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Feelings & Thoughts of Taipei Trip & SS501 Persona Taipei Concert

Feelings & Thoughts of Taipei Trip & SS501 Persona Taipei Concert

1. Day 1
Me, pris, SaranghaeKHJoong, Piggy & Linda0109 took the 1350hrs jetstar flight on Fri 16 Oct to Taipei. We were damn excited about this trip cos it is our 1st time watching SS501 live concert.  We were so impatient during our flight that we kept saying why is the flight so long... even SaranghaeKHJoong also cannot tahan... in the end, I passed her my Ipod touch to let her watch WGM to keep her occupied.

At around 1830hrs, we reached Taoyuan airport. The air is quite cooling, love the weather over there... much better than our damn hot & humid weather in Singapore. 

We took our airport transfer to Royal Castle Hotel which we stayed during the 4 days there.  Was quite surprised when we saw our rooms, it was big (1 queen size bed & 1 king size bed)!!! All 4 of us stayed together (me, pris, linda & Saranghae) while piggy bunked in with CutieK.

After which, we msg Chrystal, CutieK, Kadd & her daughter and we meet up to have dinner.  Before dinner, we went to Rose Records to check out the Aloha pictorial books. Was shocked to know that it was so huge and heavy (more than 500g). But in the end, we still bought the books and me, Saranghae, Piggy, Chrystal, Cloudie, Maz, Jacelyn all gotten Leader's life size poster. Whereas Linda & CutieK gotten Kyu Jong's life size poster & Pris last min gotten Jungmin's life size poster. ps: I want Young Saeng's life size poster!!!! Who have and wanna exchange with me??? Mine is leader...  We also bought the new version of the Super Hits that comes with the boys stickers & also bought their Japan 2008 live concert dvd with chinese subs.

Close-up of the Life Size Poster of the boys in the Aloha Package:

After that we proceed to a cute restaurant which Chrystal intro for dinner... it is a swing theme restaurant. The food there not bad lah. Then we went back to our hotel to put our stuff that we bought and proceed out again and this time to Shilin Night Market. We took the subway there and reached there nearly midnight. We tried their huge chix cutlet, oyster omelete and their bittergourd juice... I simply love the bittergourd juice... thoroughly different from Singapore cos their bittergourd fruit is in white colour instead of the green ones which we usually see. We walked around and by the time we get back to the hotel, it is already 2am+. By the time we hit the bed, it is already 3am+ to 4am.

2. Day 2
We meet cutieK & Piggy at around 1115hrs to go to our lunch appointment @ 熊一燒肉 with the rest of SGTripleS who are going to watch the persona concert. The lunch was superb!!! How I wish that there are this kind of barbecue restaurant in SG.  After our lunch appt, we went to meet the seller of our standing tickets which we bought last min thru taiwan auction website at Taipei Main Station. After which, we proceed to Taipei Arena.

When we reached Taipei Arena, we saw a extremely long queue snaking around the whole of Taipei Arena (which I am not surprised since they have already start queuing since Mon).  Went to the collection area to collect our fan packs cos all of us have standing tickets(Saranghae, me, pris, mini princess & Miyo @ B2 standing area; CutieK, Chrystal, Piggy & Linda @ B1 standing area; lastly Kadd & her daughter @ A1 standing area)
The fan packs consist of a phantom of the opera lookalike mask, green balloon, blue lightsticks, otter prince's birthday cardboard & instruction sheet.  After collecting the fan packs, we proceed over to the merchandise booth. To our dismay, all merchandise were sold out.  We were damn disappointed, cos we are looking forward to buy the wings lightsticks and concert tees.
So we were walking around Taipei Arena to see see look look and discussing whether to join the queue.  In the end, we went over to the starbucks at the shopping mall opp Taipei Arena to take a rest.  All of us were so stoned... We were so tired that pris and I fell asleep in starbucks.
At around 6.30pm, we left starbucks and proceed over to the starbucks at Taipei Arena to meet up with the rest of SGTripleS concert goers and also to take a grp pics with our precious signed banner before entering the concert area.

SS501 Persona Concert @ Taipei
Date & Time: 17 Oct 09 1930hrs
Venue: Taipei Arena

We entered the concert area at about 1915hrs.  When we reached our standing area, me, pris, miyo, saranghae & mini princess were shocked by the lack of space and mini princess kept telling us that Seoul concert standing area is much more bigger than this.  TW TS were complaining... saying that the organiser shd check the tickets cos A2 ppl kept coming over to our area. 2 of the TW TS even checked pris & my tickets.

Before starting concert:

Then suddenly, the lights are out and everyone starts screaming.  Concert is starting. The boys "rose up" from the stage instead of the usual "flying down".  My ears are nearly deaf from the screaming around me...

Starting of concert (Deja Vu):

After Four Chance Song, they start talking while Baby went backstage to prepare for his solo.

Baby Solo (Hey G) pics:

Kyu Jong Solo (Never Let You Go & Wuss Up) pics:

And my fav. Young Saeng... it is during this when he saw me holding his LED board... He then winked and gave me his dimple-flashing smile!!!!! *swoon* So now u know the reason why I am so into him liao. I was so stunned that I just stood there staring at him that I forgotten to take that wink & dimple-flashing smile pic...

Jungmin solo (Only Me) pics:

Ur Man pics:

Talking again while Young Saeng went to prepare for his solo:

Din take Young Saeng's solo pics cos I wanna enjoy his "nameless memories".... For leader's jitjoong, i din take pics but I did take videos so "pls be nice to me" and give me some time to upload.

Singing of Haruman (One Day)

Chatting and then the "Fan Song" aka Green Peas Song:

Chatting again after a couple of new songs:

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