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Kyu Jong & Young Saeng And Story in Bangkok

Thoughts & Feelings of Kyu Jong & Young Saeng And Story in Bangkok

When I know that KyuSaeng will be having a fanmeet in Bangkok, I wanted to go esp since it is so near to SG. Since I cldnt go to Seoul, why not go to Bangkok. Initially, Rachel Leo was the one who is going with me. But in the end she backed out cos she cldnt take leave. So I decided to persuade Mini aka Xiaoying to go with me... in the end she relented. I was so happy, cos mini is a kyu fan whereas I am a saengie fan... so it is like killing 2 birds with 1 stone.After which, winnie & Belle also joined us in this trip.

9 Dec 2010
The day came & I was quite excited to see them. We already know what time and which flight they will reached Bangkok, so we hoped to receive them at the airport. Met up with belle & Winnie at Changi Airport T1 and proceed to do our check in procedures at the Myanmar Airway counter. We did not check in our luggage as we intend to continue to stay in the Bangkok airport to wait for KyuSaeng at their arrival gate.
OMG... my whole body is aching like mad.... imagine carrying a hand luggage that is more than 7KG running around the airport... aigoo....

Everything just passed so fast... the boys got down from the plane and was straight away being driven by a golf buggy to the VIP route for their customs & immigrations. Mini, belle, winnie & I were standing near the immigration and customs section which we thot they were going be going to get off... their golf buggy just passed by us... slowed down and after that accelerated again to the VIP route... all 4 of us started chasing after the golf buggy and winne was screaming: YOUNG SAENG OPPA... YOUNG SAENG OPPA!!!!!!

KyuSaeng on the golf buggy

We thot we cant get to see them liao since they went into the VIP route... so we went and cleared our customs... took us 20mins due to the heavy human traffic... a thai security ajussi ask us where are we from and direct us to the queue... when he saw mini.... he commented that mini is very cute.... and mini is over the moon...

After clearing customs.... we exit and saw that all the thai fans are still at the arrival area... so we ask them whether are the boys out already... but due to the language barrier... we cldnt understand one another... so belle decided to call Mel (bloomlion) and was told that the boys were not out yet. So we waited at the exit 10 to wait for the boys with Mel. After some time, we heard screams and they were out!!! I was so excited and my heart was pumping very fast...

Below is my fancam. The whole cam can only see kyu and glimspes of saengie... I was blocked by the a lady when saengie was nearing but he was squashed in between the security and fans...

Kyu saw mini & waved at her... she has captured it in her fancam... give her some time to upload it... ^^

Mel told us which hotel they are staying and to our surprise and happiness... we are staying in the same hotel as them!!! We went to queue for our cab to take us to our hotel. Mel is so nice, telling belle to msg her our cab number in case anything happened to us.
When we reached our hotel, fans are starting to leave so we guess that the boys hv already checked into their rooms liao...

We were so dead tired, that we pali pali check into our rooms, bathe, check out & update SGTS forum and then sleep.

What an exciting nite!!

Next day - 10 Dec 2010
Woke up around 9am, try waking mini up but to no avail.. guess she was too tired... so belle, winnie & me decided to go a cafe which is just next to our hotel for some breakfast.

My breakfast... simple but yummy!!!

After which, we went to 7-eleven to buy our necessities b4 going back to the hotel.  Mini is already awake after we went back.  Received news that the boys will be coming down in a while for their private press conference, so we quickly get dressed and headed down to the lobby.  After a while, we saw the boys coming out walking towards the conference room...

Below is my fancam... kyu is in black whereas saengie is in red.

At around 2pm to 3pm, they came out from the conference room.  Me & mini were really up close with them, just imagine 1 armlength away from them only.  Saengie was so busy adjusting to his accessories that he did not look to our side, but kyu saw us & mini said "Annyeong" to him in her cutesy voice and he replied her back waving both of his hands.  Then both me & mini just quietly walked behind them...

After they gone back to their hotel rooms, we decided to head down to Siam Paragon for their public presscon which is held at Hall 1.

The fans queuing outside the presscon.

Kyu fans

The boys during the presscon

Saengie various cute expressions during the presscon (credit as on pics)

The presscon is in thai & korean... poor us dont even understand a bit... cries...
After the presscon, we went to Seefah restaurant at Siam Sq for dinner which was recommended by Mel.  The food is very nice!!! ^^
After the dinner, winnie & me went for facial and the feeling is damn good... ^^  While we were having facial, mini & belle went shopping and mini bought a very nice black blouse.  Then we proceed back to our hotel.

11 Dec 2010

Woke up quite late & it is time for our brunch... pali wash up and then headed down with the gals. The hotel concierge recommended a thai restuarant called NAJ for us to eat & it is a walking distance from our hotel to the restaurant. The food is superb!!

Our lunch @ NAJ

After lunch, we proceeded to starbucks as me & belle need our dosage of vanilla latte.  Then we proceeded back to hotel for some rest b4 proceeding to Siam Paragon for the Fanmeeting.

My ticket for the fanmeeting... nice?? ^^

Entrance of the fanmeeting

Kyu standee at the entrance

Saengie standee at the entrance

The stuff that the different fanclubs selling

The banners for the boys

The stage

The fans sitting behind us

When the boys were out, they sang Because I am Stupid.

After which, the MC & the translator came out & FAQ session begins..

Kyu dancing to T-ara song & Saengie dancing to Gee song

My fav pic... love them smiling so happily

Saengie singing I Love You, I am Sorry

Kyu singing Encore Seoul version of Never Let You Go

FOOD COMPETITION -  Making of Papaya Salad

KyuSaeng feeding the fans with the papaya salad that they made...

Saengie lost in the food competition so he has to take up his punishment

Saengie's rock version of FIND

Din take the vid of kyu's Wuss up cos kyu came up from the audience section and it was too chaotic... But I got a pic of him jumping!!! ^^

Saengie doing the dance to Rain's Love Song

Then in the end, they sang Wings of The World.

After the fanmeeting, we headed back to the hotel for dinner.  After dinner, we sat at the hotel lobby waiting for the boys to be back from their post fanmeet celebrations.

The lobby was crowded with fans & the security was very tight.  Mini quarrelled with one of the security cos he wanted her to stand at the side where all the fans were standing.  She insisted on standing where she is and refused to move and told the security that he has no right to chase her away as she is the guest of the hotel.  She was damn pissed and u know what, the funny thing is when she is pissed, her english damn good sia... i din know when she quarrel with the security... all her damn powerful english all come out.... but after that... her 'cui' english come back again... ^^

After some time, the boys are back!!!  I was standing with mini and i saw Young Saeng walking near my side and I quickly called out to him.  He turned towards, nodded at me, gave me his dimpled smile and was ushered away by the security... I nearly died of happiness sia... faintz...

We then went back to our rooms.  In our room, I kept shouting to mini that saengie smiled at me... i cant believe that he really smiled at me... mini was so irritated that she nearly wanna strangle me... but i am too happy to be bothered with her... ^^

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