jungmin in slowmo pattern... darn cute... ^^

Credit: oloverbobo @ YT

Added: 23 Jan 11, 12:55AM - This vid u can really see Jungminnie & Maknae expression very clearly esp when maknae was preparing to bobo Jungminnie... can see he very nervous and excited... ^^

Credit: parkhl1966 @ YT

OMO!!! This is simply soooooo cutEEEEEE!!!!! Maknae bobo Jungminnie!!!!!! ^^

Credit: keitawingsmin @YT

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