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[MV, Audio & Eng Trans Lyrics] Heo Young Saeng "The Words On My Lips"(허영생 - 입술에 맺힌 말) OST Song For The Drama Fermented Family Is Out!

Loen Entertainment releases Heo Young Saeng OST MV for Drama Fermented Family!!!

I am totally melting! Think I will be looping this song all day long... Saengie voice is totally awesome!

Artist : Heo Young Saeng (허영생) 
Title Album : Fermented Family (발효가족) Ost Part 2 
Format : Single, Studio 
Title Track : The Words On My Lips (입술에 맺힌 말) 
Genre : Drama Ost 
Release Date : December 28, 2011 
Label | Distribution : The Groove Entertainment | Loen Entertainment 

Hangul, simple romanization  & Eng Trans

난 괜찮습니다 정말 괜찮습니다 
nan gwenchanseumnida jongmal gwenchanseumnida
I’m okay, I really am okay

더 슬퍼도 더 아파도 난 괜찮아요 
do seulpodo do apado nan gwenchanayo
Even if I’m sadder, more hurt I’m still okay

그댈 볼 수 있다면 그대 행복하다면 
geudel bol su itdamyon geude hengbokhadamyon 
If I can see you, if you’re happy

모진 운명까지 받아들여요 
mojin unmyongkkaji badadeuryoyo
I will accept even the harsh fate

괜찮아 괜찮아 내 맘 다독여봐도 
gwenchana gwenchana ne mam dadogyobwado 
But even if I comfort myself saying, It’s okay, it’s okay

흐르는 내 눈물은 어떻게 하나요 
heureuneun ne nunmureun ottoke hanayo
What do I do with the falling tears?

사랑해 사랑해 매일매일 입술에 맺힌 말 
saranghe saranghe meil meil ipsure mechin mal 
I love you, I love you, The words that are formed in my lips

그대 달아날까 봐 하지 못했던 그 말 
geude daranalkka bwa haji mot-hetdon geu mal 
The words that I couldn’t say cause I was afraid you’d run away

혼자 하는 그 말 사랑합니다 
honja haneun geu mal saranghamnida 
The words that I say alone, I love you

참 미안합니다 정말 미안합니다 
cham mianhamnida jongmal mianhamnida 
I’m so sorry, I really am so sorry

그댈 감히 사랑해서 난 미안해요 
geudel gamhi sarangheso nan mianheyo 
I’m sorry that I have fallen in love with you 

다가갈 수 없어도 안아줄 수 없어도 
dagagal su obsodo anajul su obsodo 
Even if I can’t come closer, can’t hug you

아픈 사랑까지 받아들여요 
apeun sarangkkaji badadeuryoyo 
I will accept even the painful love

얼마나 얼마나 그댈 더 바라봐야 
olmana olmana geudel do barabwaya 
For how much longer do I have to watch you

흐르는 내 눈물이 멈출 수 있나요 
heureuneun ne nunmuri momchul su innayo 
To stop my falling tears?

사랑해 사랑해 매일매일 입술에 맺힌 말 
saranghe saranghe meil meil ipsure mechin mal 
I love you, I love you, The words that are formed in my lips

그대 달아날까 봐 하지 못했던 그 말 
geude daranalkka bwa haji mot-hetdon geu mal 
The words that I couldn’t say cause I was afraid you’d run away

혼자 하는 그 말 사랑합니다 
honja haneun geu mal saranghamnida 
The words that I say alone, I love you

항상 그대 곁에 숨쉬고 있는 날 볼 순 없나요 
hangsang geude gyote sumswigo inneun nal bol sun omnayo
Can’t you see me, who is breathing next to you always

멍든 내 가슴을 알고 있나요 
mongdeun ne gaseumeul algo innayo
Do you know of my bruised heart?

가슴 아파도 그댈 놓을 수가 없어요 
gaseum apado geudel-loeul suga obsoyo 
Even if my heart hurts, I can’t let you go

내 사랑은 끝이 없나 봐 
ne sarangeun kkeuchi omna bwa 
My love must not have an end

사랑해 사랑해 매일매일 입술에 맺힌 말 
saranghe saranghe meil meil ipsure mechin mal 
I love you, I love you, The words that form in my lips everyday

그대 달아날까 봐 하지 못했던 그 말 
geude daranalkka bwa haji mot-hetdon geu mal 
The words that I couldn’t say cause I was afraid you’d run away

혼자 하는 그 말 사랑합니다 
honja haneun geu mal saranghamnida 
The words that I say alone, I love you

제발 한번만 돌아봐줘요 
jebal hanbonman dorabwajyoyo
Please look back at me, just once

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

[News] Heo Young Saeng to Sing In OST for ‘Fermented Family’

I am really anticipating to hear Saengie singing again... esp after coming back from Seoul watching his musical... Will he be giving us any surprises??


Heo Young Saeng will be singing for the OST of the jTBC drama Fermented Family.
Heo Young Saeng will be filling hearts of the drama’s viewers with the second part of Fermented Family’s OST titled The Words On My Lips, which he worked on with Brave Entertainment’s rising star composer Dol-I Park.

Heo Young Saeng sung out the emotions of a man who’s lost between fear and regret with his sweet and emotional voice. The lyrics, which depict the conflict between the fear of losing one forever and the wish to confess love anyway, aim to draw sympathy from the listener.

The Fermented Family OST Part 2 is a collaboration between The Groove Entertainment and the artist and music director Park Sun Ju, and will be released on December 28.

Fermented Family stars Song Il Kook, Park Jin Hee, Lee Min Young and Choi Jae Sung, and talks of how family and friends love each other and overcome conflicts by bringing together various personalities as different as the different kinds of Korean kimchi.

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[My Fancam & FanPics] Heo Young Saeng Curtain Calls During Three Musketeers Musical on 13 & 16 Dec 2011

I will just post the fancams & pics 1st... I will update my fan account after a few days cos I am down with flu after coming back from Seoul. It is -8deg to -11deg over there! Gosh... I was practically shivering almost everyday when I was there...

Here are my fancams & fanpics...^^ 

This is my fancam for 13 Dec curtain call.

These are my pics for 16 Dec curtain call.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

[VID] "BE WITH YOU" Kim Hyun Joong Favourite Movie

Leader is currently having his Japan Concert Tour. During the talk-time, he said that his favourite movie is "BE WITH YOU" & that he always listen to the OST before he sleeps... Thus I was damn curious, so I decided to go & search for the song... When I heard it, I fell in love with the song as it is very soothing & pleasing to the ears... then after which I started searching for the movie to watch... Love the movie..

Extracted from Wikipedia:

Be With You (いま、会いにゆきます Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu, is a 2004 Japanese film based on a novel of the same name written by Takuji Ichikawa. 

Mio Aio's death leaves her husband Takumi and six year-old son Yuji to fend for themselves. Takumi is congenitally disorganized, suffers occasional fainting spells, and fears that his health compromised his dead wife's happiness. Yuji overhears relatives speculate that his own difficult delivery compromised Mio's health, and blames himself for his mother's death. Mio had left Yuji a picture book; in the book, Mio departs for a celestial body she calls "the Archive Star" but reappears in Japan during the following year's rainy season; turning the pages, Yuji eagerly awaits her return.

On a walk in the forest outside their house, Takumi and Yuji find a woman sheltered from the rain, and immediately accept her as Mio. She has no memory or sense of identity; she comes home to live with the father and son anyway. This new Mio asks Taku how they met and fell in love, and he recounts a tale of years of missed chances, beginning in high school and ending when she encouraged their marriage years later. As the rainy season draws to a close, Yuji discovers the "time capsule" he hid with his mother before her death. Mio's diary is inside, and its version of the Mio-Taku romance holds the answers to the mystery. 

OST of the movie:


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[Trans] Singer Heo Young Saeng, The 1st Challenge In The "Three Musketeers" Musical

I feel that Saengie has displayed a lot of maturity ever since he has started his individual activties. The interview about his views, his insecurities about him being in the musical is very interesting. 

Chinese Trans:
English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

Idol group SS501 main vocalist Heo Young Saeng (26 yrs old) is taking his 1st career challenge in the Musical "Three Musketeers".

Heo Young Saeng will display his charms as the character of D'Artagnan in the "Three Musketeers" Musical which will be held at Seongnam Arts Center from 3 Nov to 8 Dec.

Musical "THREE MUSKETEERS" is depicting about the 17th century as the background. Dreaming of becoming the royal musketeers, the youngsters D'Artagnan and the three musketeers of the french king guard troops Athos, Porthos and Aramis as well as the girlfriend Constance, the story of their adventure, friendship and love. Heo Young Saeng was recommended by 1 of the actor Eom Gi Jun in the musical to form for the "Three Musketeers".

Together with Eom Gi Jun, Lee Jee Hoon, Kyuhyun(SuJu), Oh Won Bin (Ex-FT) etc acting as the character D'Artagnan, they were chosen by a series of character voting (total 5), with a shoulder of heavy responsibilities, Heo Young Saeng said, "A song & dance without any modification, wanted to display my acting skills to let the audience feel comfortable and interesting."

The role of D'Artagnan has a huge proportion of lines, gotta practise singing and also to digest the fencing scene etc, even though the expected process of practising is much more easier now, no matter what the challenge of the musical actor reason is not a singer who has debuted for 7 years but rather the thinking of newbie with a passion that is burning once again.Thus he is always the 1st to reach for his practise and the last to leave so as to concentrate fully practising. Singer Shin Seong-woo (acting as Athos) looking at him in the face and praised him for "having the right attitude" 

Heo Young Saeng said, "As this is my 1st musical, I have to be more serious than other actors. Shin Seong-woo hyung praised me" and "wanted to create a more pure, clearer and lively character of D'Artagnan. In fact, I believe in D'Artagnan and thru acting to create this charater.  But in order to display the songs in the original way of musical stage singing and also to still maintain my own original way of singing, I am still trying to make a balance."

During the intial stage of practise with SuJu's Kyuhyun and ex-FTI's Oh Won Bin, unconsciously giving everyone a feel of the battle between idol groups. 

"Having this sub-consciousness, what if I am being elimated by Kyuhyun or Oh Won Bin but now especially we are closer, we will give one another mutual encouragement while watching the monitor."

"Must have a physically strong body for stage musical, thus usually will prepare carfully all the vitamins and healthy food to maintain stamina. Also at the same time the food support from all the fan clubs really given me a lot of their support and strength."

"The friendship and adventure of men, and inclusive of when facing with the women they love, it is a musical where all ages will love it. The audience age level can be in accordance how they feel when watching this musical, the 10th generation will develop dreams, 20 ~ 30 generations will have a feeling of cherished love,40 generations will have a feel of missing of friendship. Even though we may have the same scenes, but when watching the other actors interactions on stage, you will be so touched that tears will start falling. Especially at the scene where Athos sing "Three Musketeers, Let's recall our memories", warmth will fill our eyes and tears will start forming. If there are alot of people to support for our musical, it would be the best." 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

[Trans] Heo Young Saeng - Heart With Full of Passion, Appeared Once Again In Three Musketeers

I was deeply impressed by Saengie's thoughts & feelings about taking up the role of  D'Artagnan.  Can sense his fear & worries.  But I know that he will surely make it just like Kyu Jong in the Musical GOONG. 

Source: The Daily Focus
Chinese Trans: 0317 @young-saeng bar
English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

Musical "Three Musketeers" D'Artagnan Heo.Young.Saeng

1st shot debut in Musical after 7 years being an idol Usually not very good at expressing feelings, making it tough for him during his practice in acting

It is difficult to compare between "Popularity" and "Newbie".  When comparing between a person who just debuted and a star who has already debuted for 7 years, most people will think that the former will be more passionate forceful. Whereas for the latter when facing with challenges, if he is not passionate, he will not reach that position.

This is the 7th year of his debut. Being the main vocalist in the group SS501, and also as a solo singer who has taken a new step, Heo Young Saeng (26yrs old),  harbouring a warm passionate heart, once again appear in front of everyone thru the Musical "Three Musketeers".

"Actually everyone around me who has participated in musicals persuaded, but I still do not have any confidence.  However when the solo activities begin at the same time, suddenly have an urge and the heart to continue learning, upgrading.  This is my 7th year of my debut, as my comeback, the want to ignite the passion in my heart is very strong. In fact, as a new attempt to start, as compared to the previous debut as a singer, there are more excitment, gotta put in even more efforts and practice in order to get into the character. Initially thinking that I only know how to sing, now I have the desire to try out acting."

As the young D'Artagnan who is full of dreams at the same time coming back with a new identity, started to have a desire for acting.

Musical "THREE MUSKETEERS" is depicting about the 17th century as the background.  Dreaming of becoming the royal musketeers, the youngsters D'Artagnan and the three musketeers of the french king guard troops Athos, Porthos and Aramis the story of their adventure and friendship.

"In fact, prior starting have heard a lot of prejudice on newcomers.  Thus I pour out my woes to a very good hyung of mine, hyung told me that I must go and try it out and at the same time to watch the monitor frequently."

Heo Young Saeng who is acting as D'Artagnan character, was chosen together with Super Junior Kyuhyun and also Ex FT-island member Oh Won Bin. Although three of them were all idol-born, but that did not caused any competition between them.

"I did worry because it is the 1st time too, but it was all for nothing.  Beginning I practiced together with Won Bin, anything that we are lack of we will look at the monitor and advise each other. In fact, I didnt get to see Kyuhyun often, thus anything that I wanna talk to him will put it off 1st. (smile) All three of us who are playing D'Artagnan who have different thoughts or style in potraying the character, thus these helps."

Usually not very good at expressing feelings, but when facing with a musical which needs immediate emotional expressions, is an exceptional challenge.  Thus need to show more charm.  He said "For eg, if you have this kind of situation whereby clearly your face is full of happy expression but still need to show a tinge of sadness." Starting from the main casts, always been told to 'put more emotions in, try to get the feeling out' this kind of words.  At the same time "Although it is still difficult, but I cant live in other people's character, there will be still a fresh part that will remain with me, that is the charm of it." Heo Young Saeng also hopes that the audience will be able to see the changes brought by his confidence.

"Watching me potraying as D'Artagnan character, at the same time can be deeply impressed by the 'pure' side and it will be great.  In actual fact, it is very hard to define the performances of the Three Musketeers musical, it consists of amazing sword play, love, friendship and betrayal etc. together with a different varieties of stories in different chapters. Until now, due to the dullness or difficulties, a musical once was being a taboo, now people are satisfied after they got their understanding."

Sunday, October 2, 2011

[Vids] Kim Kyu Jong's Yesterday 1st Week Comeback Performance on MCountdown, MuBank, MuCore & Inki

So proud of kyu... I still cant get enough of his suspender dance... love it!! ^^

Credit: CrazyCarrot YT Channels

Mnet Countdown




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[Official Vid] Kim Kyu Jong "YESTERDAY" MV Is Out!

I am so impressed by Kyu's voice... his voice totally improved a lot esp after his muscial stint! I love his dance.. the front part is part of "LOVE YA" dance... you know the breathing part and the suspenders dance part! Nice!!!


Credit: B2M Official YT Channel

Sunday, September 25, 2011

[Teaser Vid] Kim Kyu Jong Inkigayo Comeback Vid for 2 Oct

When I saw this comeback teaser vid... I am really excited about Kyu Jong's comeback! I will stay at home on Sun to watch the live streaming of his comeback! Kim Kyu Jong MANSAE!!!

Credit: sCherry501 @YT

Saturday, September 24, 2011

[Feeling & Thoughts] Kim Kyu Jong's Turn Me On Teaser Vid & Teaser Pics

I know I am very late on posting this cos I really dont feel well for the past few days... 

But I must say that Kyu is getting better and better. I must applaud him for taking the risk in having the white image which I was really shocked and it really took me some time to digest this whole image thing. So what if the pearl necklace does make him feminine? This is just a so called modelling image for people to stand up to take a second look... hey man... I am not a shy center anymore! I read many comments that the pearl necklace will soon become an 'in' fashion item cos of Kyu. I really wish so... I really support and admire him for taking this route esp among all the members, his is the most radical & unconventional. The other members are still doing what is within their comfort/safe zone while Saengie did step out from his comfort zone... a little but not much.

Just like when everyone was freaking out on the boys heavy smoky make-up during Rebirth comeback image and also the SM theme of the boys in Destination comeback, but still you see so many other idol groups or even solo singers doing the same kind of theme after them... they are really setting a trend for their hoobaes and youngster's these days...

I quote this from tetsu_girl which I totally agree with what she says:

"Bottom line: I dont love the pearls, but I love the concept.  The pearls arent the point.  The concept is white and black, pure and dark, female and male beauty.  Kind of Yin-and-Yang.  I think it's interesting and beautiful.  And I'm actually very proud of Kyu Jong for -- trying something so daring -- and being confident and man enough to make it work." 

Really love this teaser so much... Kyu really soft seductive voice added with his awseome intense acting... this teaser really makes me anticipate for the full MV! Really love the so-called storyline that goes with it... love, betrayal? 

Argh!!! I really wish 27 Sep can pali come!!! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

[Trans] B2M Announcement on Kim Kyu Jong Official Website

The official announcement of Kyu's solo album is out!!

Source: B2M Kyu's Official Webby
Chinese Trans:
English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

Comeback to the music scene after 1 year & 6 months.
Kim Kyu Jong returns with a mini solo album on 27 Sep.

B2M Entertainment Official YouTube Channel
Teaser broadcast! Coming Soon!

27 Sep (Tue)AM 00:00 Online audio release / Digital album marketed

Hope everyone support.

**This announcement will have an additional correction on Monday.

Update on 19 Sep 2011, 1315hrs

The teaser pics of Kyu Jong for his new album is out!!

[Pic & Trans] Kim Kyu Jong 1st Solo Mini Album "TURN ME ON"

I am so elated when I saw Kyu's album jacket! He really turn all TripleS and Thankyu on!! 1 of his song features Young Saeng! I really cant wait!^^

Chinese Trans: 晓晓 @ K.J.Dream
English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

Released Date: 27 Sep 2011
Price: 7,400 Won
Weight: 110g
SS501 last member solo debut!

Kim Kyu Jong will be releasing "Kim Kyu Jong THE 1st Mini Album [TURN ME ON]", and will be making his comeback as a singer.
He begin his solo activities after the group activities, as an actor in Musical "GOONG" to greet all the fans, Kim Kyu Jong finally comeback as a singer after 1 year and 6 months.  "Kim Kyu Jong THE 1st Mini Album [TURN ME ON]" is composed by the composer of SS501 "UR MAN", the album is co-produced by the producer of Rain "Rainsim" and "Love Song".

1. No More Yes
2. Yesterday (부제: 어제보다 슬픈 오늘…)
3. My Love (Feat. YS(허영생)) 
4. Get Ya' Luv 
5. Get Ya' Luv (Acoustic Version)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

[Trans] Heo Young Saeng, Musical Debut... Starring as "THREE MUSKETEERS" D'Artagnan

I am really really looking fwd to this musical... wondering how Saengie will be like in it. ^^

Source: inews24
Chinese Trans: shinkyoshin @ 水之莲生中文网
English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

Heo Young Saeng Transform into Musical Actor.

Recently Heo Young Saeng thru the character of D'Artagnan in "THREE MUSKETEERS" Musical, he will officially make his 1st musical debut.  With his successful mini solo album "LET IT GO", Heo Young Saeng transformed the character who is full of vigor with a sense of justice D'Artagnan, entering into the hearts of the audience.

Musical "THREE MUSKETEERS" is depicting about the 17th century as the background.  Dreaming of becoming the royal musketeers, the youngsters D'Artagnan and the three musketeers of the french king guard troops Athos, Porthos and Aramis the story of their adventure and friendship. This  works showcase the 16th century of Alex Barrow of classical dance, coupled with the soft sounds of the musical elements which raised the concerns of many.

The opening of the musical "THREE MUSKETEERS" has been shifted to Seongnam Art Center, plans to construct  a beautiful stage of 100 characters having their sword play scenes.

On the other hand, Musical "THREE MUSKETEERS" will be staging from 3 Nov till 18 Dec at Seongnam Art Center Opera House. 

[Trans] Heo Young Saeng Profile in "THREE MUSKETEERS" Musical

Our Saengie is a Hallyu Prince who emits Bad Boy aura!!! Wheeeee......^^^

[Trans] B2M Announced Heo Young Saeng Participation in "Three Musketeers" Musical Via Twitter

I am really so happy that Saengie is not in the musical "Three Musketeers" with Kyuhyun of SuJu! Both are great vocalists in their respective grp! This musical will be open on Saengie's birthday & I believe it will sure DAEBAK! ^^

Source: B2M Twitter
Chinese Trans: 0317 @Baidu HYS Bar
English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

Please give lots of love, concern and support.

[Trans] Heo Young Saeng 14th Sep Message On Offical Webby

I was very elated when I know that Saengie is participating in a musical!! Our boys are so talented... ppl kept finding them to sing OST and to act in Musical! I am really so proud of them! ^^

Sunday, September 11, 2011

[Blogpost] HAPPY CHUSEOK DAY! 추석 잘 보내세요

Wishing everyone HAPPY CHUSEOK DAY! 추석 잘 보내세요

Origin Of The Chuseok Festival And Its Name

The custom of celebrating the harvest season dates back to the Three Kingdoms’ Period (57 B.C. – A.D. 668) when Silla (57 B.C – A.D. 935), one of three big kingdoms that ruled the southeastern part of Korean Peninsula held a big fe  ast for the occasion of full moon. The festival was also called “hangawi” with “han” meaning “big” and “gawi” meaning “middle.” Such is roughly translated as the “big middle” or the “big day in the middle of the 8th month.” According to “Samguksagi,” the Historical Record of the Three Kingdoms, written by the scholar Kim Bu-sik around 1145, the word “gawi” also came from the word “ga-be,” meaning “to compensate” (“gap-da” in modern Korean).

Here’s the reason for the meaning “compensation.” During the reign of King Yuri Isageum, the third monarch of Silla, two groups of weaving women led by two princesses gathered in the palace to compete in a weaving competition. The weaving, which began in the middle of the 7th lunar month, went on for nearly a whole month. On the 15th day of the 8th month, an evaluation was made of which team had woven the most. The losing team had to compensate by serving feasts and entertaining them with song and dance. “Heeso-gok” is the song that the losing team sang during the party that became famous for the sad yet beautiful notes.

It seems the word “ga-be” continued to remain unchanged at least throughout the Goryeo Dynasty (A.D. 918-1392) as proved by some remaining folklore of that period. The ballad “Dong Dong” told women’s sentiments according to the festivities of each season. The fact that “gawi” was a big event in the Silla Kingdom is also evidenced in China’s “History of the Early Tang Dynasty (舊唐書)” that described the customs of the neighboring countries. In the chapter for Dong-I (Eastern tribes) the book writes that Silla highly valued the harvest festival with revelry, music and archery competitions.

Later, however, hangawi came to be referred to more formally as “chu-seok” and also as “jung-chu-jeol” partly due to the usage of Chinese characters borrowed down the road. “Chu (秋)” is the Chinese character for “autumn.”

In modern South Korea, on Chuseok there is a mass exodus of Koreans as they return to their hometowns to pay respects to the spirits of their ancestors. People perform ancestral worship rituals early in the morning. They often visit the tombs of their immediate ancestors to trim plants and clean the area around the tomb, and offer food, drink, and crops to their ancestors. Harvest crops are attributed to the blessing of ancestors.

One of the major foods prepared and eaten during the Chuseok holiday is songpyeon (송편), a crescent-shaped rice cake which is steamed upon pineneedles. Other foods commonly prepared are japchae, bulgogi and fruits.




Leader, HyungJunnie & JungMinnie Wishing Everyone Happy Mid-Autumn Day!

Now let us enjoy the performance of our boys during Chuseok 2008.

And lastly our dear 4D leader in WGM Chuseok Special! 

WGM Chuseok Special (1st Season) Part 1 by Ssangchu4Ever

WGM Chuseok Special (1st Season) Part 2 by Ssangchu4Ever
WGM Chuseok Special (1st Season) Part 3 by Ssangchu4Ever

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong Surprised Visit To Kim Kyu Jong During His Musical "GOONG" Practice, Promised To Attend Last Show

When I saw the tweets and read the news of leader visiting kyu, I was so elated and touched.  This is how strong the friendship between SS501 members.  Leader ah, you really fulfill your promise to attend the last performance of Kyu.

Source: Issue Daily News
Chinese Trans: 624@bf (
English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

Kim Hyun Joong who is currently busy with his overseas promotions and preparing for his 2nd album, suddenly went to the Musical "GOONG" practice session to visit SS501 member, Kim Kyu Jong. This really caused a huge topic.

The news of Kim Hyun Joong sudden visit on the 3rd is being tweeted by the Musical "GOONG" production company Group8 official twitter.  That day, Kim Hyun Joong visited Kim Kyu Jong who was practicing till very late, he prepared drinks for everyone.  Kim Kyu Jong says, "Although I received a call from him telling me that he is coming, but I never thought that he will really come." was very surprised and happy by Kim Hyun Joong's visit.

Picture: regarding the visit by the warmth Kim Hyun Joong, everyone at the scene were all very stunned and happy.

Musical "GOONG" someone closed stated that, Kim Hyun Joong stopped his recording to visit Kim Kyu Jong who was still practicing till very late.  With regards to the warmth Kim Hyun Joong visit, everyone were elated.  Showing a happy mode, the whole practice studio has seem to form into a jolly happy fanmeeting atmosphere.

Picture: Due to "Boys Over Flowers" which forged a deep fate between Song Byeong-joon and Kim Hyun Joong

Special mentioned is that, being the director of Musical "GOONG" is also practicing together Song Byeong-joon who is the Group8 founder also produced the drama "Boys Over Flowers", "Playful Kiss" thus he has forged a deep friendship with Kim Hyun Joong.

Picture: The strong friendship between SS501, Kim Hyun Joong told Kim Kyu Jong "Act a  1000th show, Daebak"

Kim Hyun Joong said, "Really, I ought to go to the opening of the musical and also the closing of the musical", "But, the opening of the musical clashed with my overseas activities, thus I cant go, but I will sure attend the last show", making such a decision. In addition, Kim Hyun Joong also said that, "Hope the Musical daebak, continue till the 1000th show",  After finished saying, Kim Kyu Jong said, "If it were to continue to stage till the 1000th show, I will be over 100 years old", causing a sea of laughter.

On the other hand, Kim Kyu Jong who is acting in this Musical "GOONG" which is adapted from the 2006 drama series "GOONG", it depicts the 2011 year the monarchy of Republic Korea, the romantic love story between the Crown Prince and an ordinary high school girl.  The Musical will showcase the different stage settings, costumes from the Imperial family of Republic Korea, giving the audience a feel  of combination of modern and classical music.  The Musical will start showing from 16 Sep till 9 Oct 2011 at National Central Museum "Dragon" theatre.