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Feelings & Thoughts of SS501 Persona Hong Kong Concert

Feelings & Thoughts of SS501 Persona Hong Kong Concert

1. Day 1
We reached Hong Kong on the same day as the boys but different time. Like what pris has said below, I was very elated when I heard Park Jungmin song "If You Cannot" on my SQ flight. We reached HK at around 9.30pm. We took a cab to our Royal Plaza Hotel @ Mongkok. Then Zest and her mum came into our room to visit us. We chatted a lot. After they left, we went out too. As we were not familiar with HK, we decided to only go to the nearest convenience store to buy our drinks etc... at there we saw FANS mag with leader on the cover. The FANS mags there are cheap cost around S$5. Me and Chystal bought the mags. Then we went back to our hotel and unpack our stuff... by the time we wanna sleep it is already nearly 2am.

2. Day 2
We went to the shopping centre which is connected to our hotel to have our breakfast. Then we start shopping around the shopping centre... Pris bought a BB cream and Chrystal bought some masks from SASA which are cheap!!! I bought some skincare products from Missia. Me and pris bought the same watch from Espirt but different colour. Chrystal & I also bought an Espirt bag but of different colour too.

The Espirt watches (silver is mine whereas gold is pris)

After that we went to the Tsimshatsui's Charlie Brown Cafe for our lunch. Then we proceed to CityGate for some shopping. It is a place where all the famous branded factory outlets are. At there I bought a pair of adidas boots for jacelyn's coming birthday. Then we walked around for all while after which we proceed to our gathering at the Epoch cafe at Star Street (Admiralty MTR). Chatted a lot with J-Girl and here sis who were from New York, they flew all the way to HK just to watch the boys' concert!! Chatted with summer_ariyen and Blancbelle and we clicked so well that we went shopping at Harbour City after the gathering.

3. Day 3

SS501 Persona Concert @ Hong Kong
Date & Time: 12 Dec 09 2000hrs
Venue: Asia World Expo

We reached the place around 1pm plus. These are the flowers that are at the entrance of the concert hall.

The posters from different countries fanclubs.

Chrystal, me & pris at the A4 standing area queue

Our A4 standing area queue

A3 standing queue which is just opp our queue.

Inside the concert hall, the sitting area

Few mins before the concert at the sitting area

A4 standing area (pic took from A4 entrance)

Stage area

Opening of the concert & Deja Vu

Talking time

Warning - sorry, the following pics a bit biased hor... but pris & maz u will love the JM pic esp his pose...

Din take the pics when they were singing Four Chance & A Song Calling For You cos too far already.

Talking time while Maknae went to get ready for his solo.

Oh... I just love this pic... just look at their butt esp leader & Saengie... so perky.... me like... me like... hahahahaha...

Maknae's solo (Hey G) - Btw, really really really 100% confirmed that he kissed the dancer... no bluff...

                                          Kyu Jong's solo (Never Let You Go & Wuss Up)

Okie, the following pics are during when they are singing Because I'm Stupid... as usual.... I am biased... hahahaha... mihane...

Jungmin's solo (If You Cannot)

Jungmin's Canto Song (Zhui)

Talking time (while Saengie & Maknae preparing for Saengie's solo)

Young Saeng's solo ( You Are My Heaven feat. Maknae & Find)
I lub lub lub lub 501% Saengie's solo... was really surprised when I saw his performance... really damn good.... it is the best solo performance among all the 5 solo... best....

Leader's solo (Please Be Nice To Me)

Start to nose bleed leader fans!!!!

Talking time

Green Peas 완.두.콩.

Talking time

Kyu & JM were playing and kyu doing the action of pushing JM away.... cuteeeee!!!!

Saengie in Santa costume

Kyu in Santa costume

Maknae & Kyu dancing and playing

End of concert.

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