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[Fan Account] Kyu Jong & Young Saeng And Story in Japan

I lifted this fan account from website(as on the credit) and really thanks to her for sharing this fan account. Agh!!! I really really envy this fan sia.... how i wish i was there.... aish....


Young Saeng & Kyu Jong Fan meeting Japan


I will never ever ever gonna forget this day~~~~~~~~
January 22 2011... hahaha...

I attended 2 sessions of the fan meetings.. really good~~~~~~~~~~チョキ
This fan meeting is totally different from the rest of the fan meeting.グッド!
The fan service is really fabulous~~~~~~~~~~~~ドキドキ

Afternoon session

I was there like 10.30am and there was already quite a long Q.
All waiting to buy the merchanises...
Of course, I joined in as I wanted to get the light sticks..hehee...
At about 11.30am, they started to let people to buy and I got mine... hehehe..
Met 3 new fans and they are really very nice people..ニコニコ
Had lunch with them then went back to venue.
Long Q again.. so Q to get in.
My seat was pretty good.. 3rd from the front..really close..hehehe..

Fan meeting didn't really start on time, started about 2.45pm.
When it started, Young Saeng and Kyu Jong started singing 내 머리가 나빠서.
Everybody stands up.. and all you see is green lights~~~~~~~~ グッド!

After the song,it's the talk.

Before the talk, they showed part of the DVD... hehehe
which is sooooooooo different from the rest of the past fanmeeting...
The scenes were shot from Cebu, that both of them went recently.
Tell you.. it was really very very nice..
Both are acting very well.. hahahah...
Of course, there was story line to it.
They made it to 3 different parts, "Friendship, Summer and Love and Behind Scenes"

After the "Friendship" scene, the host asked Young Saeng if what was shown in video hapened in real life what will he do.. Young Saeng says he will give up as he is no match of Kyu Jong as Kyu Jong is what he is, a gentle person. After that, the host asked both of them what kind of person is Young Saeng & Kyu Jong.
I shall not reveal too much.. but i can say it is 대박~~~~~ グッド! hehehehe

After that this part, Summer and love is shown....of course there were more things to see.. hahaha
After video, the host said both of them did very well in acting and what were the most difficult part in filming that.

Young Saeng says the hardest part was filming the volleyball part.. in the video, he played very much.. but actually he got hit by the ball a couple of times and what was shown in the video is consider the best among the rest..にひひ

Kyu Jong says his was the weather... as the weather was hot and in the end, he sort of "sun-burnt" at his shoulder area and he even showed his burnt marks... everybody went wild of course.. hhahaha...

Lastly, the final part, behind the scenes was shown. After that, the host asked what are their feeling about acting.

Kyu Jong says he will be involved in acting in the future and hope everyone will like his acting and will work hard for it. After his speech, one fan scream"Fighting" and he answered back.."Kamsahanida" hahahah..
After this, the host says it's almost time, and it's not the time for ending but time for questions from fans.

So they picked up 4 fans to asked them questions.. It was really hilarious when comes to this part.

1 of Kyu Jong fans is a mother and wanted to match make Kyu Jong with her daughter.. Kyu Jong was sooooooooo nervous and embrassed.. his ears were soooo red.. and he was soooo adorable.
Then another Kyu Jong fan asked Kyu Jong to say hi to her friend and she liked him very much.
Young Saeng fans were very very mild... hahhaa.. nothing much...

After this, it was time for Young Saeng solo and he sang 사랑인거죠. There were something wrong with his ear plug and his voice sounds like he caught a flu. His performance was a bit below what he used to performed. He was awared of it and he actually apologized for it. He was really very cute..
He said it was a ballad and he was very nervous and sorry for not able to do well. The host says it was alright, he can "astone his mistake" by doing this.. Fan service, where he pick out one fan and sang one of the song from SS501 album personally to her. Of course, he did it with a rose and hug the fan.. gosh.. i was screaming 안돼 안돼 안돼... hahahha

Then it was Kyu Jong Solo, the R&B style of "Never let you go". Very sexy i would say.. really good fan service to those in the front row.. haahah...

Of course, there was a fan service too.. where Kyu Jong was supposed to perform magic.. BUT... hahahah
he didn't know how to do it.. this was the first time I ever seen Kyu Jong sooo flustered on stage.. he was like..walking to the back stage and asked his manager for help.. He even said "Young Saeng please help" Then he was like some little kid who was soooo nervous before going for exams or what... super adorable..
When the fan went up, he asked her what kind of flower she like.. she said something but I don't know what kind of flower was that... simply have no idea at all... then Kyu Jong was like "huh? why that flower? Can it be rose? Because the only flower i know and can give is rose." hahaha..

The fan was like.. ok ok.. i like rose too.. hahaha... then Kyu Jong trying to be cheeky and says "if I give the flower that you like, how? Will you still like rose?" the fan "i take both, whatever you can give" hahaha..
Then Kyu Jong was like.. ok.. then i do some magic.. the usual and one and only magic that he knows...
but something happened.. he tried to burn the prop.. but it just won't worked... guess what.. the prop fell off from the stick.. hahaha.. Kyu Jong was looking frantically for it, then found it on the floor.. LOLx.. that scene was super classic.. he picked it up and sticked it back and burnt it and rose appear... but he got slightly burnt from that action.. poor thing.. of course.. it made the fan very happy. Kyu Jong was pretended to be in pain for that..

Next was Young Saeng solo again "Love Like This" English version of course.. Most Important he did the sexy wave at my side.. I went bersek for that.. lolx...
After that was Kyu Jong solo "Wuss up" and everybody were singing along with him.

After both solo, it was presents giving time. 6 fans were picked and the presents were those clothes, shoes and whatever they had wore or hug, that was shown in the DVD. Lucky fans... hahaahha.
After all these, the most important moment began, "Hi-touch" session.. lolx...
Well the first row fans were really literally touching their hands.. but when later it became hand shake... hahaha.. which i love to the max...ラブラブ
When I came to my turn, to my surprised!!! It's really a surprise.... Both of them recognized me.. lolx...
I spoke to them in Korean "싱가폴에 가 주세요." Young Saeng nod his head and smiled and Kyu Jong smiled and nod his head..

Night session

Night session, Young Saeng and Kyu Jong changed clothes, one wearing long trench coat while the other wear jacket with lotsa zips.. both still looked very handsome..hehehe
I shall skipped what same area and moved to the fan talk session.
This time round, Young Saeng talked really alot and Kyu Jong was slightly quiet this time.
One part is Kyu Jong says he like sports but he is not good in any of them. hahaha...
When it comes to the fan question time, one very funny thing happened to Young Saeng,
When the host asked something to Young Saeng and Young Saeng was supposed to answer but he took his mike upside down.. hahhaha.. he was soooooooo embrassed..Kyu Jong on the other side was laughing like mad.. hahah.. Young Saeng then says he still haven't recovered from the earlier hand shake.. so he is not himself now.. hahaha

Of course one of the fan again, wanna match make one of them again..this time round, is Young Saeng.. he was like..."i don't think i can"...hahaha...

He says he is single now.

One of Young Saeng's fan actually cried because she liked Young Saeng very much.. hahhaa..
she asked him what does he do during his rest days. Young Saeng says he watch movies, drama,reading, studying English.. the host asked Kyu Jong is it true that Young Saeng is studying English, Kyu Jong yes, currently. Then host asked Young Saeng to say a few English words to the fan.. Young Saeng was like... =.=||||... and says "I Like You"...Young Saeng continues to say what he did on his rest day, watch movie and blah blah blah,everyone was like.. "are you sure".. hahahaha.. so in the end, Young Saeng admitted and added.. he played games.. hahahaha..

Kyu Jong's fan was funny too. Asked him what does he do when he wakes up in the morning around 10am. Kyu Jong says he will check his twitter.
After which, solo part again. This time, Young Saeng sang much better.. but again his ear plug has problem. He was able to pull it well. Then fan service again. this time the fan requested the Christmas Ost, Young Saeng did it like he's doing a proposal.. very handsome.. of course.. hahaha..
Then Kyu Jong's solo and fan service too. The host then says, Kyu Jong is very sexy and Kyu Jong immediately cover his collar to hide his flesh... hahahha
During the fan service,funny thing happened again.
Kyu Jong was saying he like Young Saeng proposal style, but why can't he have those and have to do magic.
Then he kept re-enact what Young Saeng did for the proposal.. hahhaha..
When Kyu Jong did the magic.. one super funny thing happened.. When Kyu Jong burnt the prop, the flower flew off and Kyu Jong got a shock.. hahhaa.. he quickly "flew to pick up" the flower and again re-enact what Young Saeng's proposal.
When he's done with the fan service, he exit with the proposal style again.. super funny..seems like he can't forget what Young Saeng did.. Lolxにひひ

Then it was Young Saeng's solo, he changed clothes, some bad boy style.. and of course the sexy wave.. LOLx..
Kyu Jong's solo, he changed his clothes too. Of course, performance was good too.
After that, of course the presents giving time.
Some funny things happened again. One of Kyu Jong's fan got his clothes and he actually tied the clothes on her.. host then said, it's not a neck tie..
Another Kyu Jong's fan got the volleyball, the host asked if the fan knows how to play, the fan says don't know how to play very well, but do know slightly. The host then suggested to play with Kyu Jong on the stage. Kyu Jong was like...ok.. Young Saeng on the hand, told Kyu Jong to do the spike attack and even demo the action. When the host says get ready, Kyu Jong was getting ready to pass the ball and the fan on the hand was getting ready too. In the end, Kyu Jong just flew the ball in slow motion to the fan and pass it to her.. LOL
Another Kyu Jong's fan is a Chinese, Kyu Jong's eyes went big.. like this O_O.... and host asked fan to say in Chinese. Fan says “你好”, Kyu Jong stunned for 5 secs and says “你好” back.. hahaha
On Young Saeng part, one fan got some books that he read. Host asked fan do you know english, fan says no.. Young Saeng then says, then read these books. lolx...
Another fan got his clothes, but Young Saeng don't seems to recognize them. He was like.. are these mine? doesn't seems like... hahahha..
In the end, he says think he only wore it once.. that's why no remembrance at all.
Another fan got his T-shirt.. and he says this is quite big because Kyu Jong wore his clothes before when they were in Japan.

Then host asked what do they have to say to the fan.
Young Saeng says his solo album will be in February and is preparing it now. He hope everyone can support him and see him on tv then.
Kyu Jong says he would be more into acting so please give him lots of support.

Again the "Hi-touch" session.. hahaha... which I love it to the max again.
When I said the same thing again "싱가폴에 가 주세요." Young Saeng nods and says "네", smiled. Kyu Jong nods and smile "네".LOLx.... hahahaラブラブ

May have omitted some parts as there were many things to remember.
But I'm very sure Japan fan meeting is the best~~~~~...

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