Monday, September 7, 2009

SS501 Fan Autograph Signing Session @ KL

This is my belated post as I just created this blog... ^^
SS501 Fan Autograph Signing Session @ KL
Date: 3 Sep 2009
Venue: OneWorld Hotel, KL, Malaysia

What can I say.... haiz... just pure heaven.....

Really no words can describe how I feel to the trip....
I feel that I am in heaven.... really!!! I dont regret taking 2 days urgent leave from my office(only my Branch IC & Section head knows where I am going and they even help me to lie to my branch head...) and I even lied to my parents.... they dont even know I am not in Singapore on those 2 days... (they sure forbid me to go and do all those crazy stunts if they know)
They look sooooooo cute, handsome, charming, charismatic, cool, shy, and their complexion makes me really green. Their skin is so flawless and they are just like those kind of manga characters in the anime or comics.

I, slam10 has gotten so electrified by the 5 boys that till now I am still relieving thru the whole experience.
All the scenes are flashing thru my mind now.

I have survived thru the whole of chaotic situation at One World Hotel and gone thru heaven with the boys, sending them off thru the departure gate for their flight. It was indeed a terrific and dreamy experience.

We (slam10, cutiekawaii, SaranghaeKHJoong, piggy88 & the CMs) took the 7.20am jetstar flight from Singapore and reached at around 8.20am at KLIA.

We rested at a cafeteria at KLIA while waiting for the boys to arrive at the airport. After a while, kadd and yling joined us. While there, we did a lot of preparations to welcome the boys. We also chatted with the MsiaTripleS too.

At around 12.30, we started to stand by at the entrance of the Domestic Flight Arrival Hall for the boys. While there, E-POP magazine photographer took pics of us with the club banner(which was signed by the boys). BTW, remember to buy the mag, if I am not wrong it will be out by this thurs. We even took pics with the MsiaTripleS & ThaiTripleS.

Then at around 1pm, the security ppl start coming and we know that the boys hv landed. The 1st to come out is Jungmin with his sunshine smile and followed by Baby, Kyu Jong, Leader and Young Saeng. I did manage to record a video of their arrival but my position angle is not as good as CutieK, so only manage to video their sides and backs. Leader was also taking video the whole while too.

After the boys hv board their vehicle, we took the airport cab to one world hotel.

Initially when we reach the queue, it was alright. We even got filmed by MBC while we were holding our banner. After when they start selling the albums, it became very chaotic... there were a lot of shoving and pushing! Everyone was yelling to one another... I was also flaring up but luckily CutieK stopped me...

Finally get to go into the auto-session...I didn't managed to get my album sign by Leader...b'cos they don't let me queue as the queue was too long... they even form a human barricade to stop ppl from queuing. So I went over to Kyu Jong... I was electrified by Kyu Jong.. Kyu Jong is so handsome and gentle in person. We shook hands and then I gave him a long eye contact until he pai seh and look away and turn to Jungmin. (all the while we were still holding each other hands and I din know whether am I the one or Kyu Jong is the one who din let go....)

Cutiekawaii nearly fell when she was getting her album sign by Leader...Leader grab hold of her hand and told her to be careful and asked her whether she's ok!!

After the autograph session, me, cutiekawaii, SaranghaeKHJoong, piggy88 followed the boys all the way to the airport..

The boys are very shy...especially Leader and Young Saeng. Jung Min nearly din managed to get in the aerotrain....luckily their minders managed to stop the train doors from closing. All this while Young Saeng was filming us with his video cam in the aerotrain on the way to the departure terminal. He was filming halfway after which he passed the video cam to Baby who continued filming us till all of us including them alighted from the aerotrain.

We followed them all the way to the malaysia airlines golden lounge satellite..and sitting outside the lounge waiting for the boys.

Leader will do all sorts of gesture when he was at the airport..he was singing and dancing or doing some cute gesturing when all of them were walking to the lounge and to the departure gate..Young Saeng was all the while under his hood..

When the boys came out from the lounge..the boys shook hands with us before they go to the departure gate (C12)......Leader is very friendly and shy...
As they were walking thru to gate C12 for their departure, Leader was singing "Pls be Nice to Me" softly together with the dance moves but on a smaller scale without the "jitjoong". When I turn back to look at him, he was smiling shyly to me...I almost melted... On the way, I brushed past Kyu Jong many times and also Young Saeng also gave me his dimples flashing smile... OMG....

Leader who is wearing too many metal accessories had difficulties going thru the security the end he had to take off every accessories he's wearing...even his shoes...before he can successfully go thru the security scanning. Young Saeng was wearing a beanie when he remove his hoodie for his security scanning. Saw him taking out his belt too... When they went into the departure gate, all of them turn and waved good bye to us... before they went into the plane!

Really din have the time to rest. After sending the boys off when they boarded the plane, we went to KL airport transit hotel to stay and wash up. But cutiekawaii and I couldnt get to sleep cos we were too excited and still in the "couldnt believe, are we dreaming" kinda mode. Our mind are also so active with flashing images of the close encouters with the boys. They are really like walking statues. I really dont regret going over to KL.

We took the 6.25am airasia flight back to Singapore on Fri morning.

We are very happy...finally get to see the boys up close in person..

But you know something... after I touched down to Changi Airport, I took a cab home. While in the cab, I listened to the boys' songs in my iTouch and suddenly, I felt my cheeks are wet and found myself in tears. Now I can really feel what cutiekawaii was going thru after she went to Seoul to watch their Persona concert.

I hv been poisoned by the boys and the poison is so deeply embedded into my bones which no antidote can be cured. Will surely go to their Persona concert in Taiwan.

And like piggy88, I would like to thank Kadd for the drinks/snacks and most important, being our official "professional photographress";), the CMs for being with us, keeping us "together", buying lunches for us and most important making the presence of TripleS Singapore being felt in this event, not forgeting ALL my companions (you know who you are) and my travelling partner cum roommate cutiekawaii...

Persona Taiwan, here we come!!!!!!