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[Vid] Park Jung Min’s performance + Talk (Engsubbed) @ Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate on 31 Jan 11

Credit: KpopMusicx1 @ YT

Credit: reenatriple @YT

Credit: KpopMusicx1 @ YT

[Vid] Park Jung Min as Special DJ @ Young Street on 28 Jan 2011

Credit: topofzh @ YT

[HD Vid] Park Jung Min "Not Alone" Last Performance On 30 Jan 11 Inkigayo (Added Fancam)

I just came back from Super Junior SS3 concert today so I did not get to watch Jungminnie last "live" performance of "Not Alone" on Inkigayo.... cries.... I did not really enjoy myself in the concert... will talk about it in my fan account.... ^ ^

Thanks to belle for sending me the link... ^ ^

Credit: CrazyCarrot360 @YT

Added fancam: oloverbobo @YT + Mabel

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[Info] Park JungMin Because of you ‘Not Alone’ Showcase & Fan Party in Taiwan

Argh!!! How I wish I can go to this fanmeeting... but I cant due to work commitments. Aish... ><

Source: Sony Music Taiwan Facebook
English translation:
Please repost with full credit

Ticket price & purchase date is released!
Start selling from (年代*)
MiniUFO Note: *

SS501 Member Park JungMin
2011 Park JungMin Because there’s you NOT ALONE Showcase & Fan Party
Date: Sunday, 20 February 2011
Entrance time: 6pm
Event start: 7pm
Location: Taipei NTU Sports Center Level 1
Ticket Price: 3500/3000/2500/2000
VIP Zone Ticket Price: 3500 (Free gift: Korea import poster)

Complete new and complete entertaining 120mins!!
Complete new ‘Park JungMin’ restarting!
First solo album, personally involved in writing lyrics,
Truefully presented his determination and rational towards music.
28 January 2011, Park JungMin first solo mini album ‘Not Alone’ finally reveal its mysterious veil.
Holding the name of Asia most popular super male idol group SS501,
Preparing to use his own name ‘Park JungMin’ to come back to the music circle in South Korea and various places in Asia.
In this brand new solo mini album, he cooperates with the most popular star producer ‘Shinsadong Tiger’, showing richer and more advance music than SS501 period, creating a completely new style different from previous.
Specially when preparing this mini album, he has participated with the role of a song writer in the album production, allowing him to has a real feel of the hardship and sweet moment of music production. From the title song ‘Not Alone’, ‘Do you know?’ and also ‘With you everyday is Merry Christmas’ and all the song, he has personally written the song lyrics, showing his heart felt feeling through the lyrics.

Big chinese region first stop Taipei fan meeting, with a heart filled with gratitude and enthusiasm, Park JungMin come to Taiwan for fans that supported him, giving his most exquisite performance, allowing Taiwan fans to have a great listening time and also solving their longing for him. The content of the performance not only include his most skillful Korean songs, but also has specially practice chinese songs diligently for Taiwan fans, his fans will definitely has a great listening time.

Also, in order to thank his fans’ support and care, he has specially prepare the ‘Love Hugging’ activity, those holding the ticket for the event and also holding the ‘Love Hugging’ lucky draw ticket included in his album, after filling in personal information, lucky draw will be conducted during the event, this will be a chance to have close contact with Park JungMin!

Guess faithful fans that loved Park JungMin will definitely not want to miss this chance which is so unique and full of love. For complete information please see Sony Music Official website.

Hope to have the attention of all guest:
Fan meeting will start at 7pm
(Entrance time: 6:00~6:50pm, No entrance after 6.50pm)
Children under 10 years old are not allow entrance to this concert, please cooperated.

All new information will be promptly released in ‘Sony Music Official Website’
Please keep in close attention!!

*Ticket return policy for this event will be based on website rules and regulation.

[Media Pics] Park Jung Min "Not Alone" Performance on 28 Jan 11 Mnet Countdown

I lifted the pics from SS601.  Can u see Jungminnie right wrist wound on the 10th pic?

Credit: SS601 + as on the pics

[Scans] Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong & Park Jung Min In Feb 2011 FANS Magazine (Added Trans)

I lifted the following pics from SS601 website.  I am going to buy this mag... Cos it have my top 3 bias in it... ^^

31 Jan 11, 4:00AM - Added Translation... ^ ^ Thanks to rainaftershine!!!

Credit: ForeverYS + SS601
English translation:
Please repost with full credits only.
(T/N: Only translated interview, i did not translate other pages on the fan-meeting)

Kim Kyu Jong V.S.Heo Young Saeng
A new start in year 2011

SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng both signed with a new agency B2M last year, and started Asia Fan-meeting from Seoul, they went to Thailand Bangkok and the 3rd stop was held in Hong Kong. Although they are not doing activities as 5, the green pea princess are very loyal, they still supported and went for their activities. Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng are two good brothers who stood side by side, (can’t depict what’s the whole sentence here since 1/2 of the sentence got covered up by watermark. T_T) They also revealed their confirmed work schedule, YoungSaeng will be releasing a solo album in February, and KyuJong who is celebrating his birthday in Feburary will also talk about his unforgettable present!

2011 has just started, does KyuJong have any special new wish in a new year?

Because everyone now in the group are doing their solo activities, so i wish that everyone can success in what they are doing. I will also work hard, i hope to do more things which satisfy me.

Although your work is busy these days, do you have anything you personally like to do during your free time?

I am crazy in love with painting and calligraphy, i will start to paint whenever i am free.

February 24th is KyuJong’s birthday, i will like to wish you a happy birthday on behalf of all your fans! Do you have any present you will like to receive specially this year?

I don’t have any present which i will like to receive specially this year. But previously in a year, a fan gave me a present which its hard to be forgotten. The fan gave me a big photobook on my birthday, containing photos from the day i debuted till now, looking at those photos, it brings me back to the past, i felt that it was meaningful, and i will always keep this present with me.

Do you wish to challenge any new work in a new year?

Although i will continue to sing, i wish to challenge acting. In a acting world, i am a newbie, so no matter what roles are given to me, i will still want to challenge it. But i want to film a romantic love story the most. In a new year, i wish that more people will notice me and know my characteristics.

What type of brother is YoungSaeng hyung to you?

YoungSaeng hyung makes me feel that he is cool when i started to know him, and even seems hard to get close to. But after knowing him, i can feel that he always think for others, and he is a person who is considerate and caring, and he is also a good listener! The most unusual is, although he is tired sometimes, he will never forget to take care people around him.

Talk about your ideal partner?

I like girls whose body are nice, and her personality must be friendly and lively, as my personality is rather *depress (*Sorry, i can’t see what is this word since the scan is not really good.), lack of a little confidence, so i hope the partner whom i date will influence me, to help me to improve my shortcomings.

SS501 members belong in different agencies now, do you all still contact each other frequently?

Usually i will still contact the other 3 members, but because the chance of us working together had turned lesser, we cannot meet up like how we used to do. But luckily the internet is very advance now, the few of us loves to play twitter, though we cannot get together often, but i can know what is everyone doing through twitter.

It was said that you were working hard on English to improve on your language. Apart from languages, are there anything you will like to learn?

I did not specially learn English previously, i did not go for lessons or hire a tutor, but i used English to email a few friends i know from overseas, i am happy to know these friends because i get a chance to learn English. With regards to performing work, i wish to learn more about acting, this will help me in my acting in the future. In addition, i was actually interested in art during middle school. If there is a chance, i will like to continue to learn drawing, enriching myself in different aspect.

2011 has just started, does YoungSaeng have any special new wish in a new year?

My biggest wish is to produce a solo work in 2011, and fortunately, it will be fulfilled in February, please support me! The new album will mainly be dance music, i rested for a period of time previously, now i will start again, hope to bring a new different feeling to the fans.

YoungSaeng is normally interested in photography, do you have any plan to release a photobook?

Erm, i thought of it before. But not exactly thinking about it specifically. If there is a day where i releases one, i will write words inside the photobook, letting everyone to see my photos, more sensation, and to bring out more.

Although your work is busy these days, do you have anything you personally like to do during your free time?

Although the schedule is pretty busy these days, i fell in love with sports recently, i have been playing baseball since last year, and i usually play with my friends.

Do you wish to challenge any new work in a new year?

Actually from debut till now, i don’t really wish to become just a singer only. I also wish to challenge acting. I know i will be busy in this year, but if there is a chance to act, i will accept with courage, i hope to act a role… which everyone (Man, woman, child, elderly) will love! (Laughs)

What type of brother is KyuJong to you?

KyuJong’s personality is really easy to get along with, this is also what i admire about him, no matter where is he, he can get along with people harmoniously.

Talk about your ideal partner?

I love girls who is lovely (cute) with kind-hearted personality.

Previously you went to Hong Kong for fan-meeting, do you have any place you wished to go?

The time we spent in Hong Kong was very short, we don’t have any time to play. I went to Lan Kwai Fong way previously, but there were so many people, so i left after awhile, it’s a pity.

Park Jung Min
Not lonely in red rabbit year
Park Jung Min, Not Alone……

Releasing a solo Korean album <Not Alone> alone in SS501, he displayed more sexy charisma than in the past. During the interview, he shared the things he anticipated the most during Chinese New Year, he self-written down his greeting wishes, and even drew a cute rabbit, wishing everyone a red rabbit year! The editor also wished Jungmin to get more popular in Asia in his year on behalf of all the fan, with so much support from his fans, he is definitely not alone.

Q1) Jungmin releases the first solo album, during preparation, what is the difference of your feeling like without having members around you and you need to face everything alone?

The first time without SS501 members by my side, i would feel lonely occasionally, however, upon thinking about the other members who are also doing their solo activities right now, it encourages me to bring a ‘I must work even harder’ feeling. Although releasing an album alone, i would feel nervous and stress, but the staff beside me always take care of me, it allowed me to fully utilize ‘Park Jung Min”s characteristics, (Laughs) I will be myself, and really thankful for them.

Q2) You always said that you represent ‘Sexy Charisma’, did you show your sexiness in the album?

Er… in this album, i can say that it fully showed my charisma! (Laughs) Apart from ‘Sexy Charisma’, everyone will get to see me walking towards becoming matured from teenager, an adult side.

Q3) What was the most unforgettable thing in 2010?

I think its the process of producing my album. Because i really put in effort in everything, everyone please support me!

Q4) This year is a rabbit year, Jungmin who is born in rabbit year, what’s your wish related to rabbit in your own zodiac year? In addition, what’s your 3 biggest aim in rabbit year?

Wish which is related to rabbits? I wish that Royal Avenue’s rabbit babies will grow up healthily and happily (Laughs); the schedule in 2011 is really packed, i hope everything will go on smoothly. And my 3 biggest aim in this year is: firstly, good sales in my solo album; secondly, i am going to film a drama in Taiwan, i hope it will be welcomed and loved by everyone; thirdly, to become an Asia superstar!

Q5) Previously you participated in a Japanese musical in Japan, what did you improved from the 1st musical you did in Korea in 2008?

The musical in Japan and the musical previously in Korea, of course the acting improved a lot! The actor’s age in Japanese musical Kizuna are around the same as mine, so we are comfortable with chatting with each another, its a memory hard to be forgotten.

Q6) Jungmin lost as much as 12kg just for the album? Did you normally have any special methods on it? Please share the secret of maintaining health with everyone?

I did not deliberately use any special methods to lose my weight. Because i looked at myself during Love Ya period MV previously, i felt that i looks fat on screen, so i started to go to the gym to exercise on a regular basis, and also took more notice on the calories intake. My regimen… is to eat more and sleep more (Laughs), and to drink more water~ Thanks for everyone concern, i am a healthy baby, please do not worry about me.

Q7) Jungmin who has special compatibility with the Taiwan fans, what do you like most about them? What incident did they do which made a deep impression in you?

I love Taiwan fan’s passion! The incident which made me left a deep impression should be whenever i am in Taiwan, there will be many motorbike and taxi following my van, but it is really dangerous. I am worried about the fans meeting with accident in the van, everyone please do not do such a dangerous act again.

Q8) What’s your most anticipated thing in the past Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year is a really important festival in Korea, no matter how far i live away, during Chinese New Year period, i will need to return home and gather with family. The younger generation will put on traditional costume and bow to the elder on the morning of the 1st day; at this time, the elders will give children red packets which symbolize good fortune and lucky, after eating rice cake soup, which symbolize that we grow up by 1 year. When i was a kid, the thing i anticipated was to collect the money and go to the nearest toy store near my house to buy toys with my sister. (Laughs)

Q9) Jungmin’s Chinese is constantly improving, what did you learn recently?

I learn lots of Chinese recently. But the one i remembered the most is ‘I feel like sleeping after eating.’ Sometimes, i started Chinese lesson after eating. (Laughs) So i felt like sleeping especially.

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[HD Vid] Park Jung Min "Not Alone" Solo Performance on 29 Jan 11 Music Core

This is Jungminnie "Not Alone" performance in today Music Core.

Credit: kbank1004 @YT

[Vid] Heo Young Saeng at Japan Fanmeeting Drinking Water During Q&A Session

This is uber duper cutttteeeeee!!!!  He is simply irresistable.... I am swooning...

Thanks to saengieB for tweeting this vid and uploaded on her YT channel... ^ ^

Credit: SaengieB @YT +

[Info] Line-up revealed for MBC’s Lunar New Year special, “Star Dance Battle”!

Jungminnie vs MBLAQ in Dance Battle? Why a Soloist vs boyband? Shdnt it be soloist vs soloist? Like that not fair to our Jungminnie... ><

Credit: MBC + wafflecone @ Allkpop

This annual program is known for delivering hilarious and astounding stages with Korea’s hottest idols and stars. The show’s lineup has recently been revealed, with the dance battle will being divided into its two usual teams: the Blue Team (led by Park Hwisoon) and the White Team (led by Kim Shinyoung).
Check out the lineup below!

***[LEFT: Blue Team || RIGHT: White Team]***
Round 1: Park Hwisoon & Nam Changhee (‘High High’) vs. Lee Sungbae & Hwang Jaesung (‘Single Ladies’)
Round 2: Miss A vs. 4minute
Round 3: Soohyun & Jang Youngran (‘I Need A Girl’) vs. Kim Kyungjin (‘Yayaya’)
Round 4: Hong Jinyoung (‘Sonata of Seduction’) vs. Yoo Chaeyoung (‘Good Day’)
Round 5: Jewelry (‘Funny’ + Wacking [type of dance]) vs. Teen Top (Trot medley)
Round 6: Dal Shabet (‘U-Go-Girl’ & ‘Brand New’ ) vs. Han Groo (‘Diva medley’)
Round 7: ZE:A (performance + ‘Mackerel’ by Kwanghee) vs. INFINITE (‘Baby’ + ‘Like a G6’)
Round 8: SISTAR vs. Rainbow (‘Buttons’)
Round 9: MBLAQ (‘Hip Song’ + ‘Michael Jackson tribute’) vs. Park Jungmin (in process)
Round 10: T-ara (in process) vs. After School (‘London Boys’)

[Vid] Park Jung Min "Not Alone" Mini Album Taiwan Advertisment

This is Jungminnie's "Not Alone" Mini Album Taiwan Ad... omo... there will be hugging session in his fanmeeting in Taiwan... I wanna go... cries... ><

Credit: 0403min @ YT

[Vid] Park Jung Min Singing "Not Alone" & "If I Have You" on 27 Jan 11 Cultwo Radio Program

Jungminnie singing "Not Alone" & The Theme Song from the Korean drama "One Fine Day" called "If I Have You" which was sang by Loveholic... my fav song... ^ ^

Credit: oloverbobo @YT + SS601

This is the original song which was sang by Loveholic... ^ ^

[Full Vid] Park Jung Min on 26 Jan 11 ShimShimTapa

These are the following vids of Jungminnie on 26 Jan 11 ShimShimTapa... ^ ^

Credit: iZomZaa @YT

[Full Vids] Park Jung Min @ "The Beatles Code" Variety Show (3 parts)

This is the full vid of Jungminnie in "The Beatles Code" variety show... will update again if I see the subbed vids... ^ ^

Credit: oumae8 @YT

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[HD Vid] Park Jung Min "Not Alone"Performance on 28 Jan 11 Music Bank

This is Jungminnie's "Not Alone" performance today.  But look out for between 1:40 to 1:50... he nearly lost his balance while turning.... can see that he is quite pissed off with himself in today's performance cos his expression totally changed after that.  As you know, jungminnie is quite a perfectionist and have high expectations for himself.

Credit: 2NE1vicky @YT

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[Pics] Heo Young Saeng & Kim Kyu Jong on No.20 Feb 2011 TRENDY Magazine

Thanks for HYSmystyle for tweeting this.  KyuSaeng is on the cover of the Trendy mag and there is articles on them too... ^^ Will try to find a translation for this article....

Credit: ForeverYS + RMDKDL

[Vid] Park Jung Min "Not Alone" is No.2 on 27 Jan 11 Mnet Countdown

Congratulations Jungminnie!!!! Find that he is getting better and better for his performance! Hwaiting Jungminnie! ^^

Credit: kpopbisu @YT

[Vid] Kim Kyu Jong on 8 Jan 11 M Super Concert (MC) Cut

Thanks to iamsom for uploading this in her vimeo channel.  This is the vid of Kyu on the M Super Concert which was held on 8 Jan 11.

Credit: iamsom @vimeo

[Vids] Park Jung Min in Ep62 Strong Heart Preview

Thanks to iamsom for tweeting this and uploading the vid.  Jungminnie on the preview of Ep62 Strong Heart.

Credit: iamsom @Vimeo

Below is the vid of Jungminnie with his past photos.

[Media Vids] Kyu Jong & Young Saeng AND Story in Japan Presscon

Thanks for Lois for posting the vids on her blog.


Lois's translation: Young Saeng introduced the DVD 'summer love' and told about his plan for this year.
He said his album will be releasing in Spring and we may see him more often than in the past.
Kyu Jong said "We, 5 members have worked together as SS501 more than 5 years. Then we'll concentrate on our solo activities this year. I'm preparing acting now."
They said they wanted to have more chance to be seen in many fileds(area).

[Article] Park Jung Min: SS501 is not my rival

Source: kukinews
English translation:

The most beautiful group when all five were as one. Now, it’s not as five; but shared as one or as two. Last June when SS501 whose full time contract with DSP Media was up, did not sign on to a new contract with DSP Media. Members Hyunjoong, Jungmin, Hyungjun turned to stand on sole feet, while Youngsaeng and Kyujong moved to a new agency company as all of them began to shoulder troubles on their own as solo musicians. Without his 4 other intimate members, Park Jungmin has returned alone. As he poured his rythm of his heart, we listened to how he told about leaving the arms of SS501 to stand again alone on his own feet.

Our interview with Park Jungmin continued throughout without a pause. Two hours passed by in a huff with someone who was so affluent in speech. He was just like any other youth chattering on and on about his stories. If there wasn’t any time restrictions for interviews, it could have just been like pure comfort listening to someone pour about his personal stories. Though he returned alone, he did not look lonely at all. In fact, even more manly now. Park Jungmin who is a part of SS501 member has came forth for the first time with his solo mini-album titled [Not Alone] as if attempting to make it known officially that he has fought off the word named ‘Loneliness’. So how are his thoughts on stepping forth solo for the first time amidst his 6 years of experience in showbiz?

“The album name of ‘Not Alone’ simply means to want to contain the message of ‘We are all not alone. We are all One’. For my case, it also contains the meaning wherein although I stepped forth alone, I will forever be a member of SS501. If you listen to the entire album, you will be able to feel that this album contains only my personal attributes and not as a concept of SS501′s continuation of line. Without electronics or instruments, we tried our best to use bands and orchestras to animate the entire feel instead”.

In order for Park Jungmin to create only-his attributes, the part that he had put in most effort was in the ‘lyrics’. He wrote the lyrics with his imagination and personal experiences. Through the lyrics with a sentence by a sentence, a word by a word, Park Jungmin had obviously attempted to deliver his story there and then.

“When a singer sings on stage, the most important thing is to hold that sincere heart. For the fact that I decided to write the lyrics, it is for the sake of better expressing my feelings. Just like the songs ‘Do you know’ and ‘Every day is Christmas’ contained positive lyrics because I wrote them then with a serenic heart. Especially the song ‘Do you know’ – it was a song featuring the concept of a re-unite with the lover whom you already broke up with. I wrote the lyrics of this song in a puff upon hearing the melody of it a hundred times. It was in the feeling of a phone call conversation. There are also people who asked me if this song was written in view of feelings towards the members or not, but no it wasn’t hinting at any one, it’s just a story from my imagination (laughs)”.

SS501 may be his forever-roots, but still he wants to create his personal character image. For the sake of transforming into ‘the solo singer Park Jungmin’ and not as ‘SS501′s Park Jungmin’, he’s shed 12kg of weight. With his slimmed body, he’s managed to create a sharp image. Could it be for outlook transformation only? Still, you could see it as a form of stronger highlight of the feeling as ‘solo singer Park Jungmin’ who carries with him a rookie heart instead of that as ‘SS501′s Park Jungmin’.

“I went to watch past SS501 videos when I was preparing for my solo album, and I thought as I watched, ‘Ah this won’t do ne’. I didn’t know that I was so huge in size (laughs). When there were many of us, I couldn’t feel it clearly, but since I have to stand on stage alone now, I came to be worried about visuals wise. In order to slim down on my heavy body, I went on diets like diet treatments and exercising. I shed 12kg of weight, do I look different to you? (laughs)”.

Park Jungmin’s solo debut was full of bumps though. His album was originally scheduled to be released last November, but while he was in midst of preparing it, the North Korea’s Yeonpyeong-do incident occurred, to which his album had to be inevitably postponed. There was no choice but to lay down his hands on it because it was to emphatize with the country matter. However though, it turned out that 2 months of emptiness was incurred. If you think of it negatively, you might have thought that this entire matter could almost fail through already, but for him, he thought of it in a positive light and auto-tuned his mindset. He waited, and waited – his higher goals for the completion of his album.

“I felt sad that the release had to be postponed about close to two months. But if you think of it in the opposite manner, there was more time for me to prepare and so I felt glad. The Yeonpyeong-do incident wasn’t something to be happy nor laugh about, so I thought that it’d have been better as I emphatize with the country affair with the status of a citizen rather than to carry out my personal affairs. At that time I was in Japan holding my fanmeeting. Was studying alot then as I was preparing for my acoustic band performance. With the incident, it turned out as a period for me to better mature with the name as a musician to carry out activities”.

While preparing for the album, the toughest part was to deal with SS501 related conjectures and unfounded rumors. Park Jungmin was dragged into the talk of town as “the cause for SS501′s dispersal all around the place”. Though that inflicted scars on Park Jungmin, he chose to shoulder all of these on his own. It wasn’t something to have in control about where scars turn out to be inflicted on his family members SS501. He who has that strong affection for his family members strugglingly revealed talks of SS501.

“It was all along five of us, and the toughest thing was when we had to be dispersed. All kinds of thoughts came onto mind, but I managed to tune my mindset. There are many others who are more unfortunate than I am. What is mine as compared to really unfortunate matters? That thought crept through me all time long, and no sooner than later, all bad thoughts disappeared. I just want to talk about pleasant matters of SS501″.

“We may all be in different agencies, but we made it a must to prioritize this one condition that we have to re-unite under the name of SS501″, as Park Jungmin delivered his affections. SS501 is not his rival, but instead his companions who will be walking with him for the whole of his life — as he clarified it.

“The five of us don’t see one another as rivals. All of us must succeed, and when so, that will be the most beautiful graphic is it not. All of us have good abilities, so we’re not exactly very hugely worried. All of us are working hard on our own. Results will be different with each of us as per how much sincere preparation we put in. It will be lovely if you could realize that ‘Ah so there’s a person called Park Jungmin’ through this time’s album. I wasn’t the person who shone to one’s eyes at first sight when I was in SS501, and I wasn’t superbly outstanding with my singing as well, but now I’m working hard for that, and I want to create good results”.

The title that Park Jungmin yearns for is a ‘All Rounded Entertainer’. Not just as a singer, but also as an MC and actor, and he dreams to hold results in many multi fields. He also met an agency that could accompany in his strides as they walk the same pace. He moved into the new agency CNR Media which would be his full-fledged partner. CNR Media collaborates alongside Taiwan’s Comic Ritz. While for his activities in Greater China region, he chose to sign on with Sony Music Asia. With these, he is now able to fly wider. Soon, he will be starring in a drama with Comic Ritz who produced Taiwan version of ‘Boys over Flowers’. Starting from May onwards, he will be leaving the country for Taiwan as he stays there and starts his path as an actor.

“I want to become a person who shows his various profiles as a singer, MC, actor, etc. Not only in Korea but also in China, Southeast Asia, European markets, I will work hard to show these people about a person called Park Jungmin. If I am to summarize my name, it would mean ‘a person who sings with his heart’, ‘a person who acts with his eyes’, and then when people recall me in future they would think of these descriptions. I will sprint only ahead bearing these in mind”.

[Article] Park Jung Min: I felt like a genius (ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

Credit: + Ode Blog

SS501 Park Jungmin has attracted the attention of all where he praised to his talents of his genius ability to write the song lyrics with one heave on the day of recording.

On the 22nd at 7PM in Seoul Kwangjin-gu's Dom Art Hall, Park Jungmin held his solo album's commemoration showcase & fanmeeting where he revealed the incident of his writing of lyrics for title song 'Not Alone'.

"I was actually supposed to write the lyrics before recording but I couldn't", "It was only upon the day of recording did I write the lyrics with one heave in the recording studio; and the lyrics turned out great", as Park Jungmin praised to himself.

He added, "I wrote the lyrics with one heave though and yet it turned out so amazing, I thought I felt so genius", as he turned a nostril to that statement.

He's shown his extraordinary passion for music wherein he had written for his solo songs during SS501 days, and of course been recognized by public too.

To this incident, netizens exclaimed, "It's a song credible enough for self praise", "That wasn't a bull talk though", "You can already feel so once you hear to it once", "If so then don't listen to it yet", "Really like a genius", etc.

On the other hand, in this time's album, title dance track 'Not Alone' is produced together with star song producer Shinsadong Tiger where it shows an upgraded music style different from SS501's existent music trend. This song has the luxurious orchestration line of walk accompanied by real instrumentals as they form a perfect harmony amidst classical and modernity feel.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

[News Article] SS501’s Park Jung Min reveals his thoughts on working as a solo artist

Find that Jungminnie is quite cute with his answers... ^ ^

Credit: VITALSIGN @AllKPop

Despite his seven-year career in the music industry, SS501’s Park Jung Min has been dealing with a lot of ‘firsts’ ever since he returned with his solo album, “Not Alone.”

Out of all five of his fellow group members, he’s the first to officially kick off a solo career. Although he originally intended to return last November, he delayed it for two months out of respect for the Yeonpyeong Island skirmish.

He began, “I attempted for the first time to write all of the songs in the album. I wanted to deliver my honest thoughts through my own voice. I’ve always liked drawing and writing, but it was an aspect of myself that I wasn’t able to express with SS501. I’m planning to write the lyrics for every new song that will be out under my name. The thought of someone reading my lyrics made me feel shy and pressured at first, but writing little by little brought out a sort of excitement.”
When asked about the differences between performing as a soloist and with a group, he replied, “There’s no time to rest as a soloist, since I have to do everything on my own. With SS501, I was able to sleep when the other members went into filming (laughter). As a soloist, all of the focus is on me.”

Park Jung Min then revealed that he underwent a 12 kg weight loss. “It’s difficult to lose weight the first time, but now, no matter how much I eat, I just don’t gain weight. My basic stamina has improved. Even though my schedule is busy, I try to fit in exercise. Kim Jong Guk-hyung, Super Junior, and SHINee all come to my gym. Since all of their bodies are shaping up, I can’t lose to them, now can I?”
The star also discussed SS501’s new group album, which is scheduled for release later this year. “Once SS501’s schedule is confirmed, I’m planning to postpone my personal activities. As opposed to going out of everyone’s way to make it happen, I’d rather that we just naturally came together.”
His goal for the new year is to tour at least five countries. Park Jung Min explained, “Park Jung Min is part of SS501, but through my solo album, I want to let the public know who I am. My 2011 goal is to become a man that people want to hug (laughter). Since I am of age now (25), I want to express a more masculine aspect of myself.”

[Screencaps & Vids] Park Jung Min on 25 Jan 11 "Strong Heart" Variety Show (Added 2 Vids)

Thanks to gobblepop for her screencaps which she tweeted.  Omo.. I am really looking forward to see Jungminnie at Strong Heart.  Hopefully someone will upload the vid with subs too.

Credit: gobblepop @ twitter

Added on 26 Jan 11, 3:13PM - Jungminnie dance battle with Jo Kwon. 
Credit: 1YSJ @YT

Did anyone remember the sexy dance battle between Jungminnie & Brian Joo for the song Love Like This on Dec 09 Strong Heart? ^ ^

Credit: trangmon1